26 JULY 1845

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NEW ZEALAND and its difficulties have again been thrust in the face of Ministers, with the demapd to know why they don't do something at once, and what it shall be ; and still...

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Debates ants i3rotttbmns tnglartiament.

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NEW ZEALAND. In the House of Commons, on Monday, Mr. WARD presented a petition from the New Zealand Company, praying the House not to separate with- out taking measures...

There is some Foreign gossip ; but it needs few

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words. The French Chambers have at last closed their session, and the Mem- bers have gone into the country,—some of the more provident Deputies to prepare for the chances of a...

• The other Parliamentary matters of the week do not

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suggest much for remark. The discussions have mostly been in continua- tion of subjects now utterly stale. An advanced stag e of the Irish Colleges Bill in the Upper House has...

There has been an extraordinary- mortality in Parliament within a.

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week ; five persons of the Legislature having been carried off— three Peers and two Commoners—or, to name them, Earl Grey, Viscount Canterbury, Viscount Bateman, Mr. Bolton...

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gbt Vrobintes.

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Two candidates are in the field for Sunderland, vacant by Lord Howick's succession to the Peerage—Colonel Thompson, the veteran Free-trader; and Mr. George Hudson, the Railway...


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At the usual meeting of the Repeal Association on Monday, Mr. O'Connell read a letter from New York enclosing 121., and animadverting on a speech in which he was represented to...

gbe Alletropolis.

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The Lord Mayor gave a splendid entertainment to Sir Henry Pottinger, at the Maneionhonse ' on Thursday, in celebration of Sir Henry's being enrolled among the citizens of...

gbe eourt.

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THE Queen has gone down to the Isle of Wight, to pass the remaining days of the session, until recalled to town for the prorogation. Her Majesty, with Prince Albert and the...

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ifortign ant( Colonial.

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- raaxos.—The two Chambers were prorogued on Monday; the Royal ordi- nance being presented to the Peers by Marshal Soult, to the Deputies by M. Damon. The Marshal occasioned...


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It is generally reported that the Earl of Lonsdale will retire from the office of Postmaster-General immediately after the prorogation of Parliament. In a Committee of...

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Mr. Seymour Fitzgerald is the Conservative Sir Robert Price the

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Liberal can- didate for the representation of Hereford City, in the room of Mr. Bolton Clive. SirRobert Peel gives his last Parliamentary dinner, for the season, today. Mr....


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The Government business set down for the House of Commons last night, was the passing of money-votes in Committee of Supply: but a very varied and desultory...

The Paris lifoniteur of Thursday promulgates the law appropriating the

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suns of 28,700,000 francs to the improvement of the principal harbours of Franoe. The Paris lifoniteur of Thursday promulgates the law appropriating the suns of 28,700,000...

In its commercial article, under the date of this day

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at two o'clock, the Globe says—" A merchant-vessel, arrived at Hull, is said to have brought intelligence of a very important character from New Zealand; namely, nothing more...

In the bustle that always obtains at the close of

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the session, and espe- cially of this session, Lord Stanley, has smuggled through the Upper House of Parliament a bill to "amend" the Australian Lands Act of 1842; and the crude...


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STOCK ExcHANGP., FIBBAT ArESANOOK. The transactions in the English Funds have been unimportant, and the fluctua- tions trifling; the purchases of the Govenunent-broker on...

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Earl Grey occupied too remarkable a position ill the history of the country, for the usual newspaper practice, of briefly reviewing the lives of public men, to be omitted. There...


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The Opera performances of the week, though they give us nothing new in music to chronicle, have carried on that freshness of sensation which it is the peculiarity , of fine...


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The Columbian, Wakem, of Liverpool, is wrecked in Gaspar Straits ; crew saved. The Neptune, Braithwaite, from Bombay to China, struck on a reef near the Island of Bonyrata, 27th...

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SIR ROBERT PEEL says that past Governments have been all wrong in the basis of their New Zealand policy; that they ought to have taken the country by right of discovery, and...


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RAILWAY SPECULATORS: THEIR COURSE WHEN THE EXCHANGES TURN. DURING the past year about two millions of Railway Shares have been issued to the public; and as all these Shares are...

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THE Lord Mayor has this week been " swan-hopping " with a party of his friends. This is an act of penance which every Lord Major is bound to perform once in the course of his...


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BIOGRAPHY, Memoirs and Correspondence of George Lord Lyttleton, from 1734 to 1773. Com- piled and edited by Robert Phllilmore, late Student of Christchurch. In two vo- lumes...

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TEM volume contains the revised journal of an American officer, who was employed in cruising on the Western coast of Africa, nominally to assist in stopping the slave-trade, but...

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THE first object of this clever volume is to recommend the Continental tourist of the ensuing or any other autumn to vary his Rhenish excursion by exploring the beauties of the...

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DISPLAY OF ORNAMENTAL ART AT THE SCHOOL OF DESIGN. Tits annual distribution of prizes among the students of the Government School of Design, at Somerset House, took place on...


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From July latt to July 2ath. BOOKS. Sketches of Residence and Travels in Brazil; embracing Historical and Geogra*ical Notices of the Empire and its several Provinces. By the...

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Tuesday, July 22. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Crossland and Parker, Kirkheaton, farmers-Seddon and Dean, Ilurdem, earthen- ware-manufacturers--Carline and Dodson, Shrewsbury,...


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WAE-OFFICE, July 25.-25th Foot-Lient. 34. Barhauld, from the 55th Foot, to be Lieut. vice Werge, who exchanges. 31st Foot-E. B. S. Carver Gent, to be End" by purchase, vice...


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On the 16th July, In Merrion Square North, Dublin, the Lady Elizabeth Monck, of a daughter. On the 17th, at Clare Priory, Suffolk, the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Baker, of a...

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BRITISH PllND8. (Closing Prices.) 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account . 3 per Cents Reduced 3 5 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stock, 101 Exchequer...