26 JULY 1856

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IN the last working week of the session, amid the dregs of legis- lation, the Bishops Retirement Bill has acquired the importance of a great measure. It is not that the debates...

Spain has undergone the paroxysm of a coup d'etat closely

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imitated after the French model. The author of the coup ap- pears just at present to be successful : his armies have gained an ascendancy over those that resisted it ; "...

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The visit which the Emperor Napoleon paid to the inundated

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districts of France has been followed by the practical result which we anticipated. Instead of limiting himself to an Impe- rial expression of sympathy for the sufferers, or a...

Erhatto nut( rumhiugn in Varlinmtut.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF VIE WEEK. Horst or LORDS. Monday, July 21. Royal Assent to the Church-building Com- mission Bill, Mercantile Law (Scotland) Amendment Bill, Registration...

The report of the Board of Officers lately sitting in

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the hall of Chelsea College, with the trophies won by skill and valour in former wars around them, has been published to the world as a Parliamentary paper. The least said about...

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THE diary of the Court newsman tells only of the

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pleasant drives of the Queen and her distinguished guests to Carisbrook, Hyde, and Ventnor, and cruises in her yachts off the Isle of Wight. Major-General Windham, Prince...


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At a meeting of the Court of Common Council, on Thursday, Mr. T. Parker presented a requisition to the Lord Mayor, begging that his portrait exhibited at the Royal Academy might...

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The Frome election took place on Monday and Tuesday. Three can- didates were put in nomination,—Mr. Donald Nicoll, Major Boyle, and Lord Edward Thynne. The show of hands was in...

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The Master of the Rolls has decided against the appeals of Mr. James Birch Kennedy, the Reverend John Whately, and Mr. Stirling, who sought to be removed from the list of...

furrign aub Clamant.

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Frantr.—The Moniteur has published in its official columns the Se- natus-Consultum concerning the Imperial Regency. It bears the sanc- tion of the Emperor, countersigned by the...

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The Gazette of Tuesday announced that the Queen had appointed th e Earl Granville to be her Majesty's Ambassador Extraordinary to the Emperor of All the Russians, on the...

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SATURDAY. By an arrangement with Laid Palmerston, it was agreed that Friday would be the most convenient occasion for a review of the session by Mr. Disraeli. There seems to...

The pressure and shifting aspects of Parliamentary business this week

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have somewhat deranged our plans, and occasioned the omission of Letters, Advertisements, Military Gazettes, and other matters; for which the recurrence of our Monthly...

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There is a report in circulation to the effect that

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the American question may now be regarded as virtually settled, "in a manner satisfactory to all parties concerned." The Bay Islands are to be given up to Hondu- ras ; which...

Mr. Smith O'Brien has addressed a letter to a parish-priest

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of Clare, which slightly confirms a current report that he is disposed, at present, to take no part in public affairs, and that he has declined the offer of a seat in...

Lord Casticrosse has been appointed Comptroller of the Queen's House-

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hold, in the place of Lord Drumlanrig, resigned. Mr. Edward Strutt has accepted the Stewardship of the Manor of Hempholme : he is to be raised to the Peerage, by the title, we...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Great tranquillity continues to prevail in the English Stock Market : the public have been only moderate buyers, and the speculators abstain...

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Miss Reynolds, who has long reposed from her professional labours

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on account of a severe indisposition, took a benefit at the Haymarket on Wednesday; when she reappeared in a new comedy, called Second Love. Last night, Madame listen commenced...

4Lr it#tatrts.

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Thirty years ago, and a little earlier, " Di tanti palpiti" was sung by Pasta on the stage, was heard at every concert, warbled by vocal young ladies in every drawingroom, and...


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PARLIAMENT AND FOREIGN AFFAIRS. THE prominence assumed during the last six months by ques- tions of foreign policy has again forced Parliament into a subordi- nate position ;...

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Loan Luciar appears to be so unconscious of the kind of impu- tation under which he stands, and so incapable of estimating its effect upon the assembly to which he belongs ,...


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this session to remove obstructions from the progress of business,—one by new Standing Orders in- tended to shut out delays, and the other by a motion to abridge speaking. The...

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of the Jury which tried. William Dove is open to the objection that it throws upon the Home Secretary the decision of the very question which the Jury was impannelled to decide....


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OUR attention. has been invited to " the case of the four senior Medical Officers of the late Smyrna Hospital whose services were dispensed with at the latter end of November...

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CHAPMAN'S HISTORY OF GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS. * THE historical greatness of " the Swede of Victory " rests upon his German campaigns of the Thirty-Years War. However dis- tinguished...

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ThE late Charles Mansfield was, according to present proofs, one of those men who impressed his friends with a higher sense of his genius than what he did will confirm to the...

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AT length we have a report by an eye-witness of what took place among the Russians from the first preparations for the defence of Sebastopol in the spring of 1854 till March...

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THE CLOSE OF THE SEASON. THIS is the closing-week for most of our leading art-exhibitions. The Royal Academy, the Water-Colour Galleries, the Suffolk Street Society, the French...

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From Fine Art we may turn to glance at the

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art which has now struck so deep a root, and which pushes its ramifications in such manifold direc- tions—Photography. No special photographic discovery, that we are aware of,...

Photography has already exercised no inconsiderable influence upon art :

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it is next to be the turn of Stereoscopy, if we put faith in the author of a rather remarkable pamphlet just published.* The gentleman in question, Mr. Lone, who professes to be...

Perhaps we may safely affirm that the horizon of binocular

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painting is at least a remote one. Nearer us, are two notable art projects,—the National Portrait Gallery, and the Manchester Forhibition of the Art- Treasures of the United...

At the Crystal Palace, the Gallery of which we spoke

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in its undeve- loped infancy has now assumed shape, consistency, and arrangement, and presents a Teat collection, which, though disfigured by far too lax an admission of...

The French Exhibition, opening at a busy time, received scantier

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no- tice at our hands than its merits would have warranted. During its continuance, several works of its original stock have been removed,— among them, Brion's fine funeral in...

A work of high interest has been on exhibition this

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week at the Poly- technic Institution,—being a copy made for the University of Virginia by M. Paul Bake, a French artist long resident at Rome, of Itaffaelle's world-renowned...

On the 13th July, at Castleton, Monmouthshire, the Wife of

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Sir George Walker, Bart., of a son. On the 14th, at Ashwell-Thorpe Hall, Norfolk, Lady Tyrwhitt, of a son. stOu the 17th, at the Rectory, Hertingfordbury, Hertz, the Wife of the...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JULY 22. Partnerships Dissolved.—Everist and Son,

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Milton-next-Gravesend, builders— Lewis and Nathan, Birmingham, manufacturers of cigars—E. and H. Rogerson, Pimlico, and Bromley, Yorkshire, stone-merchants—Artingstall and Dell,...

(Want of space has compelled the postponement of the Military

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and Naval Gazettes till nest week.]


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BRITISH FUNDS. Sassed. (Closing Noaday. Prices.) Thrsday ;radars. Thurs Friday. 961 951 932 932 952 93; 932 96 95 1 96 • 960 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per...