26 JUNE 1847

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THE close of the session, and the general election, are fore- shadowed in the Parliamentary proceedings of the week. The dehatee have been hurried and brief. Members have scam-...

The case of M. Emile Girardin in the Rrench Chambers,

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after an eventful agitation, has terminated:in a way to disappoidt the lovers of political scandal : without examination or public dis- cussion, M. Girardin has been discharged...

The anomalous state of public affairs exhibits itself in many

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novel traits of the election mbsement. For instance, some com- plain that there is " a want of candidates." We do not observe the proofs of any deficiency in that respect. On...

Portuguese affairs are all at sea again. The Queen has

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granted the stipulated amnesty ; Sit da Bandeira has submitted ; but the Junta at Oporto has revoked its submission, and prolongs the struggle. Some question has arisen as to...

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;Debates anti ifirOttebillgS in fiarlfament.

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RAILWAY ADMINISTRATION. In the House of Commons, on Monday, Mr. STRUTT moved the order of the day for the second reading of the Railways Bill. He entered into a very long...

In China, too, we have again been at war; and

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the end is not yet known with certainty. In spite of treaties, the Chinese manage to frustrate the advantages apparently secured for us by the for- mer war, and have even...

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Ibe ilftttropolis.

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Mr. Lya11 has announced, that the state of his health compels him to resign his seat for London at the end of the present session. The City of London Registration Committee...

gbt (Scutt.

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Time Queen held a Court, at Buckingham Palace, on Thursday. The Count de St. Aulaire had an audience of her Majesty, on his return to his embassy at the British Court. There was...

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Zbe fOrobintes.

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Mr. Disraeli is continuing his round of visits to the electors of Bucking- hamshire; expounding to the farmers his political sentiments in his own mystical and brilliant...

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iforeign anb

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Faancz.—The proceedings in the Chamber of Deputies on the affair of M. Emile Girardin demand a fuller notice than the mere mention of the result. The sitting terminated in the...


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We understand that at the approaching general election there is every probability that the Earl of Dundonald will be proposed as one of the six-, teen Representative Peers of...


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An opposition is astir in Dublin against Mr. Gregory, and a requisition is in course of signature calling on Mr. Bnsfeild Ferrand to stand for the City: the conspirators,...

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The tenth anniversary of Queen Victoria's accession fell on Sunday last. Prince Albert has subscribed twenty-five guineas to the Caxton me- morial. The Duo de Nemours left...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. The proceedings in Parliament yesterday were of the miscellaneous complexion that has of late obtained on Fridays. The House of Commons had a morning sitting,...


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ABBIVED — At Gravesend, 19th Jane, Columbus, Short, from Calcutta ; 20th, Thomas Hughes, Huddart, from Port Phillip; and Eden, Duncan, from Bombay ; 21st, Bengal Merchant,...

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One is often tempted to wish that the word " comedy " were banished from the existing dramatic vocabulary, and that we only heard of our forefathers acting comedies, just as we...

The following are the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the

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affairs of the:British Museum—the Earl of Ellesmere, Lords Langdale and Wrottesley, the Bishop of Norwich, the Lord Advocate of Scotland, Sir Roderick Impey Mur- chi*, ,n Sir...

The Paris papers of yesterday have been reeeieved. M. Teste

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had published a written defence, in which he declares that he had been guilty of no corrupt con- duct in office. It was reported that a large reinforcement was to be sent out to...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The fluctuation of Consols has not exceeded fwrr cent; the price having re- ceded to that extent during the week, viz. from 884 to 884: but...

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M. Bouffd, after delighting his audience by his splendid exhibition

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of avaricious despair as old Grandet in La Fills de l'Avare, and his admirable portraiture of a gay old French nobleman in an amusing but not very moral little piece called La...


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FRENCH CORRUPTION AND ENGLISH PURITY. AT the first blush, the state of things disclosed by the Girardin affair in the French Chambers is monatroua and degrading to the nation....


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THE case of Mr. Langalow, related by a correspondent of the Times, is one that ought to be impossible : unhappily for England, the metropolitan state of so many important...

Verdi's opera, I Due Foscari, which was produced at Her

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Majesty's Theatre in the beginning of the season, has this week been brought out at Covent Garden. We have already had occasion to express our opinion of the musical merits or...

There seems to be now no doubt that Mr. and

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Mrs. Charles Mathews will open the Lyceum in the autumn. Meanwhile, they have commenced an.engagement at the Princess's, where they are playing in some of their favourite pieces.


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We attended the private view of the pictures in Westminster Hall today. The collection, on the whole, surpassed our expectations. In awarding the prizes, the judges have...


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By ascending the steeps of Mr. Burford's "upper circle," in Leicester Square, the -visiter finds himself amid the heights of the Himalayahs. The scene is one of the finest that...

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THE Chinese would not repel the peaceable alliance with England if they knew what they were about; and the main fault of the recent "demonstrations" made by the British...

WHAT IRELAND -MOST WANTS: Iris not ." justice-"' that Ireland

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wants, nor church- approprim: tion, nor - capital: - Irishmen- can get all these things for them- selves if they are put. in circumstances to do so. Bit there is one thing which...


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" FOO L. is _known-by his much laughter." What.the Hauaaof. Commons • is,to: be known for we- cannot. say, but certainly' it laughs at very odd little things. Any straw will...

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TAITEra, Travels In the Steppes of the Caspian Sea, the Crimea, the Caucasus, etc. By Xavier Hommaire de Hell, Civil Engineer Member of the Societe Geologique of France, and...

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THE tenth volume of Miss Strickland's work " drags its slow length along" ; completing the life of Mary of Modena as a widow, and carry- ing on that of her daughter-in-law, Mary...

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THERE is a singular resemblance in many points between this novel of Mrs. Daniel and the fictions of her late husband ; indeed, the difference is perhaps not greater than...

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THERE is a toy in the shops where one figure is made to represent many persons by means of shifting the face. Mrs. Gore reverses this ingenious process, and makes one set of...


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BOOKS. A Voyage of Discovery and Research is the Southern and Antarctic Re- gions, during the years 1839-43. By Captain Sir James Clark Ross, R.N. Knt, D.C.L. Oxon, F.R.S. &c....

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EIGHTH PHILHARMONIC CONCERT—JUNE 21. PART I. PART Overture, The Naiades W. S. Bennett. Itecit. " Du village voisin." . 5 Madame Gras Dorm (f e} Aub .,.. Air, " Penance," 1...


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THE ROYAL ACADEMY: PORTRAITS. THOSE who give order for a portrait usually desire a record—the best they can have—of the person portrayed: but the picture is also a record...

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Besides the above, the noticeable concerts of the week have

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been the Ancient Concert on Wednesday evening, and Miss Dolby's and Mr. Lind- say Sloper's joint benefit concert on the same morning. The Ancient Concert was remarkable for two...


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On the 17th June, at East Stoke Rectory, Wareham, Dorset, the Lady of the Rev. J. M. Cox, of a son. On the 18th, at Settrington House, Yorkshire, Mrs. Henry Willoughby, of a...


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Tuesday, June 22. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Henderson and Graham, Great Vine Street, tailors-Allaway and Davis, Reading, upholsterers-Canyon and Cock, Truro, attornies-Hatton...


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WAR-OFFICE, June 22.-7th Drag. Guards-Lieut. A. AI. Knight, from-half-pay 16th Light Drags. to be Lieut. vice Gray, promoted. Coldstream ltegt. of Foot Guardir- Ensign and...

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BRITISH FUNDS. per Oent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 3} per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stock, 10} Exchequer Bills, Id. per diem India...