26 MAY 1866

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In the midst of the proposals for Congress the preparations

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for war continue. The call of the Kaiser for men has at once been answered, and it is stated that he has 700,000 men enrolled, and the means of calling out 300,000 more. In...


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T HERE does not appear to be any chance for a solution of the European struggle by a Congress, and not very much perhaps of the assembling of the Congress itself. Yesterday...

There was an out-door Reform meeting on Primrose Hill on

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Monday, of which the principal features were the east wind and a letter from Mr. Bright, both of them violent, and only one of them favourable to the meeting. Mr. Bright...

Stephens has arrived in New York, and' all is gas

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and glad- ness. Ile has been appointed General Head Centre, the factions are reconciled, O'Mahony dismissed, and Roberts about to resign, the circles are remitting money,...

Prince Charles of Hohenzollern arrived this week at Bucharest, and

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has been installed as Hospodar and made the conventional speech about being "always a Rouman." He seems to be a man of some spirit and ambition, for as soon as he heard of the...

An under-current of opposition to war is making itself visible

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in many places. The Saxons, who will be dreadfully harassed, are hanging out Prussian flags in opposition to their Government, which is Austrian, and a " Parliament " at...

India never has much to talk of, and a great

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fuss is being made there just now about the delinquencies of a Captain liarward, R.A , Commissioner of Ordnance in charge of the arsenal at Agra. He has been committed for trial...

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Mr. R. Dudley Baxter publishes a letter fiercely attacking the

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groupings of boroughs proposed by Mr. Gladstone. His objec- Mr. R. Dudley Baxter publishes a letter fiercely attacking the groupings of boroughs proposed by Mr. Gladstone. His...

Austria has promised Italy, and Prussia has promised Austria to

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respect all private property at sea,ships as well as goods,—in the approaching war, on condition of reciprocity. This is the natural corollary from the terms of the Congress of...

Mr. Gladstone's Church-Rate Bill has at least the advantage of

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Archdeacon Denison's uncompromising opposition, for reasons which may be summarily described as amounting to this,.—that what satisfies a Dissenter will never satisfy Archdeacon...

The Propagation of the Gospel Society met yesterday week, to

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discuss the policy of the Society towards the clergy of the Natal diocese, and the attendance was so large,—swelled chiefly, it is said, by a rush of country clergymen,--that...

The second election at Devonport was a triumph for the

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Liberals, Lord Eliot and Mr. Montagu Chambers beating their Conservative opponents, Mr. Raikes and the Honourable J. Abbot, by about fifty votes.

The dead lock in Victoria appears to have ended. The

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Ministry, yielding, it must be supposed, to the strong remonstrances from England, have sent up the Appropriation Bill to the Council without the tariff tacked on to it, and it...

A correspondent informs the Times that in Switzerland the tele-

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graph is the property of the State, an office is established in almost every village, and the charge is uniform, one franc for twenty-five words, irrespective of distance. The...

Lord Clarendon adopted the somewhat unusual course of writ- ing

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on the day after the panic a circular to the various British embassies and legations throughout Europe, explaining that the crisis in England had been a credit crisis, arising...

A grand International Show of flowers was opened on Tuesday

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on some ground near the Horticultural Gardens. Three and a half isms of land have been converted into a garden, with broad walks, gentle ascents, miniature lakes and rockeries,...

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All the world will begin to believe in the latter

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days, if the heirs to the great dukedoms, who have so keen an interest in believing in the stability of terrestrial things, and no reasonable hope of occupying in the next world...

The Benchers of Lincoln's Inn have admitted Mr. Benjamin, late

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Secretary to the Treasury in the Confederate States, without obliging him to eat his terms. They say they are compelled to accept him in exchange for Mr. Edwin James, who was...

The leading British Railways left off at the annexed (rota-

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tions yesterday and on Friday week Great Eastern .. ••• •• Friday, May 18. 881 Friday, May 96. 201 Great Northern 125 • . 1221 Great Western •• 63 1)o. West Midland,...

It seems that game cocks will attack children. A child

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of three Tears of age was killed at Old Ford by an aggressive game cock, which attacked him as he stood at the door, and sent him in with a pecked and bleeding face, from the...

Several failures have been announced this week, and in some

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cases the liabilities are heavy. The Bank of London has stopped payment, and the business of the establishment has been trans- ferred to the Consolidated Bank. One failure at...

A fight for the Championship which will probably be memor-

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*ble came off on Thursday, near Farniugham. The combatants, Mace, the present champion, and Goes, a pugilist from whom the Ring seems to expect much, appeared on the ground in...

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The Directors of the London Labourers' Dwellings' Society (Limited) are

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desirous of increasing the capital of the undertaking to 50,0001., in order to extend the operations of the society, and of providing improved as well as more healthy dwellings...

A diary by a Mr. Jones, said to have been

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a clerk in the War Department at Richmond during the civil war, has been pub- lished at Philadelphia, and seems to be thought genuine in New York. Jones appears to have been...

A correspondent of the Pall Mall Gazette mentions the very

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curious fact that the late Mr. F. Mahony (Father Prout) was offered a Cardinal's bat if he would devote himself to the exclusive service of the Pope. Ile agreed, and the...

Several large amounts of bullion have been withdrawn from the

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Bank for export to the Continent. The supply of bullion here has therefore been farther diminished, the stock being 11,857,786/. The circulation of notes, however, having...

The closing prices of the leading Foreign Securities yesterday and

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on Friday week wore :- Friday, May 18. Friday, May 25. Mexican 171 10 Spanish Passive •• 201 181 Do. Certificates •• • • •• 10 13 Turkish 6 per Cents.. 185$.. • •...

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'11ill EUROPEAN CRISIS. I T is still hailing telegrams, and the big pellets with bul- letins about Congress, are on the whole a little more irritating than the little pellets...

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T HE first half-yearly meeting of Greening and Co., the wirework company of Manchester, deserves more than a passing comment. It may have been the commencement of a new form of...

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M R. CARDWELL has produced his Bill to settle the questions arising out of the illegality of the patents of those Colonial Bishops who have been created and given a diocesan...

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I F we understand aright the speeches made at Tewkesbury on Tuesday, the Tories are going to make a great political blunder. They are about to try to cut down the Reform. Bill...

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L ORD REDESDALE has broken the ice of a most impor- tant question,—and let us hope it may not be allowed to freeze again,—by declaring his belief of what nobody doubts, namely,...

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T HOSE excellent people of the Peace Society are at work again, assuring us that Christianity is opposed to war. We con- fess we do not attach very much meaning to the...

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A RE wigs immoral ?—because if not, one scarcely perceives a reason why the newspaper moralists who are so fond of des- cribing Anonyma and Cora Pearl with a kind of...

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T HERE are three distinct noble families in Ireland bearing the name of Browne. One is represented by Lord Kilmaine and the Marquis of Sligo, another by the Earl of Kenmore, and...

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Sra,—Among many discussions of a reform in our measures, I have as yet found no reference to the important fact that the French Metrical system is based on that division of the...


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[To THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR."] May 21, 1866. SIR,—As the judgment of the Committee of Privy Council on Colonial Bishoprics and Mr. Cardwell's Bill, which is its conse-...


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[To THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR."] some one has called it, optical—taken from, not contradicting, the senses." It seems to me that this sentiment gives a very inadequate...

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THE ROYAL ACADEMY. [THIRD NOTICE.] THERE is generally a manly enough sentiment in Mr. T. Feed's pictures, and he expresses it with a vigorous brush and generally pleasing...

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MISS MARJORIBANKS.* Miss Marjoribanks is perhaps the cleverest of all of the excessively clever series of Chronicles of Carlingford, and is indeed a great triumph of a certain...

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Argyll has shown a wise appreciation of the greatest theological want of English, no less than Scotch religious thought, in republishing in a separate and condensed form this...

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volume of the Life of etemr, by Napoleon, is exceed- ingly dull. The strange interest of the situation, the character of the first Cmaar analyzed by the last, the career of the...

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Across Mexico is not quite so good a book as Mr. Bullock's repu- tation led us to expect, decidedly not so good as his work on Poland. It is scrappy, like all diaries, and...

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Lays of the English Cavaliers. By J. J. Daniell, Perpetual

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Curate of Langley Fitztune. (Parker.)—Field Flowers and City Chimes. By R. R. Bealey. (Simpkin and Marshall.)—We have here two volumes of verse that owe most of their attraction...