27 AUGUST 1859

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Tip Belgian representative cliamber has resolved by 57 to 42

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that Antwerp shall be fortified ; the step undoubtedly shows the doubts entertained at Brussels as to the duration of peace. It has.been opposed by strong manifestations of...

The Austrian Government is undergoing some form of minis- .

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terial crisis, but it is very difficult to know whether it is by official design, or by the ordinary impulse of vulgar curiosity, that the effect of the change seems to be...

A certain force to the pacific assurances of the Emperor

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Na- poleon abroad, and to the appeal which he has made to national feeling at home, is imparted by the decree announcing, not only that the army Will be reduced to a peace...


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THE intelligence from Italy is calculated to raise at once expec- tation and apprehension. If we were to trust the published re- ports apprehension would prevail ; but there is...

Certain of the Irish Bishops have put forward a pastoral

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ad- dress which is the flag of a new agitation of a reactionary order. The subject is not quite new, but the text of their pastoral ad- dress is now before us, and it more than...

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Tin Qnrrs visited Aldershott on Monday, and stayed that night in the camp—occupying the Royal Pavilion as usual. The troops were en- gaged on Monday in throwing up entrenchments...

The Russian and the Indian Government have both appeared in

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our Money Market as applicants for money, and have both enjoyed a higher degree of favour than they could have obtained some time since. An Indian loan of 5 per cent has been...

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The new building in Gravel Lane, Southwark,—the Royal Albert Institution, recently constructed by the exertions of the Reverend Joseph Brown, rector of Christ Church,...


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The Report of the Select Committee on this subject just issued amounts to little more than a resume of the opinions of the witnesses examined. These generally state, that...

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It is stated that " pickets " of the men on strike are daily watching Messrs. Trollope's yard, and when the few men who have taken work there leave in the evening they are...

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Mr. Osborne made one of his usual pleasant rattling speeches

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on his unopposed return fur Liskeard last Saturday. Ile denied that he was a "thick and thin supporter'' of Lord Palmerston; if he had been he might have been sent to that place...

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riturt.—A new pamphlet has appeared in Paris. It is from the pen of a M. Felix Germain, whose pamphlets against a war in Italy were seized some months ago by the polibe. It is...


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On Tuesday the Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench gave his decision in the case of alleged abduction of Ellen Magee, a Roman Catholic child, at Belfast. The Reverend Mr. Hanna...


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The Prince of Wales, attended by his usual suite, visited the Bass Rock on Saturday, and spent a couple of hours in climbing the steep crag shooting wild geese, and inepeeting...

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The Prince Consort, who is to preside this year at the annual meeting of the British Association—to be held at Aberdeen—will deliver the in- augural address on the evening of...

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fistful arts, 4rairt. kr.

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BUT little trade has been doing during the week in the wholesale City houses dealing in drapery goods. They have now got in, or are fast receiving, their stocks for the...

A St. Petersburg letter says :-

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" On the 20th September the hereditary Grand Duke will cuter his sixteenth year, and, according to the laws of the empire, will attain his majority and take part in the...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY MORNING. According to the last accounts from Belgium, it is thought that the Senate, which is convoked for the 30t1k, to pronounce on the Antwerp...

An opinion now prevails amongst the officials at Horsemonger Lane

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Gaol that the execution of Dr. Smethurst will not take place at the time appointed —next Monday week. It is expected that a communication will be re- ceived postponing the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAT AFTERNOON. The great feature of the week has been the negotiation of the Indian Loan, which has met with decided success, and is favourably viewed by...

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tttttro to flit Ritur.

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THE NORTHUMBRIAN BURR. Hexham, 22d August, 1859. SIR-I do not know whether you may consider the subject of " the Northumbrian Burr" of sufficient interest to entitle it to any...

A scissors-sharpener, and a scythe-sharpener, are the inventions of a

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Mr. Moore. The scissors-sharpener is a small pyramidal-shaped instru- ment, made of iron, and having two points on its apex. Placed in a slanting direction between these two...


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Surrey, August 26, 1869. Sm-Amongst the many great landowners in Jamaica who have large tracts of land admirably suited for the growth of cotton, are Lord Howard de Walden,...

Hayden's "Patent Boiler," though nut particularly artistic in appear- ance,

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is nevertheless an ingenious contrivance for boiling water in large or small quantities, in a very short apace of time, and at little cost. The apparatus consists of two tin...

Mr. Geyelin, C.E., whose "hygienic spring laths bedstead " we

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no- ticed in the Spectator of April 2, 1859, has recently introduced what he calls his "magic horse-taming nose pinchers." The pinchers are con- structed somewhat on the...


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On the 15th of August., at The Raining, Selkirk, the Hon. Mrs. *William Napier, of a daughter. On the 16th, at 57, St. George's Road, Pimlico, the Wife of Colonel Ualkett, Cold-...

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TtuCANY and Modena through their National Assemblies have declared the thrones vacant, the "incompatibility" of the late reigning families, and the wish of the peoples for...


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MR. COBDEN'S DIRECT TAXATION FALLACY. Mn. COBDEN should reconsider his own statement on the subject of direct and indirect taxation. He should conduct the re- consideration by...

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A TWOFOLD political movement has been going on during the last half century among the Teutonic races who inhabit that central part of Europe generally designated as Germany : a...

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THE Belgian Chamber of Deputies decided, on Saturday last, by a majority of fifteen, to proceed at once with the completion of the for- tifications of Antwerp. Though the debate...


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BOTH masters and men seem to us aiming at more than is within their legitimate power or province. The men are right in wishing to shorten the hours of labour, especially when...


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" THE Money Market is quiet." The transactions in Foreign Stocks are limited, but the general tendency , is good." " In Lombard Street the demand for money is slack . " " At the...

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OuR impressions with regard to such actions as have been but too distinctly proved against Smethnrst have not been concealed, and we cannot be suspected of having any sympathy...

The new steam frigate Orlando—ono of the new class of

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frigates ini- tiated by the American vessel Niagara, and followed up by the British frigate the Mersey—made her experimental trip outside Plymouth breakwater on Monday. The...

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REVOLETIONS Ili ENGLISH HISTORY. * " WHAT is it that has made England what it is ?" This is the problem which Dr. Vaughan proposes to solve in a work not more remarkable for the...

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THE HISTORY OF FIST unliS. • IT has been the work

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of more than five centuries to bring our en- gines of war to theirpresent state of perfection, and much still remains to be done for their improvement. Done this must be and...

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Mn. TRONSON'S narrative of the voyage of the Barracouta is more likely to find favour with geographers than with that fastidious personage, the general reader. There is an...

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AMONG the many eminent men in every department of physical science, of whom America is justly proud, no name stands higher than that of Professor Draper. His elaborate and...

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The French stage is at the present moment in a very uninteresting con- dition. MM. L. Thibourt, Grange, and R. Deslandes, have laid their three heads together for the...


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The Bradford Musical Festival has been held during this week. It commenced on Tuesday and terminated yesterday. The arrangements (the general superintendence of which was...


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Thb address which Mr. Robson delivered on the last night of the sea- son to the patrons of the Olympic Theatre, comprised a brief history of managerial wisdom rewarded by...

Monday next will be the last night of Mr. Kean's

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rule at the Princess's Theatre. Henry VIII. is selected for the farewell drama, probably be- cause it enables Mrs. Charles Kean to take leave of the publib in one of her finest...


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The Reverend John Marshall is a clergyman of the Episcopal Church of Scotland, and his History of Scornset - Eca,zsrAsneAL AND CIVIL AF- FAIRS was written at the suggestion of...


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A fac-simile of the 1604 edition of Shakespeare's " Hamlet," the only edition published during the poet's lifetime, has just been distributed to a few Shakesperian scholars by...

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LORD xounrwlex's SALE. On Wednesday last Mr. Phillips brought his labours to an end, and dispersed one of the largest, if not quite the largest, private galleries on this side...


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BRITISH FUNDS. Seined. Monday. (Cloalnverices.) Tuesday. Wanes Vo ws . Friday. it per Cent Consols 851 921 924 951 921 954 Ditto for Account osi 931 951 3 per Cents...

FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, AUGUST 23. Bankrurtey Annulled. - THomAs Hozusem, St.

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John Street, Heaton, surgeon. Bankrapts.-ErA °nano° and IticHARD RORERTS, Manchester, merchants-Wm- LIAM Selman, Phillip's Place, Shooter's Hill Road, Greenwich, builder-Joan...