27 DECEMBER 1834

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THE Tories are playing their game like desperadoes, whose last stake is "on the hazard of the die." It was known that they had one throw more, of this desperate character; that,...

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The letter of' Sir ROBERT PEEL to the eleetors of

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Tamworth was received in Paris on Saturday. The passage in it which refers to the faithful execution by the new Ministry of the treaties entered into by their predecessors, of...

The elections in the United States have terminated in favour

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of the President ; whose party will receive an increase in the House of Representatives of from 16 to '20 votes, The JACKSON party in the State of New York returned 32 members...

Etc Cann.

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THE King anti Queen left town for Brighton on Monday forenoon ; the King having previously given an audience to the Duke of Dorset. Their Majesties arrived at the Pavilion about...

The Spanish Queen's troops have gained two victories of some

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importance over the Carlists in Navarre ; one at a place called Caraseal, the other at Rivera. The accounts of these battles, -strange to say, are not contradicted. A...

The news from the Continent this week is very scanty.

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The French Chamber of Deputies on Saturday testified their spite against the President DUNN, once so popular among them, by refusing to grant a certain sum in addition to his...

rhe SfIctrapaiio., The'r.wy Toalitol itame to the-deters-41min*, Kt the close of

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last week, of convening a prillifie meetiner for Ale purpose °remit% up a Wel- lington address to the Kis* Aceordistnty, the following advertise- ment appeared in the Tory...

The amount of the fine imposed upon the National by

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the Chamber of Peers has been nearly raised by voluntary subscrip- • lion in Paris; and the parties concerned in that journal are likely to reap some benefit from the prosecution.

The accounts from the Netherlands confirm those previously received, that

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the Dutch King is carefully augmenting his forces and preparing for war. It is also said that attempts have beea made to bribe some Belgian officers.

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The City elections commenced On Monday, St. Thomas's Day having

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fallen on the Suuday. Most of rho Wife& :returned their old members to the Common Council. In the tenoning ths re were some changes, but no contests. Tourer Ward—Mr. Rushton...

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An action brought by Dices, the famous attorney, against the

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pub- lisher of the Times, was tried in the Court of Exchequer on Tuesday. Dices sued for damages, on the ground that his character had been li- belled in a letter from Mr....


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The Court of Exchequer was occupied the whole of Saturday and Monday last with the trial of an action of libel, brought by Alexander Baillie Richmond, the individual for many...

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ebt eututtrn.

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Some interest has been excited in Leeds by the recent failure of the house of Joshua Vallans and Sons ; who have been in difficulties, and whose senior partner, Joshua Vallans,...


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On the 18th, there was a large public meeting held in Dublin, for the purpose of sending up an Anti-Tory address to the King ; but all was riot and confusion, occasioned by an...

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Lord Stanley was inaugurated, as Lord Rector of Glasgow Univer- sity, on Wednesday week. His Lordship's speech was of a very com- monplace description—infinitely inferior to...


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The Bishop of Exeter has published a letter to the clergy of his diocese, which contains a direct denial of an assertion recently made by Lord John Russell at Totness, that the...

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ARUNDEL. Mr. Lyon has given way: Lord Dudley Stuart will be re-elected. BANBURY. Mr. Tanered is opposed by Mr. Lloyd Williams, of Birmingham ; who was against the Reform Bill...

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The Standard to-night informs us that Lord CASTLERF.AGII (name of

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evil omen !) has been appointed Vice-Chamberlain, and the Honour- able HENRY CORRY Comptroller of the Household. The needy Earl of CHESTERFIELD was offered the Mastership of the...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. THERE appears to have been some hitch—some disagreement in the Cabinet—in regard to the Dissolution of Parliament. It is under- -stood that Sir ROBERT PLAUSIBLE...

The Duke of WELLINGTON should send orders to his man

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at the Mansionhouse, to keep quiet. He should tell him, that although a rebellion in Ireland may serve the cause of Toryism, a riot in London would only produce a fall in the...

We are sorry to learn that two uf our Paris

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Subscribers slid not reeeite their papers at last week. They were Loth despatchsal, and the postage paid, in due course from our Office. Are the Post-office tricks about to be...

The French Chamber of Peers have acquitted more than a

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hundred of the prisoners accused of being implicated in the insurrection at Lyons. Most of these poor fellows have been incarcerated during the last eight months. The trials are...


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BIRTHS. On the 17th inst., in Grosvenor Square. Lady EMILY PUSF:Y, of a daughter. On the 21st inst., the Countess of CARNARVON. of a dau g hter. On the 224 inst.. at Richmond,...

The Tory Administration has not only to encounter the scorn

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and defiance of the public, but, like the house divided against itself, it is already torn with intestine quarrels. We have hinted above, that Sir Romer PEEL dreads the...

Mr. Wattent WARD, the Tory candidate for the City, arrogates

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to himself and his party a vast superiority in loyalty and respectability over such men as Mr. GROTE, Mr. GRENFELL, Mr. NORMAN, and Alderman Woon. Mr. WARD would have acted more...


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Sailed—From Gravesend, Dec. 21st, Scaleby Castle, Sauslys. for China; Stratheden. Cheape, for Bengal; and Emila, Smith. for St. Helena; and 23.1. Vitutlia. SICVCIISOTI, for Van...


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SToCK BECH•N,IE. FRID,Y AFTERNOON. The transactions in the English Funds have not been of such a nature as to require remark ; the market is however heavier than it was last...

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HINTS TO ELECTORS: PLEDGES. Some candidates:for the representation of popular constituencies have, or affect to have, a strong repugnance to pledges; in other words, they...


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AN authorized version of Sir ROBERT PEEL'S speech at the Man- sionhouse dinner has been published in the Tory newspapers. Sir ROBERT appears to be anxious about the manner in...

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THE Election in Ireland may be called, without a metaphor, a struggle on the part of the Catholics for life or death. The con- tinuance of the Tithe war will be the consequence...


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AND 1834. THE trial, this week, of the libel action brought by RICH- MOND against the London publishers of Tait': Magazine,* weals to [mind the practices of the Tories in their...

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The officers of the Treasury and Excise are, and for

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some time have been, busily engaged upon calculations as to the probable effect upon the general reve- nue of a total or partial repeal of the Malt-tax. We cannot hold out any...


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TOWARDS the close of 1833, Captain ALEXANDER was engaged by the Royal Geographical Society " to undertake a mission (under the patronage of the Colonial Office) to explore and...


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TRAVELS, Sketches in Portugal during the Civil War of 1834. By lames Edward Alexander, K.L.S. Captain 425 Royal Highlanders, Ste. Author of " Travels in the East," With...

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THIS attempt to consider philosophically the Sacred History of the World, has produced an amiable, and in spirit an excellent book. Throughout his six hundred pages, Mr. Teasisa...

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AUDUBON•S ORNITHOLOGICAL BIOGRAPHY. THIS delightful book combines in itself the

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two rare characteristics of the natural historian—a minutely exact description of form, and a striking account of the habits, appearance, peculiarities, and we may say, as...


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APART from any question of merit, this is a useful book ; for it will assist us in forming a judgment on the poetical pretensions of our eldest-born amongst nations, and it is...