27 DECEMBER 1851

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• :- . One of those feuds between employers and

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employed, 'which- seem destined to recur,at intervals; has broken.out at Manchester, : and threatens to draw other districts into its vortei: , It' ia:enn:-' fined : as yet to...


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" LORD PALMERSTON has ceased to be a member of . her Majesty's Government:: For this announcement- he public were in some measure *Oared, by the rumours of dissensions in the...

• Even in these Christmas tides, the memberis of the

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Law Amend- ment Society seem too much in earnest to•alkiw themielves a holy- day. Or perhaps it would - fie - move - strictly - correct to say, that, witha prudent economy...

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It would be waste of time to canvass the probability

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or merits of the policy which the new dictator or lawgiver of France is said to contemplate. He is about to promulgate a constitution ; but what is the worth of constitutions in...

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THE Queen and Prince Albert returned from the Isle of Wight to Wind- sor on Saturday, for the Christmas time. The Royal circle does not, how- ever, seem tp be much enlarged by...

The reception of Kossuth in the United States of America

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has, in point of popular display, been as cordial as it was in England. But his welcome by the "constituted authorities" has been rather cool. After sending a steam-frigate to...

The opinions which the well-watched newspapers of Austria are allowed

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to express respecting the Napoleonist coup d'etat imply an inclination in the councils at Vienna to countenance the French ruler. The Prussian view of him appears to be more...

The Wardmote elections passed off on Monday with little contest

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or excitement. In most cases the sitting Councillors were re5lected. Less interest was manifested in the new municipal reform than one expected. The Wards of Bishopsgate and...

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E lbe ffruniurrs.

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Some of the leading participators in the Reform Conference at Man cheater reassembled on Tuesday, to receive Lord John Russell's refusal to meet a deputation, on the ground that...

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A more explicit abstract of the Thurles decrees has been published by the Cork Reporter. Two chapters arc now described which have not be- fore now been known to exist. " There...


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We are glad to hear that the Government are, under certain conditions, likely to give their consent to the scheme for the abolition of the An- nuity-tax. This is of great...

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fortigu AIFit tnInlial.

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Fnetsca.—The chief interest has been concentrated on the returns of that which the. Government organs style the " national vote in reply to the PreaidenCs appeaL" Enough, is...

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A few days ago, after the departure of all the Ministers from London, and at the near approach of Christmas, a Cabinet Council was unexpect- edly summoned, although no...

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The Bank table published today, shows that the bullion in

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the Bank of England is 17,413,564/., the largest sum ever accumulated in the vaults of that establishment.


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SATURDAY. The Queen held a Privy Council, at Windsor Castle, at three o'clock yesterday afternoon. The Council was attended by all the Ministers ex- cept Lord Palmerston, and...

The retirement of Lord Palmerston has become a great Parisian

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topic. The Constitntionnd, leading organ of the Usurpation, says- " We will confine ourselves to saying, that this statesman, with a pene- tration which has never been...

By accounts from New York to the 13th instant, we

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learn that the Se- nate had passed, by 33 votes to 6, Senator Seward's motion for giving a public reception to Kossuth. The " excitement" at New York was "still rising "—Kossuth...


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STOCK EICHANOE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The present week has been again a quiet one as far as regards any import- ant fluctuations in the English Stock Market. The impression...

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(60 tbratrro.

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The Christmas theatrical week, commencing this year on Friday, is so completely different from the ordinary working week, which honestly starts on Monday and terminates on...


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POLITICAL TABLE-TALK OF CHRISTMAS-DAY. 0142 topic, we fancy, Will have occupied a prominent place in the table-talk of almost every party assembled last Thursday : for Eng-....

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depose the Sovereign and alter the succession, by means of a pri- vate bill. The supposition is not so fanciful as it might seem : ac- cording to Lord John Russell, the Papal...


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" QTrODCTINQUE nocet "—whatever does harm—that is a " nuisance," philologically and philosophically ; but technically and legally, personally and popularly, it is a different...

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trtttro to fly tifitur.

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. DEFENSIVE iRECAUTION13. 22d December 1851. Sin—Fear always appeals to prudence, and always attain direct opposi- tion to it ; therefore it is not to be wondered atr that...


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A REPORT has been put in circulation, through a provincial jour- nal, that new penal colonies are to be formed in the far South., It is possible that the Liverpool Albion may...

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London, 24th December 1851.

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Sin—I am glad to see that you and "One" at least of your correspondents bare pointed attention, not so much to the probabilities of war from the present condition of France, for...


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MALLET DU PAN'S MEMOIRS AND CORRESPONDENCE.. THE Memoirs of Mallet du Pan differ essentially from any work of the same class that has yet appeared professing to, throw light on...


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22d December 1851. Sin—Your views of the policy and prospects of the present Government in France are so completely at variance with that " political barometer " the price of...

ERB-AM.-A few noticeable errors of the press were made in

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our last number. In part of cur impression, the Ode at page 1213 was imperfectly corrected: the most important of the misreadings It as in the 3d line of the 8th stanza, where...

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MRS. BRAY'S LIFE OF STOTHA RD. * IT was often remarked

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during the lifetime of Mr. Stothard, and the observation has been repeated since his death, that it was a national reflection or misfortune for such a man to have been al- lowed...

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novel displays the customs and character of the Danish Jews, with their relative position to Christians in Denmark. As in many other didactic works, the elements do not fully...

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Booms. Leaves from the Note-Book of a Naturalist. By W. J. Broderip, Esq., F.R.S., &c., Author of " Zoological Recreations," &c. The Life and Tima of Dante Alighieri. By Count...

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[Prom the Official Rettern.] of Ton Weeks 1051 - 50. Week of 1851. Zymotic Diseases 2,610 .... 251 Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat,. 430 .......


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DEATH' OP J. M. W. TURNER, R. A. By the death of Turner, not the English school alone, but art generally, loses one of its most remarkable professors. The gap which was felt...


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On the 14th December, at Norton Rail, Derbyshire, the Lady of Charles Caramel], Ems, of a, eon. . On the 13th, at Llanstephan House, Radnorshire, the Wife of L. H. Peel, Esq.,...

MILITARY GAZETTE. WAR-OFFICE, Dec. 26.-7th Regt. of Light Drags.-Surg. A.

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Alexander, from the 50th Foot, to be Sorg. vice Cowan; who exchanges. 8th Light Drags.-Lieut. Lockwood to be Capt. by purchase, vice the HOT. J. Satidilandso, who retires. 17tk...


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Tuesday, December 28. PARTNIIRSINFO DOISOLVED.-11olineaux and Co. 'Manchester, glass-manufacturers -Gant and Durant, Woodbridge, jewellers-Taylor-and Davies. Bread Street,...

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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Weok ending Friday B•tallaff) Austrian Belgian Ditto Brazilian Buenos Ayres C.hilian Danish 5 p. Ct, 41 - 21 - - 6 - 6 - 5...