27 DECEMBER 1856

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*NILE outward appearances would imply that the dispute with . Switzerland , is daily pushed. by Prussia more close to a war, the doubt has gained ground whether after all a...

Notwithstanding the suspense usually allowed at this season to public

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activity, the agitation against the Income-tax continues, and maintains its signs of importance. The most, promising fact 'for Ministerial quietists is the extent of...

If the expedition of Captain Hartstein to England had no

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other effect, it would prove the good-will of the United States towards this country ; but it has also enabled the Americans to barn the kind of reception which their...

The suspicions naturally created by the disclaimers of the Rus-

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sian organs are corroborated, and it appears only too probable that Russia is moving in Central Asia. The Caspian is the scene Of some unusual activities ; and Russian officers...

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St. Thomas's Day having fallen on Sunday, the various Wards of London City met on Monday to elect their representatii , es and talk over their affairs. There was but a scanty...

The great drainage discussion, which has vexed London so long

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to so little purpose, has at last been put in better train for practical handling. The Metropolitan Board of Works has de- finitively adopted. " the B* plan " of drainage, and...

i'4 Court.

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LIRE her subjects, Queen Victoria kept Christmas Day by attending divine service in the morning. The Dean of Windsor read.the service and administered the sacrament. The Duke...

If we are not mistaken, the festivities of the season,

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and the rural retreats to which our public men customarily resort at this part of the year, have been diversified to an unusual degree with public receptions ; for mingling with...

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Anti-Income-tax meetings continue to be held in the provincial towns. Cirencester and Exeter have to be added to the list of towns desirous of the reduction of the impost to...

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It may have been thought that war banquets were over; but it is not so. Last week, Greenock gave a dinner to Admiral Sir Houston Stewart, in the new Town-hall. The Provost...

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Application was made to Master Murphy, ou Saturday, to receive proof of a bill of exchange for 17,0004 which had been received by Mr. Thomas Eyre, of Bath, from John Sadleir. It...

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"T Vitt—According to a correspondent of the Nord, the second Ple- nipotentiaries of Great Britain, Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Sardinia, have apprized Count Walewski that they...

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We understand that a Treasury commission has been issued, appoint- ing Lord Portman, H. Ker Seymer, Esq., M.P., I. K. Brunel, Esq., C.E., Robert Rawlinson, Esq., C.E. Professor...

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SA_TITEDAY. The festival of Christmas-1856 has not been marked by any owns- rence out of the.common. The Weather has been uncertain, - hovering between rain and frost, and'fog...

The Edinburgh newspapers of Thursday announce, with uniform expres- sions

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of regret, the death of Mr. Hugh Miller, so well known as a pleasant and popular scientifie Writer, and as editor of the Free Church paper called the Witness. It appears...

Lord : Henniker was yesterday returned for the Eastern Diyiaion of Suffolk,

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as successor to Sir Edward Sherlock Gooch, who died some weeks ago. Three.more meetings against the Income-,n,x are reported ; one at Hudderefiad, a second at Alnwick, a third....

- Yanks Townshend Seward, the" barrister" who is charged with

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assisting Apr and his confederates to dispose of the gold they captured on the South- Eastern Railway, was arrested yesterday by Haggett, a detective policeman ; brought before...

The intelligenceof :the morning does not report. any change in

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the re- lations between Switzerland and Prussia. It is indeed stated that the English Xiniater at Berne -has been instructed to support the , claims of Prussia ; but that report...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON'. Owing to •the general absence of dealers, this, as usual, hatt,teen an un- important week upon - the - Stock Exchange. The dispute between...

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Boxing-day is situated so late in the week that it forces our Christmas chronicle into the brevity of a prophecy. Boxing-day is situated so late in the week that it forces our...

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PROGRESS BACKWARDS. Long Ashton, Somerset, 18th _December 1856. SIR—Taking for a text my letter entitled a " Mission to the Laity," you lately offered some suggestions for the...


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_Munich, 20th December 1856. A collection of verse that has just appeared under the title of the Man- chener Album would lead us to suppose that all the nine Muses were resi-...

PARISIAN Tansaltices.s.

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The holiday season is dramatically indicated at Paris by the pro- duction at the "irarietes of La Lanterne Magique, one of those revues that have its France the same...


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Among the many performances of The Messiah appropriately given at this Christmas season, there was one by the London Sacred Harmonic Society, on Monday evening, at Exeter Hall,...

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CHRISTMAS l856. Mawr a Christmas dinner-table has this week been gladdened ty the presence of some father, son, or brother, who for the last two years has been sadly missed,...

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IT was an understanding, suggested by Sir George Cornwall Lewis last session, that if the Bank Charter Act of 1844 were not then discussed with a view to settle its continuance...

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TWENTY years ago, we had to go through the task first of study- ing and then of exposing the, wickedness and folly of convict transportation. The exposure succeeded in...

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- WHATEVER the newspaper discussion may have done towards making Herat and Persia, Barrack and Bushire, household words, it has not contributed the information required as to...

"Le Chevalier de Chatelain" complains to the Times. Married to

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an Englishwoman, he became naturalized in 1848, and has since exer- cised all the rights of a British subject. Yet he receives the following letter from the Home Office. "...


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AMONG the important items of news from the Continent is one that will flutter many a dovecot : the hoop and all its congeners are to be abolished, and the bonnet is so far to be...

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GOIZOT'S MEMOIRS OF PEEL . THESE Memoirs of the political career,. intermingled occasionally with some personal notices of Peel's private life and personal cha- racter, were...

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ALTHOUGH some of the facts in this volume are possibly . to be re- ceived with caution from the author's having been mixed up in controversy, the narrative is not without...

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NEW NOVELS: * NEITHER George the Fourth nor William the Fourth

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has much to do- with the history of Sydney Fielding except in a chronologi- cal sense.Some of the roué friends of "the finest gentleman in Europe" bear a part in the piece ; and...

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Boors. State Papers and cbrreeponience- illustrative of the Social and .POlitical litafe of Europe, from the Revolution to the Accession of, the House of Hanover. Edited, with...

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Death has been busy among painters as the year closes. The loss of Delaroche is an European loss. Recently we recorded the blighted pro- mise of Mr. Herbert junior; last week,...

lint Arts.

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DIORAMA AT THE GREAT GLOBE. Though the Russian war has been discontinued for some months, Russia and the scenes of the Baltic and the Crimean campaigns are still the lo-...

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The amateurs are beyond counting at the present day who can embody in an unelaborate but sufficiently pleasant manner. of art. such thowthte as they undertake to put into...


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Mr. Leech's illustrations to Punch are as familiar as may well be to every one in the pages of Punch himself, and were made even more so by the issue of a first series of them...


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On the 16th December, in Harcourt Terrace, Dublin, the Lady of the Hon. John Jocelyn, of a son, still-born. On the 18th, in Carlton Gardens, the Hon. Mrs. James Stuart Wortley,...


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WAS Derearsrewr, Pall Mall, Dec. 26.-Cavalry-2d Regiment of Dragoon Guards-Lieut. R. Blair, from the ath Light Drags. to be Lieut. vice Chadwick, who exchanges. 3d Drag....


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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, DECEMBER 23. Partnerships Dissolved.-Blayney and Lister, Chertsey, plumbers-Higham and Holme, Blackburn, grocers-J. and G. Palmer, Liverpool and...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closin g Prices.) Saturd. Ifotulay. Tuesday. Wanes. shut — 941ex d. 931 931 94 931 9 935 931 94 94 31 94 84 2 21 21 — 1 — 171 --- --- — 2171 216 shut — —...