27 JANUARY 1866

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Mr. Milner Gibson addressed his constituents at Ashton on Tuesday,

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upon Jamaica and Reform. Upon Jamaica he had nothing to say except that the proceedings there were very dreadful, and that he had no doubt the inquiry would be fair, but upon...

Lady Palmerston has been offered by the Queen a peerage

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in her own right, with remainder to her son, the Right Hon. W. Cowper. But Lady Palmerston has declined the offer ;--she is content with the honour of being Lord Palmerston's...


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THE Emperor of the French opened the session of his Chambers on Monday, in a speech slightly more diluted and less forcible than usual. It was ou the whole peaceful in tone,...

It seems probable that we are at this moment at

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war with Bootan. The latest date for the surrender of the two Armstrong guns was the 10th inst., and if they had been surrendered the In lift House world have received and...

A great deal of correspondence between France and America about

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Mexico has been published this week, and the general drift of it is this. The Government of Washington persists in applying to that of Paris for the redress of Mexican...

Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein, who is going to marry- the

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Princess Helena, seems to have very good antecedents. He served gallantly in the Schleswig-Holstein campaigns of 1848, 1849; and 1850, though only seventeen when the war began,...

Earl Russell gave some hope to a Huddersfield deputation which

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visited him yesterday week on the Reform question, that the Cabinet might bring in a complete measure, and not deal only with the franchise. The Government, he said, had not at...

The insurrection in Spain appears to be finally at an

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end. General Prim, finding that the army did not join him and the Progressistas did not rise, crossed the frontiers to Portugal, and will take refuge in Paris. The emeute has...

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Mr. Bright has been reading his American friends a much

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needed lesson on Free Trade, but remarks, very erroneously we think, " Happily for the Americans this question of Free Trade is not mixed up, as ours was, with a great political...

The Winsor case has ended in a formal decision that

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a trial .in which a jury was discharged did not amount to an acquittal. The wretched woman who, it will be remembered, was found guilty of murdering babies for hire, is...

Professor Blackie has written a letter to the editor of

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the Scotsman against democracy, but in favour of a fair and full representation of the working classes, reiterating with great ability many of the arguments with which our...

The Prussian Court really does govern most economically. With its

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large army, and immense militia behind it, the budget for 1855 still shows an expenditure of only 23,500,000/., or little more than 23s. per head on the population. That of...

The story which has been told that one of the

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officers in Jamaica set his men to practise with their rifles at 400 yards at a condemned prisoner, is so far believed here that we understand Sir Henry Storks had special...

S. Scialoja has also produced the Italian Budget, which is

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far less satisfactory. After he has increased the reductions by 400,0001. the expenditure will still be nearly 37,000,0001., and after the new taxes are sanctioned there will...

The cattle-plague return is still bad, 10,041 seizures in the

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week against 9,243 in the previous one, but the recoveries have risen from 10 to above 11 per cent. A mass of evidence is being published,. proving that vaccination when once...

Mr. Villiers has proposed to all Boards of Guardians in

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London that the police shall be appointed assistant-relieving officers. Any casual who wants relief must apply to a policeman, who will be able to tell whether he is really...

The Day, News of yesterday publishes a remarkable letter from

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a negro clergyman of Kingston, Jamaica, and the head of Weimer's Grammar School, a Mr. Robert Gordon. This gentle- man asserts that he is himself profoundly loyal, and believes...

Supposing commerce and population to increase in London for the

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next fifty years as they have for the last fifty, what will be the value of the City proper per square foot ? The little piece of land at the corner of Lombard Street, a site...

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The Consol market aiming the whole week has continued in

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a most inactive state, and prices have fallen to the extent of one quarter per cent., the closing quotations yesterday being 861, l b for money, and 87 for account ; whilst on...

A meeting of the Irish National Association was held in

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the Rotunda, Dublin, on Tuesday, at which Alderman Dillon delivered very violent speech. He called Feuianism an heroic mistake, and declared that there was now a great power...

The leading British Railways left off at the following prices

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yesterday and on Friday week :— Friday, Jah.19. Fliday, Jae. 26. Caledonian • • 129 .. 1234 Great Eastern .. .• .. 41 .. Great Northern .. 1271 .. U r Great...

Yesterday and on Friday week the leading Foreign Securities left

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off at the annexed quotations :— Greek • Friday, Jan. 19. • .. • 11 Friday, dais 26. Do. Coupons .. .. 5 5 Moliean Spanish Passive • • .. 1: g Do. Certificates .. 14 .....

The Rev. A. Scott, sometime minister of the Church of

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Scot- land, and ejected from or compelled to abandon it at the time of -the " Row " controversy, since Principal, and lately only Pro- fessor of Moral Philosophy and Logic in...

The glory of the Pall Mall Gazette " Casual" is

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dazzling the eyes of inferior beings. Mr. David Greenbelt, harness or, as he prefers to say, " army accoutrement" maker, of 45, Rupert Street, applied for and obtained relief at...

A curious case was heard in the Divorce Court on

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the 20th inst. - Mr. Hyde joined the Mormons, was married in Utah, went to the Sandwich Islands, and quitted the community. He was there- upon excommunicated, and his wife...

A writer who signs himself " Cato," and to whom

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the Times gives a most prominent position, contends that a mere franchise bill does not deserve the name of a Reform Bill. He gives a list of twenty-nine boroughs which return...

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THE COMING REFORM BILL. T HE Ministerial organs, the journals which raise party etiquette into a creed, and all speakers at public meet- ings connected with the Government are...

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W E have at length an account—not official, says the Globe, but, as the Times avers, substantially cor- rect and authoritative—of the proceedings on Mr. G. W. Gordon's trial,...

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/rade, Emperor of the French has opened the Session of his Chambers for the thirteenth time, and for the thirteenth time his speech is the political fact in the European history...

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mHE Archbishop of Canterbury has addressed a letter to a 1 Dean, whom he still calls by his territorial title, " Dean of Natal," advising him to resist the law. That is a...

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T HE statesmen ought to take this question of re-housing the people out of the hands of the philanthropists. It is too big for them, as indeed the more practical of the class...

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DROFESSOR HUXLEY, in the remarkable lecture on "improv- ing natural knowledge" delivered to the working classes at St. Martin's Hall, and since published in the Fortnightly...

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I T is not easy to understand the differences in the popular appreciation of the minor trades. Why is a tailor considered rather contemptible, when no idea of ridicule attaches...

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T HE origin of this great family, the old rivals of the Fitz- Geralds, is wrapt in obscurity. It is of little use retailing mere conjectures and more or less plausible...

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[FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.] New York, January 12, 1866. SOME weeks ago I wrote a letter upon the general subject of journalism in the United States, and as I have...

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[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] SIR, —In the absence of my brother, Mr. W. G. Palgrave, I ask your leave to make a few remarks on the attack brought against him by the...

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LTO THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR.'] SIR,—The personality of an evil principle is one of those profound metaphysico-moral questions which, like the opposite question of the...

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MR. TUPPER'S WORK AS A POET.* ALL the greater poets have formed the taste which they themselves satisfy. Every one has remarked the struggle through which, Wordsworth had to...


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[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR.") Edinburgh, January 24, 1866. SIR,—I was very pleased to see the other day that you ad- vocated the admission of the clergy into the House of...


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[TO THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] New York, January 9, 1866. SIR,—Your New York Correspondent has done me the honour to make my novel of Marian Rooke the leading topic of...

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THE BELTON ESTATE.* Mn. Teomaare accustoms us to so high

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a standard of liveliness in his stories, that we are a little disappointed at the tameness of the Belton Estate. We do not remember any of his books in which the design was...

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WERE WOLVES.* IN this remarkable little book, remarkable for a

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power its ex- ternal aspect does not promise and an interest its name will not create, Mr. Baring-Gould, an author known hitherto chiefly by his researches in Northern...

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The Statesman's Year - Book. .a. statistical, genealogical, and historical account of the States and Sovereigns of the civilized world for the year 1866. By Frederick Martin....


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Wit confess to having taken up this book with a strong feeling of prejudice. Miss Muloch's chef d'oeuvre, John Halifax, Gentleman, thebook which fixed her reputation and carried...

The Sham Squire and the Informers of 1798. By W.

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J. Fitzpatrick, J.P. (Hotten.)—This rambling and disconnected volume contains a good deal of curious information about the lamentable incidents and infamous people that...

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The Heavenly Father. Lectures on Modern Atheism. By Ernest Neville.

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Translated from the French by H. Downton, M.A., English Chaplain at Geneva.-31. Neale is a master of declamation and sar- casm, and we are not surprised to hear that his...

Celebrated Naval and Military Trials. By Peter Burke, Serjeant - at- Law.

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(Allen.)—Mr. Burke has collected some interesting matter in this book. He gives a dozen of these trials, and it is convenient to have, in a handy volume, the proceedings...

ITTaa from London to the Land's End and Back. With

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Illustrations. By Elihu Berri& (Sampson Low, Son, and Marston.)—We can forgive this genial critic some slight inaccuracies in English history, and just the least tendency at...

Discourses. By Rev. Robert Ainslie. (Longman; Treaoher, Brighton ) —We

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really welcome this volume of sermons, delivered in a Dissenting pulpit. There is a breadth of charity and an appreciation of the essence of Christianity that we do not often...

Pen and Pencil Pictures from the Poets. Illustrated. (Nimmo.) — This gift-book

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takes an average place amongst the productions of the season. Its outside of brown and gold is well adapted for the drawing-room table, and amongst the very numerous...

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Extracts from the Kirk Session Records of Dunfermline. Edited by

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E. Henderson, LL.D. (Edinburgh : Fullarton and McNab.)—This is an interesting peep at life in Scotland between A.D. 1640 and 1689. The ministers and elders seem to have had but...

Aurora; or, Rays of Light on the Road of Life.

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By W. Torbet Young. (Rivingtons.)—This diminutive volume is a curiosity in its way. In the most magniloquent of prefaces we are introduced to what is intended to be pure essence...