27 JUNE 1835

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THE hostility of the Tories to the more important provisions of the Corporation Reform Bill, was fully developed during the early THE hostility of the Tories to the more...

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Tile state trials in Paris are proceeding slowly, and excite

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but little attention. Indeed, this week, they are scarcely noticed in the meagre correspondence of the daily papers. C President of the Council ; and Minister of Foreign...

The Russians are said to be assembling a large force

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on the hanks of the Black Sea, and unusual activity is visible in all their ports. The fleet at Sebastopol is ready for sea, armed and equipped. The object of all this...

Drbatr1 at,Zt praccainip$ in pittliantrnt.

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0. CORPORATION REFORM. Petitions were presented in the House of Commons, on Monday, in favour of the Bill to regulate Municipal Corporations; and several Members gave notice...

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Clic. Court.

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Tor. Kitt; and Queen arrived at St. .1anies's Palace, from Windsor, o n .1 lotalty afternoon. On Tuesday, the Queen honoured with her presence the Marquis of Hertford's grand...

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A notice has beyn issued in the parish of St.

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George, Hanover Square, that the Trustees under what is called the " Grosvenor Local A notice has beyn issued in the parish of St. George, Hanover Square, that the Trustees...

In the Coma of Common Pleas, on Monday, Alr. Martin,

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the artist, obtaimal a verdict and )5/. damages from Alr. Brooke, a printsdler, tOr calling pirated copies of Alartin's " Belshazzar's Feast," "Deluge," :nut " of Ninna h." It...


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The election of Sheriff's for the City of London took place on Wed- nesday, Alidsummer-day; whAi Mr. Alderman Lainson and Mr. David Salomons teem chosen. Several persons...

On Tuesday, the Reverend James Sevencroft Blomfield, late of Aldborough,

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and cousin to the Bishop of London, was charged before I )r. Robinson, one of the Tottenham ALigistrates, with stealing a pair of gold spectacle's, and obtaining money on false...

Chr Country.

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A meeting of the North Lancashire Conservatives was held at Preston on Alonday. Very great surmise was expressed at the con- tents of Lord Stanley 's letter to Sir Thomas...

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The Scottish Guardian announces, although it does not say from

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authority, that the Church of Scotland does not pretend to the right of" enforcing outward observance of the fast on the whole commutate, and that there is no intention of...

It was mentioned by Mr. Harvey last night, in the

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course of the debate °lithe Ipswich bribery ease, Ilea AB. Kelly, t h e late Member for Ipswich, "frown ',chug a little shopkeeper and tea-dealer in Oxford Street, had now by...

/110.N EY :MARKET.

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st•rt..1, I •• • ••••:,:r., FRIDAY 'flue Money Market has not presented any. iniprovial appearance since our last report. Some to inisicrit gleams of sunshine have enlivened us...

A rumour was current, and generally credited in well-informed cir-

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cles, yesterday, that Lord Durham has been requested by the Govern- ment immediately to assume the Embassy to that Court of St. Peters- burg, and that the noble Earl has...


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TO THE EDITOR OE THE SrEC T, TOIL. TO THE EDITOR OE THE SrEC T, TOIL. 15:11 .Tone 1555. Sin—In your Number for June Gth, I perceive at the close of your excellent remarks en...

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POSTSCRIPT S A TCRDAY. The Paris correspondent of the Morniny lb rut l stato; that the French 1Iinisters have resolved to villa . the Polish refugees in France, about too in...

Messrs. rigors and Raphael have been returned for Carlow County.

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At the close of the poll, the numbers were—fur Vigurs, 627 ; Raphael, ti'26 ; Bruen, 57 - 2 ; Kavannagh,


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Arrived—At Grave:rnol, June 211, Ann, Griffiths, from China ; 211, Mary. Anu. llornblow, from Nloolras; and James Laing. •I'onilin, front 5Ia nillot ; 2-111i, Africa, Skelton,...

There has been a dreadful explosion in one of the

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coal-mines of Mr. Russell, at Walk end, about four utiles from Newcastle. The follow- ing is an abridged account of the :amide:it, front the .1; ,a,/./1..../imemd. " About...

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, 1 • .aeoed since this journal first directed attention to the (jinn now on the point of being tried in South Australia. tee. embodied in an .Ict of Parliament during the last...


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IN ti , ;` : , .•(•■;;:ii impression of our last week's paper, we were en:;bled to ,, tene of the important results of the inquiries of the Commission- ers of l'elhie...

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DR. DUPRE, the non-resident Master of Berkhampstead School, is surely very ill-used by the Tories. 'What is there in his case which should excite their reformine . ire? Ile...


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• THE CHURCH IN IRELAND. IT has been a common outcry of the Orange faction that the numbers of the Irish Protestants were much understated by the Reformers. Three millions was...

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IT is a difficult matter to persuade even the most ignorant people in this country that their Romani Catholic fellow citizens are the base wretches that the High Church bigots,...

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IS C:t:r0Ittiv nEc 0 T. EECTIONS Is a charming volume

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; and fi, t . more reasons than one Its style has all the buoyancy, sparkle, point, and finish, that charetoetized the author ' s youthful Letter! : to whielt qualities age and...

The grand musical lestital at Cambridge, in honour of the

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installa. tion of the Duke of Northumberland as High Steward, mid of the Marquis of Camden, as Chmicellor, will take phwe on Saturday next. Alayerbecr has a new opera, sit the...


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pa:•ullecl lots . ■,1' an Exeursioo to the 'Mon:Islet-Iva of Aleohaca and It:It:Luta. its the Ant ler '• Val !tel.:. Ben t y• the lty :10.1 lit 2 lob:. Ii, 3 vl..: a-roo,. A...

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A - v American of elegant mind, literary habits, and a love of anti- quity, chivalry, and old customs—with a greater knowledge of the European literature of the middle ages than...

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Tire design of this novel is better than the execution. The MU:re - - tint' of the author is to exhibit the evils resulting from the preju- dices of primogeniture, by their...

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THERE was a class of sophists in classical times, who undertook to give a set talk extempore upon any given subject, and often upon any given side. Of the character and...

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Jr.7 Cocnevxe has also been busy, and we exrest to

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some pun; pose. The two publications lass has sent us we had neither space ta indicts nor time to read ; but we have begun both, and from that beginning can recommend them. 1)r....

Front Messrs. S. UM - WAS and UTLEY we have received the

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first volume of M. DE TOCQUEVI L LE ' S DP/tMentry iii .linerica, trans-. lated by Itestev Rseve, Esq. We have got no further than the translator's Preface; which is written in...


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EGYPTIAN ANTIQU Tim other day, we saw the remains of Egyptian magnificence that are above ground, in the temples of Thebes, at Burtromes Psn wama: this week, we have been...


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Tins week, has been chiefly confined to publications either of Marl: or of likeliho d. mr. BENTLEy has sent forth flair works; but must be content for the present with the...

The last arrival is front Messrs. IV 11 ITTAKER ' S :

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Miss ROTIERTS:S Scum-side Companion, or Marine Natural History. The publis. ration is seasonable, and the getting-up beautiful ; and from some impressions of this lady's other...

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JOHN Lewis, whose admirable pictures of Spanish life and character have excited so much attention in the Water-Colour Exhibition, has just completed the publitation of his...