27 JUNE 1857

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Ie the success of the Oaths Bill in the House of Lords was rendered more probable by the rejection of two important amendments last week, it has been rendered still more...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. • HOUSE OF LARDS. Monday, June 22. Statute-law Commission ; Lord Chancellor's Statement-5dinisters'-money Bill ; reported. Tuesday, June 23....

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Of Court.

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THE QUEEN held a Court at Buckingham Palace on Saturday, and a Court and Privy Council on Thursday. On Saturday, she received the Archbishop of Canterbury and a deputation of...

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The long-expected military spectacle—the distribution of the Victoria Cross "for Valour," by the Queen—took place in Hyde Park yesterday. The weather was brilliant, with a light...

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A public meeting was held in the Manchester Town-hall on the 19th instant, remarkable as including men of all parties—Mr. Watts the Mayor, Lord Stanley, Mr. Aspinall Turner, Mr....

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STRUM—The French elections took place on Sunday and Monday, and were conducted with order and decorum. In Paris and its suburbs there are ten electoral districts, and in each of...

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The Queen received on Saturday a deputation, consisting of the Archbishop of Canterbury, six Bishops, and several clergymen, who presented an address from the Prelates and...

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SATURDAY. The news of the morning is of a startling character-a more extensive revolt in the Bengal Army, and the proclamation of a Native King at Delhi. The intelligence comes...

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By appearing in an Italian version of Dean Milian's Fazio, Madame Ristori has subjected herself to a new test; for Bianca is one of those characters in which every English...

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RESULTS OF THE EDUCATION CONFERENCE. l'az Conference opened by Prince Albert this week fulfilled our expectation, in leading "more to indirect than direct results,"— the very...

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TRE FRENCH ELECTIONS, Paris, 24t1i June 1857. Sra—The elections here are now over ; and the result, so far as Paris is concerned, has been more favourable to the Opposition...

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MEMOIRS OF FELICg °DUNI. * Tim escape of Felice Orsini from the Austrian dungeons at Mantua, about a year ago, and the volume he subsequently published descriptive of his...

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HIIRSTHOPSE'S NEW ZEALAND. * SOME years ago, Mr. Hurstliouse, with his

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brother, determined to emigrate to New Zealand ; he having previously travelled in • Neu, Zealand ; or Zealandia.the Britain of tho South. By Charles Hursthouse. In two...

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WELD'S VACATIONS IN IRELAND. * TRESE Irish exeursions of Mr. Weld were made on different occa

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sions extending over many years. One, in the days of O'Connell, led to the neighbourhood of Darrynane ; another, to Limerick and its district; a third, of a later day, to...

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Booxs. North America, its Agriculture and Climate : containing Observations on the Agriculture and Climate of Canada, the United States, and the Island of Cuba. By Robert...

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lint Arts.

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THE SOUTH KENSINGTON MUSEUM. The opening of the artistic, industrial, and educational collections forming the South Kensington Museum, which took place in the presence of the...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JUNE 19. Was Genies, June 19.—Carolry—Royal Regt. of Horse Guards—C. E. Martyn, Gent , to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Lord Garlies, promoted. 1st...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JUNE 23. ADMIRALTY, June 23.—The following promotions, dated the 18th inst. consequent on the death, on the 17th inst. of Admiral of the Blue T. Brown,...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, TUNE 23. Partnerships Dissolved . — Pollard and Co. Huddersfield, grocers ; as far as regards J. Blakely—Hewitt and Coles, Leicester,...