27 MARCH 1841

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FIRST in the order of important subjects which have engaged the attention of Parliament this week, is the Poor-law. The last dis- cussion on that much-contested measure only...

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Debates anb Vroteebinas trt Warlfament.

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BUSINESS OF THE HOUSE. BUSINESS OF THE HOUSE. In a conversation with Sir ROBERT PEEL and Mr. GOULBURN, in the House of Commons, on Monday, Lord Jolts; RUSSELL stated that the...

Maims: VAN BUR.EN has ceded the government of the United

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States into the hands of General HARRISON: the new President's inaugural address has been delivered, and it has reached this country. The address is not warlike, and therefore...

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gbr itletropolis.

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At a general meeting of the Marylebone Board of Directors and Guardians, on Friday, the report of a Committee on the proposal of an Emigration-Agent named Lake, to carry ten...

Zbe Court. THE first Levee this season was held at

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St. James's Palace on Wednes- day. The Queen and Prince Albert and their suite proceeded from Buckingham Palace to St. James's in three carriages, escorted by a party of Life...

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be Vrobincts.

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Mr. Wilson has published a second address to the electors of Clitheroe, which is commended by the Anti - Corn - law Circular as a great improvement upon the first. He now avows...

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At a weekly meeting of the Repeal Association in Dublin, on Mon. .day, Mr. Thomas Steele, who has dubbed himself " Head Pacificator of Ireland," delivered the following opinion...


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Prince Albert 'visited Woolwich on Tuesday, to inspect the vessels prepared for the Niger Expedition. He examined the vessels with minute attention. An ominous casualty occurred...


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At a meeting of the Commission of the General Assembly, on Wed- iesday week, the agent for the Church reported the decision of the Court of Session in the cases of Auchterarder...

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We rejoice to hear, that there is every probability of

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the "Tract" nuisance being put down, and that in the simplest, shortest, and most effectual way. It is currently reported that the highest authority in the Church of England has...


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OrTreE OT ORDNANCE, March 22.—Corps of Royal Engineers—First Lieut. W. T. Renwick to be Second Capt. vice Buteler, retired on half-pay; Second Lieut. T. B. Collinson to be First...


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On the 2d clause, Mr. FIELDEN moved a verbal alteration, which, he avowed, would have the effect of repealing the Poor-law Amendment Act. The Chairman, however, interposed : it...

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Earl O'Neill died on Thursday, at Dublin. He was once

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Grand Mas- ter of the Orangeinen of Ireland. His death occasions a vacancy in the Representative Peerage of Ireland, the Lord-Lieutenancy of the county of Antrim, the Colonelcy...


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STOCK EXCFIANGE. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. It will be seen by the report of the proceedings of the House of Commons on Monday evening, that in reply to a question by Mr. HUME as to the...

Letters from Valencia, of the 13th instant, announce that Captain-.

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General Seoane had issued orders for the demolition of all the fortresses in the province. The people of Chiva had sent a deputation to the General, praying him to spare the...

The Paris Moniteur of Thursday contains a telegraphic despatch an-

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nouncing serious disturbances in the South. "Marseilles, 24th March 1841. "THE PREFECT OF THE MOUTHS OF THE RHONE TO THE MINISTER OF THE INTERIOR. " Anarchists of the lowest...


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BIRTHS. On the 24th inst., in Grafton Street, the Countess of DUNMORE was safely delivered of a son and heir. At Edinburgh. Lady A ...NNE CRUICKSHANK. Of R. daughter. On the...


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The Australia. Yule, from Leith to Port Phillip was burnt at sea about 600 miles West of the Cape of G.iod Hope -crew and passengers, except two, caved. Arrived—At Gravesend,...

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"OH WORD OF FEAR!" WHEN Mr. SCHOLEFIELD, on Tuesday last, asked the House of Commons to sanction a Property-tax as a substitute "for such of the taxes on Excise and Customs as...


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THE Morning Chronicle is of opinion that the proceedings at an Anti-Corn-law meeting, held at Manchester last week, "bear out the conviction, that for the present this great...

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THE science of colonization advances. We have observed symptoms of that advance in two very opposite quarters of the world, Ger- many and Brazil. Germany, the change of whose...


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" CROWNER'S 'quest law" has been a jest since the days of &LUC-. SPERE ; but "Parliamentary Election Committee law ' though of more recent invention, is infinitely the more...


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THE Reverend Mr. CANDLISH has published a letter to the Home Secretary, in answer to the charge of breaking the law, brought against him in the House of Lords. The letter is, in...

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AUBER'S opera of Masaniello was produced at Drury Lane, by

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the German company, on Wednesday night. So excellent a vocal corps and so fine a band might have been better employed in the performance of the operas of their own country ; but...

The English Opera still seeks to court half-price visiters by

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foreign frivolities. On Thursday we endured the pain of seeing WILSON, the most manly and unaffected English vocalist, condemned to Mimic the finikin airs of a French gallant,...

The Adelphi closes its campaign next week, till Michaelmas; YATES

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prudently retiring from the unequal contest that his little forces would wage with the musical bands daring the season, even under his skilful generalship. Mrs. YATES plays...


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ONE of those extraordinary mistakes of management which puzzle people who only know what passes before the curtain—all that is worth knowing of the stage—has been made at Covent...

The Haymarket has shut its doors, till Easter ; only

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to admit workmen to renovate the interior, which we hope may be more tastefully deco- rated than before. Mr. WEBSTER, in his parting address, announced the reopening with the...

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TUMMY, The History of India. By the Honourable Mountstuart Elphinstone. In 2 VOIR. TR W ELS, Murray. Belgium. By J. Emerson Penitent, Esq., M.P.. Author of Letters from the...

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Ma. TENNENT ' S work is a proof of the utility of some definite object to a traveller. Although passing through a country which of late years has been constantly described by...

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IF it be true that "he that goes a-borrowing goes a-sorrowing," there is a good deal of sorrowing in London ; for, in addition to private lending and to charitable funds, there...


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The History of India. By the Honourable MOUNTSTUART ELPHIN.• STONE. Vols. I. and II. A Guide to the Loan Societies of London. Pilgrimages to the Spas in Pursuit of Health and...

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SOCIETY OF BRITISH ARTISTS. " Vulgar Arts" would be the proper heading for a notice of the dis- graceful exhibition of conceit, incapacity, and unfairness on the part of the...

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Tuesday, March 23. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVID. Abbott and Dyer. Piddletrenthide. Dorsetshire, weolstaplers—Bagnall and Co. Tividale Colliery, Staffordshire. coal-masters; as far...


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Two scenic exhibitions have been opened this week, which, independent of the interest of the subjects, are curious as affording the means of comparison between the styles of...


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MESSRS. HODGSON and GRAVES are exhibiting a picture of John Knox Administering the first Protestant Sacrament in Scotland ; painted by Mr. WILLIAM BONNAR, R.S.A., for the...

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Alabama (Sterling) 5p. Cl. - Ditto (Deferred) 91 Arkansas (18133) 6 - - Ditto 6 - Austrian 5 - 110 Ditto (Deferred) . ...6 - Belgian 5 - Michigan 6 - Brazilian 5 -...