27 MARCH 1847

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THIS has been an irregular week in Parliament ; broken by the fast, and influenced by the coming bolydays. On Wednesday, instead of pursuing the task of legislation, Peers and...

The Opposition papers of Paris make a great ado because

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M. Leon de Maleville, an Opposition candidate, has been elected to a vacant post among the Vice-Presidencies of the Chamber of Deputies : but we cannot discern any proof that...

A new stage _has been reached in 'the disastrous progress

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of Ireland. The order of the Treasury to begin the discontinuance of employment on public works has been promulgated, and the process has commenced. Thus far it does not promise...

Affairs at Madrid exhibit a strange complication; and tomiL count

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for it two stories are told. According to one, a worthless husband having been forced on Queen Isabella, and her conjugal prospects being utterly blighted, she has, to speak it...

The politicians of Rome have been startled by an official

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act, which scarcely looks consistent with the generous policy that Pius the Ninth has thus far pursued—an edict establishing a heavy tax on newspapers and a stringent...

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The President of the United States has cajoled Congress out

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of three millions of dollars to carry on the Mexican war. The money is granted in terms so general, that Mr. Polk might spend it in soldiering, in bribing Santa Anna, or in any...

The most prominent paper brought over by . the Indian mail

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is a minutely expository "general order" issued by Sir Charles Napier; a statistical and political essay in the form of a military proclamation. Sir Charles's object is to show,...

Iltbates anb Vroctebings in Varliameni.

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SALE OF IRISH ESTATES. In the House of Lords, on Monday, the LORD CHANCELLOR introduced a a bill to facilitate the sale of encumbered estates in Ireland. It was read a first...

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Vat lattropolfs.

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The Lord Mayor attended the service performed on Wednesday after- noon in St. Paul's Cathedral. Several dignitaries of the Church were also present. The Bishop of London, who...

[bt eourt.

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ON Wednesday, the Fast Day, the Queen, Prince Albert, the Dutchesa of Kent, the ladies and gentlemen of the Court, and the domestic Household, attended divine service in the...

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ebt Vrobincts.

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The Birmingham Gazette mentions that a gentleman has been exerting himself, with considerable success, to introduce the use of the American dish hominy among the working classes...

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Subjoined is the minute by the Lords of the Treasury, directing the gradual discontinuance of labour on the public works. There has been some little delay in its appearance, but...

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Nortign an Colonial.

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Faesims.—The Russian purchase of 50,000,000 of French Five per Cents has occupied much public attention during the week. Opinions were by no means unanimous as to the motives....


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The national fast was yesterday observed in Glasgow with all the out - ward symbols of obedience to the very extraordinary commands of her Majesty, her Privy Council, and the...

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A Cabinet Council, which sat two hours, was held on

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Saturday after- noon, at the residence of the Marquis of Lansdowne in Berkeley Square. An Anti-Educational deputation from Leeds, headed by the Mayor and Mr. Edward Baines...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. The House of Lords devoted last evening to a discussion on out-door re- lief in Ireland. The debate was raised by Lord MountaoLE, on the follow- ing motion- "...

A private letter, of yesterday's date,' from a well-informed correspondent

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at Liverpool, contains this passage of interesting public information- " Whether' in answer to the fast, or not, during the 'hist forty - sight hours there has been the largest...


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On the 21st February, at Toronto, Canada, the Wife of Captain teeny, R.A., of a son. On the 18th March, at the Vicarage, Blackbourton, Oxen, the We of the Rev. James Lupton, of...

Last night, Mr. Smith O'Brien elicited this declaration from Lad

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Mtn Russell—" It is not the intention of Government to introduce any measure to appropriate any portion of the revenues of the Protestant Church in Ireland; or to increase the...

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A convention, similar to that with the Emperor of Russia,

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has been concluded with the Bank of France by Queen Maria Christina, under which she- has pur- chased French Stock to the extent of 320,0001. The " agens de change" of Paris...


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The Woodmansterne, Hinderwell, went on shore near Coringa, on the 7th February, and It Is feared cannot be got off. The Cleopatra, Early, from Canton to Montreal was wrecked on...


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The repetition of the Sonnambula and the ballet of Theft on Saturday, and again on Tuesday, may be said to have confirmed the reputation of the two young performers, Gardoni and...

Accounts have been brought from Monte Video, by a Danish

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ship, to the 29th of January. An action had been fought on the 26th between Riveira's forces and a division of General Oribe's troops, which resulted in the total defeat of the...

Last night's Gazette announces the appointment of the Henourable and

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Reve- rend Henry Montagu Villiers to be Canon Residentiary of St. Paul's Cathedral, in the room of the late Reverend Dr. Blomberg.

Mr. Mitchell has made a hit " with Le Mariage

The Spectator

au Tambour; a drama the action of which is placed in the wars of the French Republic, and which, while it has the interest of a simple love story, is enlivened by all the bustle...

When we know nothing about a matter, it is charitable

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to believe the best. On this principle, we are inclined to admit as a matter of fact, that a short piece produced at the Haymarket, under the title of The Light Troops of St....


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SATURDAY, TWELVE O'CLOCK. No change or business of importance has as yet occurred in either the English or Foreign Funds; the prices of which are the same as at the close of...

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THE FAST. TEE " public fast and humiliation" was proclaimed for Wednes- day last : by proclamation Queen Victoria did "strictly charge and command, that the said public fast...


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IF certain signs are to be trusted, the perturbed spirit that has for some time animated the Foreign Office in Downing Street is not yet laid. Active endeavours are seen in...

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FROM the ever-increasing heap of Parliamentary papers the Morning Chronicle excavates a painful and humiliating narrative. It tells how, on the 19th of last month, the Governor...


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TRUE to the integrity of the British Constitution, those who have been concerned in arranging the New Houses of Parliament, in the Palace at Westminster, have taken care to...

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The Life of Henry the Fourth, Ring of France and Navarre. By 0. P. It. James, Esq.; Author of " The Life and Times of Louis the Fourteenth," "The History of Charlemagne," &c. In...


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STEELE'S picture of the young lady, whose exulting presence was the outward and visible sign of a new pair of garters, constantly finds its parallel. A curious discovery of the...

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IN this work the Society of Antiquaries and their accomplished editor have made a valuable contribution to the history of the English language and of English literature. Sir...

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WHEN religion is exciting so much attention as to furnish a frequent sub- ject for novelists, it naturally follows that the more regular modes of in- culcating its topics will...

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Tus third volumeof this immense collection of commercial and statistical facts and information is devoted to the independent countries of America, —the United States, Mexico,...

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WAR-OFFICE, March 23.--lst Drag. Guards—Lieut. H. C. Morgan, from the 3d Light Drags. to be Lieut. vice Draper, who exchanges. 3d Light Drags.—Lieut. W. G. Draper, from the 1st...

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE. Tuesday, March 23.

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Spence and ittarkland, Manchester, coppersmiths—Owen and Co. Manchester, hat- manufacturers—lloward and Barker, Leeds, manufacturers—Gilman and...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) 3 per Cent Consols Onto for Amount . 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stock, lel Exchequer Bills,...