27 MARCH 1852

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Ton some cause or other, a change has come over the tactics of Opposition. The threatened pressure upon Lord Derby, to make him declare his policy, has been abated, or...

The country, if not already. engaged in the general 'election,

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is plunged into all the turmoil of a - canvas. Electoral COnciliabules are the order of the day ; candidates 'are publishing addresses; a,nd constituencies are inquiring after...

The " Print* President" of the Frei:A Re,publio has resumed

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the military reviews; which have been discontinued since the suc- cessful coup d'etat of the 2d of December.. The main purpose of the first of the new series was to distribute a...

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The Government at Washington has resolved to augment its naval

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force, for the protection of American commerce on the West African station. This is *Obviously one of the fruits of the recent exploits of the British squadron at Lagos. The...

7rhntr an Vrorrthiugn in Varlinnaut

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OP THE WEER. Horse OF EOSIN. Monday, March 22. Dissolution and Assembly of Parliament; Lord Brougham's Bill. Tuesday, March 23. Law of Wills; Bill to amend,...

The prosecution of the editors of the Bulletin. Francais in

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Bel- gium, at the instigation of the President of the French Republic, has been as signally unsuccessful as the prosecution of M. Peltier in England at the instance of his...

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tilt Cunt.

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Tan loyal Family returned to London on Saturday. The Earl of Derby had an audience of her Majesty, at Buckingham Palace, on Sunday. The Queen held her third levee this season,...

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IRELAND, Complimentary addresses continne to pour in on Lord Eglinton

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; iii which the various public bodies felicitate themselves on his appointment to be Lord-Lieutenant and on his arrival at the seat of his government. " The President and...


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A Common Hall of the Liverymen of London was held at the Guild- b i n on Wednesday, convened by the Lord Mayor " on a requisition s i g ned_by . several merchants and others,"...

C4t Vrnuium.

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The civil business at the Assizes has exhibited a falling-off most alarna- ing to the. prospects of the bar. In Yorkshire, in 1827 there were 188 causes for trial ; in 1828,...

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„fortign nut( Colonial.

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FRANCE.—The Moniteur has promulgated a decree to determine the re- lations of the Chambers to the " Chief of the State," and to regulate their modes of procedure. The only...


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The King of Hanover is expected to arrive in this country at the latter end of May. We understand that the Government have decided on sending addition- al troops to the Island...

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It is very generally reported that the dissolution of Parliament

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will take place on or about the 27th of May.—Globe, March 27. It is very generally reported that the dissolution of Parliament will take place on or about the 27th of...

At the Kingston Assizes, on the trial of John Keene

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and Jane his wife for the murder of their child, two years old, by throwing it down a well near Guildford, the two prisoners mutually accused each other of the crime ; and their...


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In the Parliament last night, the subjects which occupied most time were the explanation in the House of Commons of the Charitable Trusts Bill by the Arroaarair-Gatczasr, and an...


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Tax Munn. Mr. Secretary Walpole — That, in pursuance of the order of the 20th day of February last, " That leave be given to bring in a Bill to amend and con- solidate the Laws...

The Paris Honiteur of yesterday contained a decree of importance.

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It recites, that "since the fall of the Empire abuses and exaggerations of all kinds had perverted the principle of administrative centralization" ; and that, " though it is...

It is understood that the Great Western Railway Company is

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making arrangements with parties in South Wales to bring large quantities of Welsh coal to London at a halfpenny per ton per mile. By a return just issued by order of the House...

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The lessee of Her Majesty's Theatre has now put forth

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the prospectus of his season, which is to commence on Tuesday next. The arrange- ments are satisfactory, but simple, and may be comprised in a very few words. The company is to...

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Victor Hugo's play of Buy Bias, like many other dramatic works writ- ten "with a purpose," has this defect, that it does not answer the pur- pose for which it is written. You...

Dr. C. W. Moore, of the Grove, Blackheath, father of

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the Reverend Carter Moore, M.A., of Flordon Rectory, who publicly cursed a Magistrate at the Flordon Railway station, requests the public "to suspend their judgment till the...

The New Philharmonic Society gave its first concert on Wednesday

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evening, at Exeter Hall, with a success which augurs well for its future efficacy in contributing to the progress of music in this country. The New Society has formed a very...


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STOCK Exceasos, FRIDAY ARTRRKOOK. The English Funds have been again on the ascendant during the present 'week, and in the absence of any counteracting event have been fivourably...

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ENGLAND AND WALES. ABLNODON. The Protectionists applied to Mr. James Morrell, of Oxford, the wealthy brewer, who not long since boasted in the hunting-field of the share he had...

rater to It eater.

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ID. I SR NATIONAL EDUCATION. • Dublin, 23d March 18.52. Sm—Since I had the honour of addressing you last,* one of the three sores which makes up the "Irish difficulty " has...

The English Glee and Madrigal Union-gave the last of a

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series of per- formances at Willis's Rooms on Monday evening. We formerly noticed the formation of this society, and the successful commencement of their labours last season....

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RETRIBUTIVE JUSTICE. Tus actual position of the leaders of parties is full of valuable in- struction. It is a position of disappointment and trouble. Taking Lord Derby, Lord...


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AN episode in the Hop debate, this week, was the occasion for stringing together a series of popular fallacies on the subject of financial legislation. The spokesman was Mr....

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ALL parties agree that some preparation is needful to place the country in a state of effective defence—the late Ministers said so, their victor Lord Palmerston said so, and so...


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A LAST attempt is made to save the Crystal Palace. It is thrown open to the public ; petitions in its favour court the signatures of the crowds that visit it ; letters appear in...


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M. PATEN, lecturing at the Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers of Paris, has laid before the public a statement which must be highly consoling to the French mind under certain...

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Ifsmousimum FOR Tsxanorr ADJUATERI3.—The whole interest of the National Debt

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(27,000,00W.) is paid by six taxes, which fall at this moment upon the lowest class of the community ; the ta x on tea, on sugar, on coffee, on spirits, on malt, on tobacco ;...


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Tan dispute between the Sultan and the Viceroy of Egypt threat- ens to complicate many interests; and diplomatists are up in arms to defend, severally, the rights of the Sultan,...


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ENGLAND AND PRANCE 'UNDER THE HOVER or LANCASTER, Tam author of this work does not differ from his predecessors who have related the same portion of our history, so much as to...

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THE TAGUS AND THE TIBER. * Tirre work exhibits a very

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striking improvement over its prede- cessor, Impreasions of Central and Southern Europe. The worser qualities of the writer are rooted out, and as a consequence his better...

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THE PERILS OF FASHION, IT is said that a skilful

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compounder of wines can imitate any pro- duct so closely that the best connoisseur shall hardly be able to de- tect the imitation. One thing, however, is essential; it must be...

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TRAVERS JUNIOR'S OBSERVATIONS Ill SUROBEY. • THESE contributions to the science

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of surgery contain the result of judicious reading and close observation, and display a sagacity without which reading and observation can do little. The general treatment of...


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Boors. Lectures on the History of Moral Philosophy in England. By William Whewell, D.D., Master of Trinity College, and Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of...

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Ten Week. of 1851-20. Week of 1831. Zyinotle Diseases 1,939 .... 195 Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat" 484 .... 44 Tubercular Diseases...


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Wan-onus, March 26.—17th Regt. of Light Drags.—Lieut. R. White to be Capt. by purchase, vice Richards, who retires. 2d Itegt. of Foot—Ensign B. C. Thom. son to be Lieut. by...


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On the 18th March; in Arlington Street, the Lady Walaingharn, of a daughter. Ou the 20th, in Dorset •Place, the Lady Louisa Itabett, of a daughter. On the 21st, at Heavitree,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturd. Monday. Tuesday. Irednes. fun, Friday, per Cent Consols 9S1 981 991 981 951 See Ditto for Account 3 per Cent. Reduced 31 per Cents...


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Tuesday, March 23. .ParintaSHIPS DIB8OLvED.—Coulthart and Coke, Blackburn, travelling drapers- Edwarde and Co. Colwyn, Carnarvonshire, grocers—J. and G. Russell, Holyland...