27 MAY 1972

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The Government's Rhodesian dilemma is embarrassingly obvious; and to make matters worse, it is also one which confronts Sir Alec Douglas-Home very directly. It is no secret that...

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Self-examination Dennis Hackett The press has been benefiting for some time from advertising revenue generated by some of the conflicts in the technological society. There are...

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Gladstonian politics

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Michael Bentley The Politics of Reform, 1884 Andrew Jones (CUP £6.40) Some educated palates, which ought to have been better trained, will sense that the chalk in Dr Jones's...

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Environmental angst

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Eric Ashby Only One Earth; The Care and Maintenance of a Small Planet Barbara Ward and Rene Dubos ( Deutsch £2.95; Pen g uin 45p ) Witt g enstein ends his g reat Tractatus with...

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ley Nichols: Down the Beaton Path

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?ears Cecil Beaton (Weidenfeld 41e uoson e2.25) of Years, the third and most viO opit:lcil B eaton ' s Diaries, is really k i ttl e that ' 1 22 o ne, and it is perhaps regret...

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Published by Sidgwick and Jackson, The Professionals, lain Scarlet's study of prostitution, is a perfectly respecable book, recently reviewed in the Spectator book pages by Reg...

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Will Waspe's Whispers

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Sir Ascher Joel is a dapper Australian PR man who has already handled the Pope (when the Holy Father visited Sydney) and Captain Cook (on the bi-centenary of his Australian...

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Bulging pockets of inflation Nicholas Davenport rally and the significant drop L4lerriployrnent pulled the bull ,,utit of its lethargy and pushed the 41 rty. . 5 44. index up...

1 1 rie r . L. " e ekly Frolic ,,,,, had yu h eti a rna l de rn n ad

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50p on an aristo ‘'q 4 tIzzi Writ e two-year-old in the e to d away from the chilly ' 4 'it4 lt it re.,211nny Salisbury and a rather_ 44 — on. Falling into conver r reitart...

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London Weekend Television is still not paying a dividend but now that the £1 shares are changing hands for £2 there is an indication of better conditions ahead. London...


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Bullish Laird John Bull I quote from the statement of Laird Group's chairman, Sir Maurice Banks in the 1971 annual report: "As far as 1972 is concerned it is premature to make...

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S TMENT lainless steel

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Phew Wilde scit` ti ll If Id , 4 I related the sad tale of Aunt kil . h eueParture to happier pastures and r mu nificence she bequeathed me r elevant late st . 'clevant, in...

THE GOOD LIFE Pamela Vandyke Price

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Dear friends with a house in the country— You've asked me down for the day "to get some fresh air into my lungs." Despite the fact that, in the course of getting to your...

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„ tv , li tieS ` 11 -t-OND reading debate on Castel:Merit's pension Bill Mrs

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Bargave another exhibition of that , temper which she has brought 13e , e ch and parliamentary interh5 made in her new shadow days Labour social services Were adept at...

Theory into practice

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„Id Smith For all the changes in Britain's social services over the last half-century, it is difficult to link many of them to specific advances in knowledge. The child care...