27 OCTOBER 1832

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The activity of the Oporto correspondents of the Times and

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Herald furnished us yesterday with some interesting intelligence respecting the movements of the Liberal and Miguelite forces, military and naval. It appears that no renewal of...


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THE seventieth protocol of the Conference, dated 1st October, has appeared, as well as the remarks of the Dutch Government called forth by it. Our readers will readily dispense...

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firbe Court. The King and Queen are well. The Butchess

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of Gloucester, we are happy to state, is much better than she has been. Prince George of Cumberland is going on well. This is all good. Their Majesties were in town on Wednesday...

The Queen of Spain has, by virtue of her office

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as Regent, is- sued a decree (dated the 7th instant) for the immediate reopening of the Universities. The language of the decree does credit to her Majesty's Cabinet- " From...

Touching the business habits of the King, we have been

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favoured with the following statement, by a gentleman on whose honesty we can place perfect reliance, and who has ample opportunities of correct knowledge— It is only when an...

The most interesting intelligence in the French news of the

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week, is the triumphant acquittal of M. BERRYER, the Deputy, who has suffered so long an imprisonment because of his attach- ment to the fallen dynasty. The trial of M. BERRYER...

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Two men were indicted on Monday, at the Old Bailey,

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for stet ling some window-sashes, the property of the Reverend George El ans, clerk. On Mr. Evans going into the box, Mr. Charles Phillips ob- jected to his description—he was...

The trial of the Bristol Magistrates commenced on Thursday, at

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Westminster Hall. The City of Bristol was burned down in October 1831, and in October 1832 the Court of King's Bench are gravely en- deavouring to discover by whose negligence...

be SbIatrOptall.

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Sir John Key will go out in a blaze ; he means to give no fewer than three balls next week. On Thursday, Mr. Marriot was elected Chairman of the Middlesex Sessions, in the...

Five persons were tried at the Middlesex Sessions, on Saturday

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last, for theft. The united value of the articles charged as stolen amounted to 5s. 73-d. Most of the prisoners had been in gaol for eighty days ! Two of the jurors, in...

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At Guildhall, on Tuesday, a labourer, named Bryant, was accused

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of following and threatening a clerk of a mercantile house named Briscoe. Bryant said, he had been in a comfortable situation thirteen years, and had been married nine years....

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At Greenwich Petty Sessions, on Monday, a man named John

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Pen- son, a carpenter, of Lewisham, was charged with intermarrying with Eliza Brown, his first wife being at the time alive. James Taylor, sexton of St. Nicholas, at Deptford,...

A female, who went under the name of Bentley, died

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suddenly, in Litchfield Street, on Monday morning. The death was made a matter of penny-a-line mystery. It has been proved that she was much ad- dicted to drinking; and that,...

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Three of the Anti-Tithe offenders have been convicted at Tralee. There were four tried—the Reverend Mr. O'Sullivan, Jeremiah 0 Connor, Gerard O'Connoreand W. S. M'Carthy. The...

No change has takezaplace in the disposition of the fleet

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stationed at Portsmouth, for the purpose, as has been reported, of joining the French in blockading Holland. Sir Pulteney Malcolm resumed his command on Tuesday sennight. His...

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ARUNDEL.—A few evenings since, a party of two or three indivi- duals of the town went about delivering letters at various houses. On opening them, a 51. note was discovered...


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A monster called Doffy was tried at Glasgow last week, for the mur- der of his wife by throwing her on the fire. The miserable woman lingered from ;he 14th May to the 9th of...

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On the 21st inst., E. Wells was admitted Scholar of New College; and on the same day. J. II. Risley was admitted Actual Fellow of that society as of kin to the founder. On the...


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WAII•OTTICE, October 26.-2d Regt. of Dragoons : — Taylor, Gent., to be Veteriarl , Surgeon, vice Watts, who resigus—lst or Grenadier Regt. of Foot Guards : R. W. Fitz-= patriek,...

Dualist —Mr. Shaw has announced his intention not to offer

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him- self as a candidate for the representation of this city in a Reformed Parliament, and declares that he has come to this determination in con- sequence of finding a large...


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3. King, Esq., M.A. Fellow and Tutor of Queen's College, Cambridge, has been. electedPresident of that Society. The Rev. G. Ritlout, B.C.L. to the Vicarage of Newland. Gloucester.

KINFA.RDINESHIRF.—The Sheriff of Kincardineshire has divided that small county, with

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not more than 700 voters, into six polling dis- tricts. [The query is, where did he light on six ? There are but one town and three villages in the county.] WIGTON BIIIIGHS.—A...


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The Revising Barristers have nearly completed their work both in town and country ; and seem to have done it satisfactorily. We notice a few points which may be looked on as...

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Letters from Batavia mention the arrival there of a part

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of the crew of the Frindsbury, South Sea whaler, which was wrecked on a coral reef on the 9th February, in lat. 5 deg. 1 . mm. • S: and long. 159 deg. 19 min. W. Of thirty-five...

There Ives a meeting of the Plenipotentiaries of the Five'

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Powers yesterday at the Foreign Office, at which the new propositions of the King of Holland were read. They were immediately rejected by Mince TALL'Evalo:n and Lord...

The Cabinet Ministers dined with Lord Holland, at Holland House,

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-on Wednesday evening: The Lord Chancellor and Earl Grey slept at Holland House.—Post. Lord Holland is well known to be a hearty landlord, as well as an honest and honourable...

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POSTSCRIPT .The ratification of the treaty signed on Tuesday last by - Prince TALLTRAND and Lord. PALMERSTON was received this morning, at the French Embassy. The courier Who...


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The II. C. Ships of the Season have been timed - as follows, v eke or York. 1.oeke; and Sealeb■ . , Castle, ilillman, kr B e n g el and China ; Marquis or II anti v, II het;...

The total reinforcements that have joined or must now be

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on the de Of joining Don PEDRO, amount to 1,650 men and 240 horses. Sir Ann DOYLE had arrived when the last letters left Oporto.


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S tE cTAToR7S KEY. TO POLITICAL KNOWLEDGE, No IL—The Monthly Sapplement, de- velopieg the EXPENDITURE. OF: THE_ BRITI$11 GOVERNMENT,.will be ready for trans- rnissiondo...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Events°. The fluctuations in all sorts of Stock have been extensive; the Fast week as been one of more than ordinary . activity. The uncertainty of the...

Cobbete dates his Register of this morning partly from Glasgow

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-and partly from Greenock. He has visited Dunfermline, Falkirk, and various other places besides those from Which he dates. At Fal- kirk, he was welcomed by the ringing of the...


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• BILTTIS. , . On the 21st inst., at Blyth Hall, in the county of Warwick, the Lady of WILLIAM STRATFORD DUGDAT.E. Esq., M.P., of it' daughter. On then' inst., in Bruton...

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HAVING endeavoured in our last week's journal to make our readers acquainted with the real state of Shropshire electioneering politics, as far as regards the County candidates...


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THE OBSTINATE KING OF HOLLAND. " OBSTINACY," says BURKE, "is certainly a great vice ; and in the changeful state of political affairs, it is frequently the cause of great...

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THE Report of the Select Committee, appointed at the suggestion of Sir ANDREW AGNEW, " on the Observance of the Sabbath," has been printed by order of the House of Commons. The...


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A PAPER in the last volume Of the Anheedogia, which was com- municated to the Society of Antiquaries by that amiable Anti-Re- former Mr. HUDSON GURNEY, M.P., affords some...

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THE pageants in honour of Sir WALTER SCOTT draw crowds to the Theatres ; though they are mere scenic displays, wanting the vitality and consistency that belong to the Masque...

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Iic mann% eb - patriam ptegnando vulnera passi. Quique sacer&tes casti. Sum vita mancbat, Qu:que pit vates, et Pbcebo Signs lecuti, Itiventas ant qui vitam encoluere per artes....

Madame VESTRIS has added to her stock of amusing burlettas,

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a new one, called the Court of Queen's Bench ; which takes its title from the incident of a gallant knight being brought to trial before the Court of Love, held by a Huntress...

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THE English School of Art excels in colour and effect, the French in and the deceptive truth of their interiors. The English artists, at- tracted by the charms of colour and...

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NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. • l''s most Extmordinary Contact; A. Letter to Lord Jahn Russell, on Lord Brou g her,. of Kepler's Third Law to the another to Sir John Herschel on- the...

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SOME time ago, we very briefly informed our readers of a course of curious experiments on Vision, by Mr. FEARN, by which some remarkable discoveries had been elicited. Several...

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THIS is an excellent compendium of the life of that most extra- ordinary character PETER the Great—the founder not.of a dynasty but an empire. It is well drawn up : every source...

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EMBELLISHMENTS OF THE ANNUALS. Or the twelve plates which embellish the Amulet, seven are from pictures by LAWRENCE ; whose works possess a fascination of style and manner that...