27 OCTOBER 1855

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Death has been unusually busy among our public character e:

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of the number carried off, we have to reckon Sir William Mob a- worth, Lord Wham:Me, and Mr. Lucas,—all, even the last, remarkable men. Uniting a stout Nonconformist training...


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A REPORT, which appeared to announce a comparatively small movement in the Crimea, seems on a second view, should it have been correctly reported, to throw great light upon the...

A telegraph sent after the departing steamer on its way

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be- tween Boston and Halifax reports that the American Govern- ment had asked the recall of Mr. Crampton, the British repre- sentative at Washington, who has become implicated...

In France, the latest ad of the Government implies nnallayed

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apprehensions with regard to the effect of dear food during the winter, political as well as moral. A new edict is added to the series of measures. Government had prohibited the...

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The Liverpool Chamber of Commerce has responded to its me- morialists, and to the Little-Shilling interest, by a report ac- knowledging that the Chamber may be called upon to...

b't 311ItriquilL The vacancy in the representation of Southwark created

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by Sir William Molesworth's death has called forth two candidates; Mr. George Scovell, and Sir _Charles Napier. Both attended meetings of electors on Thursday night, and both...

t Dud

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THE Omer received with more than usual state, on Wednesday, the de- putation appointed by the Corporation of London to present an address of congratulation on the fall of...

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tt Vtunititts.

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The Sandon and Marston Agricultural Society had a Cabinet Minister for president at the annual dinner held last week. The speeches at the banquet were not more remarkable than...

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furrtgu out( (Eduard.

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FRANCE.—The Duke and Duchess of Brabant still prolong their stay at the Court of the Emperor Napoleon ; but they were to leave Paris today, for Belgium. The French Government...


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It appears that Mr. Henry Grattan owns the estate comprising the pro- perty occupied by Miss Hinds, who was all but murdered the other day. That ho has taken a very bold view of...


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Mr. William Ewart, Member for Dumfries, paid his constituents a visit last week, and addressed them on the past session; touching on the Scotch Education Bill, his own measure...

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In our second edition last week, we announced the dangerous illness of - Sir William Molesworth. For some weeks, indeed, Sir William had been ailing more or less ; but on Friday...

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- The public will learn with little surprise that General Simpson is about to return to England. His appointment to the chief command was, ars we-announced at the time, only...

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SATURDAY. A Supplement to the London Gazette of last night contains a despatch from Brigadier-General Williams, her Majesty's Commissioner with the Turkish Army in Asia,...

The naval force American stations, Cornwallis.. Pembroke .. Hawke ....

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Powerful... Neptune. .. St. George.. Boscawen sent, and about to be sent, to the West Indian and is reported to us, on good authority, as follows- 60 sailed for Bermuda. If...

The bankers, Paul, Strahan, and Bates, were yesterday placed in

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the Old Bailey dock, on their trial before the Central Criminal Court, and in the Pee - Bence of a very large audience, including many members of the mereantate community. The...

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CO Quarto.

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It was Goethe, if we remember right, who once remarked that if he had been an Englishman, and consequently had Shakspere for a prede- cessor in his own language, he would not...


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STOCK EXCHANOE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. A generally improved tone has been observable this week in Government Securities ; and the confidence manifested by the public has been...

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Mr. Thillah began his usual series of Choral Concerts at St. Martin's Hall, on Wednesday evening, with an excellent performance of St. Paul. For solo-singers he had Madame Clara...

The Olympic reopened on Saturday, with the School for Scandal;

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the Princess's on Monday, with Henry VIII. Each has inaugurated its sea- son by producing a very indifferent specimen of the genus farce. At the Olympic, an unmeaning...


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WHAT WE A RR STILL FIGHTING FOR IT the merits of a cause were always- to be estimated by the tem- perond devices of its advocates, men of common candour and in- telligence would...


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On the 16th October, at Warmwell Rectory, Dorset, the Wife of the Rev. LP. Cambridge, of a daughter. On the 17th, at Hartley Rectory, near Alton, Hants, the Wife of the Rev....

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IT is remarkable that Sir William Molesworth stood in less credit with the great body politic of this country some years. back, when he was most successful, than he did during...

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TICE anxiety on the subject of criminal discipline increases with' the suggestion that Government, in some way or other, means to retreat from the comparativel y intelligent...


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AN incident occurred in the Central Criminal Court the other day, too common, it appears, to find a place in the reports, and yet of such a character that all in the court must...

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THE Salie law in France is not irrevocable like a law of Nature ; and not being irrevocable, we have a right to presume that some day it will be revoked. Nay, we may grant that,...

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23d October 1855. Sin—Your columns are too valuable to be

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occupied by idle discussion, but as your correspondent "H." says that I do not show how payment is to be made of the odd 1-6th cent, I have only again to repeat that it would be...


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Norwich, 22d October 1855. 8111 — I perfectly concur in the general tenour of your remarks on the Salle restriction upon the inheritance of the throne of France, but by what it...

trtttro to tlit eiritur.

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REFORMATORY SC]IOOLS. Yagley, 23d October 1855. Sin.-The notice in-the last Spectator of the proceedings in Worcestershire concerning Reformatory Schools seems- not quite...


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Brentwood, 22d October 1855. SIR—I haveresskin the Spectator of October 20; your indignation article upon the " Red Republican Letter to the Queen." I have not read that I...


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4 Clarence Road, Kentish Town, 24th October 1855.: Ent—I have perused with great interest the various, and many of -them very able, communications that have appeared in your...

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BLEER''S. WA.NDBEINGE IN CEYLON. * A. ratuinT objeet of this work seems to be to call attention to the capabilities of Ceylon for the investment of British capital, and. to...

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SULLIVAN'S BEATEN PATHS. * THE three successive books of travel which

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Mr. Sullivan has pub- lished have exhibited a successive falling-off in attraction ; not from any deficiency in literary ability, but from a falling-off in the matter of the...

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THE ENCYCLOPABIA BRITANNICA, VOLUME Ix.* THE ninth volume rather carries

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on the business of the book, as it were, than exhibits papers by crack names; nor, for the reasons assigned in noticing the eighth volume some few months ago are we sure that...

PIESSE'S ART OF PERF17MERY. * GRATIFY a sense, and you secure

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a reward. Full 150,000 gallons of perfumed spirits are yearly consumed by British India and Eu- rope in titillating the nose. One French house alone annually uses 80,000 pounds...

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fitt Irto.

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THE NATIONAL GALLERY. In calling attention last week to the then forthcoming reopening of the National Gallery, we threw out some conjectures by way of question as to any...


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_Messrs. Agnew ' the Manchester publishers who undertook the great photographic enterprise in the Crimea, of which the results, under the cunning hand of Mr. Fenton, are now to...


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The Gallery of Illustration reopened, on Monday, with its diorama partially recast and augmented. We have more than once had to chro- nicle the Diorama of the Events of the War...


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Wan - ore - we, Oct. 23.-6th Drag. Guards—Cornet F. G. S. Curtis to be Lieut. without purchase, vice Wight, dec. 1st Drags.—M. Hall, Gent, to be Cornet, with- out purchase vice...


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Booxs. There are still no books of very striking mark. In fact, it is said that publication of the higher kind is overshadowed by the approach of Mac- aulay's History. Rumour...

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Tuesday, Oct. 23. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLITED.-.T. and J. Belinforth, Halifax, card-makers-The North lietton Coal Company and the Seaton Coal Company.; as far as regards the Earl...

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BRITISH FUNDS. ((losing Prices.) Saturd. Monday. Tuesday. Wednes. Thurs. Friday. S per Cent Consols '871 871 83 88 881 Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per...