27 OCTOBER 1866

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Mr. Forster made a very masterly speech on Reform at

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Brad- ford on Tuesday,—chiefly on the Conservative effects of a good Reform Bill, —on some aspects of which we have commented elsewhere. He made one very important point besides...

It is reported by telegraph that a catastrophe such as

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has scarcely fallen upon men since the destruction of Jerusalem has occurred in Orissa. One-half of the population has died of hunger. We have given elsewhere the reasons for...

We hear with very great pleasure that the University of

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Cam- bridge, acting through a few Cambridge Dons entrusted with the electoral function, has done itself the honour of electing the Rev. F. D. Maurice, Professor of " Casuistry,...

The Philadelphia Ledger (a democratic paper) published a sensation rumour

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on the 10th inst., that Mr. Johnson had sub- mitted a series of constitutional questions,—very leading questions indeed,—to the Attorney-General, Stansberry, pointing to a very...

The elections of the 9th inst. in America have issued

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in a very great victory for the Radicals. Mr. Reuter, whose tele- graph agent is clearly impressed with the advent age to one side or other,—it is not easy to say which,—of...


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V ENICE was made over to her High Sheriff on the 18th inst., the people, with a grace of which only Venetians are capable, cheering General Alemann, the Austrian Governor, as he...

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The Nemesis of Slavery is working even in Holland. The

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Government has always treated Java as a vast tropical estate, to be worked by forged labour for the general advantage of the State, and the -special benefit of the Royal family....

The election for Tipperary, which resulted in the return of

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the Liberal candidate, Captain White, by a majority of 687 over the Conservative candidate, Mr. Waldron, is of very great importance; not only as showing that the Catholics of...

A report has been set afloat, apparently for some political

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pur- pose, that the Greek Christians of Turkey intend to submit them- selves to the Pope, who, while surrendering no dogma, will allow the priests to marry, make some concession...

Mr. E. Kerslake, the equity barrister, aril a man who

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has a con- siderable reputation at the Bar, is going to contest Colchester in' the Conservative interest. He made a speech. there on Wednesday night which is not, we hope, a...

They have a vicar at lialbertoeeDevoentheRag. R..Gindiestone,

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Canon of Bristol, who must be a sore thorn in the sides of the squires. He keeps writing to the Times about labourers' wages, and seems to think 8s. a week not enough. He...

We trust the Government: will grant theCommiseion of inquiry into

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the. trade outrages at Sheffield, for which the inhabitants intend to petition. The true.state of the case in Sheffield is this. An immense majority of the workmen wish- to put...

Count von Bismarck has, we suspect, been beaten by the

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Court circle. The final terms granted to Saxony are very much too favourable for the interests of Germany. The Prussians,. it is true, obtain the right of placing a garrison in...

Mr. Snider, the inventor of the breech-loader, died suddenly on

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Thursday morning. Early on the same day the War Office had arranged a scheme of remuneration. He died therefore without having heard that justice had been done him—a-justice...

There is a dangerous amount of discontent at Lyons. The

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silk manufacturers of that city have of late years confined them- selves very much to figured silks, which have gone out of fashion. Consequently, Lyons is almost starving, and,...

A report has been spread about complications between Prussia and

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Holland. The King of Holland. is Duke of Luxemburg, and holds that, as the Confederation is dissolved, that State belongs to him. Bismarck, on. the contrary, says it ie still...

Sir. Morton Pete oa Monday,called .together all the Cemmittees which

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had.assisted at his election, -and. addressed them in a long defence of. his conduct in. connection. with the London e Chathaei, and Dover Railway. We. have- analyzed. this...

It is said, we know not haw truly, that Sir

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Hugh Cairns is to have et_ peerage with tho Lord Jastieeship,,and is promised the next reversion of the Greet Seal *MA it maybe in the power of the Conservatives to give....

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On the same occasion the Bishop of Argyll and the

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Isles, in Alluding to the great number of widely severed theological parties comprehended within the pale of the English Church, said some- thing which has been distorted by the...

The revised finding of the Court-Martial upon Captain Jervis has.

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been published, with the Commander-in-Chiefs remarks. The Court, it will be remembered, acquitted him -of misappropriating Sir W. Mansfield's pickles and other stores, but found...

Last week the Archbishop of Canterbury laid the first atone

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of a new cathedral at Inverness, built by the Episcopal Church of -Scotland. The Archbishop seems to have shocked the Times, at least the Times affects to be shocked, by his...

We hear with sincere pleasure from Dublin that there is

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some lope of the appointment of the Dean of Emly to the vacant see of Tuam. We have very recently assailed what we believe to be a dangerous theological remark in his recent...

The Marquis of Salisbury has published a proposal , for the

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increase of the Army, or rather of the armed force. He would have each county compelled, under Acts already existing, to con- tribute a certain quota of men in proportion to...

Although the Bank return is favourable—the supply r of bullion held by

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the establishment being 16,377,3581., and the reserve 7,659,6981.—the Directors have made no change in their rates of discount. The minimum quotation remains therefore at 4} per...

It is stated, not without pardonable triumph, by the Conserva-

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tive papers that the Poet Laureate has sent a contribution to. the Eyre Defence.and Aid Fund. We sincerely regret to hear it, not because we feel the least grudge to Mr. Eyre,...

The closing prices of the leading- British Railways yesterday and

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on Friday week were as under Great Eastern Great Northern Orval Western.. Lancashire and Yorkshire .. London and Brighton Loudon and North-Wertern London and South-Western...

The following statement shows the closing prices of the prin-

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cipal Foreign Securities yesterday and on Friday week :- Friday, Oat Id. Friday, Oct. 26. Mekican 151 151 Spanish Passive .. 211 .. 221 Do. Certificates .. 14 .. 1i...

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THE CATASTROPHE IN BENGAL. T HAT telegram from India, announcing that half the popu- lation of Orissa have perished in the famine, must be a lie. It is impossible,...

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IVI R. FORSTER seldom makes a speech of any length with- out impressing us afresh with that peculiar combination of popular power and statesman-like pliancy in his intellect...

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S IR MORTON PETO has done a very proper and very prudent thing in explaining himself to the electors of Bristol. It was proper, because a member's constituents have a fair right...

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O UR Conservative contemporary, the Globe, had a sort of manifesto last Wednesday declaring the truly Liberal cha- racter of the Tory party. The Tories, it says, are all...


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A S usual in October, Paris is full of reports of coming political change. The right of debate on the Address, that is, of criticizing the position of France, say some, is to be...

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A GAINST whom is the war to be, the soldiers or their tailors ? The Church of England has to make up its mind upon that, of all questions on earth, and shows, we regret to say,...

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" Du gleichst dem Geist den du begreifst,—nicht mir," -" Thou art the equal of the spirit which thou cant picture, not mine;" for the difficulty with regard to this creature is...

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FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.] New York, October 5, 1866. My theme is dress. I sing the dress coat, integument fearfully and wonderfully made ! I propose to solve that...

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[ro THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] DEAR Mn. Enrroa,—We are travellers in search of the pic- turesque, who have lately tramped over good part of five northern counties, with...

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EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] SIR,—The following extract from a letter I have just received from a near relative, a landholder in Malabar, should be of interest to some of your...

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[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] Lincoln's inn, October 24, 1866. SIR, — Last year, at the Sheffield meeting of the Social Science Association, I had occasion, by the...


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[To THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR."] SIR,—You are one of the last men in the world I should have expected would be greatly unjust. But you are. You have read my letter in the...

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[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] SIR,—At the close of your article of Saturday on the so-called Athanasian Creed, you advert to the methods by which clergymen have sought to...


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[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] SIR, —I read with much interest the article in the Spectator of the 13th inst., headed "The Dean of Emily's Alleged Heresy," and with much...

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THE LOGIC OF CHANCE.* Tins is a very able and, to the present reviewer at least, a very entertaining little book on thelogic of chance, though it does not strike us as quite so...

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GRIFFITH GAUNT.* L' the very furious letter, denouncing a critic

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of Griffith Gaunt, which he has published about an American contemporary,—a journal which, we may remark, does not deserve all his epi- thets,—Mr. Charles Reade announces two...

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Mn. HAMERTON'S second edition of A Painter's Camp is not only readable and interesting to the general reader, it contains many points of more technical concern to the artist and...

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THE history of the heresy as to the " fornix " in the marsupials resembles in many points the more familiar one of the " hippo- campi." For nearly thirty years the doctrine that...

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The Three Musketeers. Dumas. (Routledge.) — People who are tired of novels

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with a moral or a purpose, may be glad to hear that once a month for some time to come they will have served out to them a portion of M. Dumas' lively melodrama. The publishers...


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Our Postal and Revenue Establishments. By a Civil Servant. (Pit- man.) — The author has collected in the present volume a mass of evidence, which goes to show the extravagance...

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The Biblical and Patristic Doctrin! of Salvation. By J. T.

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Goodsir. 2 vols. (Maclachlan: Edinburgh ; Simpkin and Marshall.)—Mr. Goodelr belongs to a past age. He is of the times when men were concerned with schemes of salvation, and...

The Divine Liturgy of our Father among Me Saints, John

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Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople. Done into English, with prefatory notes and the Greek of the open parts. (Masters .)—This book is intended as a manual for travellers...

Literary Pearls, Strung at Random. By R. A. M. With

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an introduc- tion by Samuel, Lord Bishop of Oxford. (Rontledge ; Howell, Liver- pooL)—There was something about Queen Emma, of the Sandwich Islands, that seems to have moved the...

The Open Competition for the Civil Service of India. By

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Manomohan Ghose, of the Calcutta University and Lincoln's Inn. (Trubner.)—This is a very well written pamphlet by an Indian gentleman, who considers that himself and his...

Knowledge is Power. By Charles Knight. (Bell and Daldy.) Bohn's

The Spectator

Scientific Library.—This volume comprises two of Mr. Knight's early publications, one on the "Results of Machinery" and the other on "Capital and Labour." The result is a...