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The inhabitalts of Brus:e!s are eagaged in ceei glorious days,"

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by feasting, dancing, &c. The order of the Iron Cross will, it is said, be conferred on these only who were wounded during the battle. The gayeties, it was feared, would be...


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Jr the Continental journals furnish a true record of European affairs, we may almost suppose that the course of events has been stopped by common consent, until the Spanish...

Spanish politics occupy the Parisians so entirely, that scarcely any

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thing of interest can be gleaned from their journals relative to French affairs. Marshal GERARD, it is said, has been out- voted in the Cabinet, on the question of issuing a...

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Unfavourable accounts, dated the 7th of August, have been seoeived

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from Triuidad. The Negroes refused to work after the day of emancipation ; and assembled in great numbers in the court-yard of the Goverment-house. Sir GEORGE HILL, the...

The state of parties in the Prussian Court (where the

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prudent old King is desirous of peace before all things, and is inclined to move gently along with the spirit of the age, while the Crown Prince is a fiery, ill-tempered despot)...

The revolt of MEHEMET An's Syrian subjects is said to

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have been quelled in a great measure by money, as well as by force of arms. The Pacha bought over the chiefs and sacked the rebel- lious villages : the suppression of the...

be figrtropoIht.

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The formal prorogation of Parliament, to the 23d of October, took place on Thursday in the House of Peers ; the Duke of Argyll and Lords Brougham and Auckland acting as...

be Court.

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THEIR Majesties seem to be leading a very quiet life at Windsor Castle, taking occasional rides in the Park and neighbourhood. On Monday, the King, accompanied by the Princess...

The commanders of the Austrian sad Prussian troops now occu-

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pying the territory of Frankfort, were hoaxed, on the 14th instant, by the report of a conspiracy to assassinate the King of Bavaria, who is residing at his palace of...

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At the Middlesex Sessions, on Tuesday, several persons employed as

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shopkeepers, clerks, Szc. having applied for their expenses, the Chairman, Mr. Rotch, said it was too bad for persons who received regular wages to make such application; and in...

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His Majesty has graciously granted a free pardon to all

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the surviving men, who, together with Jeremiah Brandreth, were condemned at a special assizes held in Derby during the reign of tenor of Castlereagh. It will be recollected...

ebe Country.

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There was a large muster of Conservatives at a dinnergiven in Can- terbury on Thursday, to commemorate his Majesty's gracious declara- tion to the Bishops. Lords Winehilsea,...

The Cornubia steamer, from Gottenburg, which arrived at Hull on

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Sunday week, experienced on Saturday a heavy gale off the Dogger Bank. The situation of those on board was one of much inconvenience, which was greatly aggravated by the...

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Mr. O'Connell has put forth another Letter to the People of Ire- land, written in a very spirited and lively manner. It commences with an allusion to Lord Brougham's speech at...

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Earl Grey spent the greater part of the Tuesday and Wednesday following the great dinner, in visiting the public places in Edinburgh. On Wednesday evening, he attended a concert...


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The Report of the select Committee of the House of Commons appointed to examine the papers respecting Sinecure Offices, contains a view of the progress that has been made...

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The Admiralty Commissioners, on Thursday afternoon, took con- tracts for

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the supply of the Navy with beef and pork for the ensuing year. The quantity required by the Commissioners was 8,500 Navy tierces of pork, and 6,500 Navy tierces of beef. A good...

The celebrated speech of the Duke of York in 1825,

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is known to have rendered the zeal of the Orangemen in Ireland quite incandescent, and to have hastened on that reaction which compelled the Government to emancipate the...

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SATURDAY N Impos t. news from Lisbon, to thi (20th int t int, was received to - day, and published in late editions of the Times and the Morning Chronicle. Don PEDRO, at the...

The Turkish Ambassador has not shown himself in public since

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his arrival in Paris, but his hotel is beseiged by all an ts of tradesmen offering their wares. What is worthy of remark is, that all the way from Strasburg to Paris, the...

Valenciennes. The new plan is, that the mail which now

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goes only to Cambray, and then turns off to Lille, shall in future proceed to Lille from Amiens ; and the Valenciennes mail will carry the correspondence tor St. Quentin and...

We cannot underiakc to return anonymous communications that are not

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inser:ca • The paper allu led to by L. has fallen aside: fa' we happen to see it again, we sba I leave it out for him. It wautd lie very useless. a department appropriated to...

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THZ season of the Winter Theatres commences in good earnest next week, when no fewer than five houses open their doors,—namely, the Adelphi, the Olympic and the Victoria on...

Money continues scarce, according to the general report of the

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Market; but on the whole it is probably overrated, and it certainly does not exist to any inconvenient extent in quarters really deserving of credit. It is a very general...

It was incorrectly stated in the papers last week (the

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Spectator among them), that the new Post-office regulations for the transmission of Newspapers would take effect only from the 10th of October. It should have been the 1st. An...

There have been several commerciel. failures lately in the Metropolis;

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occasioned by the scarcity of money in some instances, and in others, it would seem, by gambling and misconduct. The report of the pro- ceedings in the BankruptcyCourt yesterday...

The inauguration of a column at St. Petersburg, erected in

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honour of the late Emperor Alexander, took place on the 11th instant. The ceremonial is described as being extremely grand. Early in the morn- ing, the square in which the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AETIRXOUN. The Consol Market has continued in the same apathetic state as for the last few weeks: the transactions in it, and in the English Funds...

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No, XXV. THE SPANISH FINANCR. 4 , A .r.;., APPROACHING BANKRUPTCY. " La Itideuse banqueroute"—M IRABEAV. TO THE EDITOR OF TIIE SPECTATOR. Paris, 23rd September 1834. • Sm.—I...


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Arrived—At China, March 22, Olive and Eliza, Parsons, from London ; and April 9th, Splendid, —, from Liverpool. Sailed—From Gravesend, Sept. 20th, Zenobia, Owen, for Bengal ;...

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Jr there is one public functionary who more than any other has a claim to a handsome remuneration for his services, it is an upright, industrious, learned, and dispassionate...


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DESPAIRING STRUGGLES. 4 ' How are the mighty fallen r . The High Church party have been at pains this week to convince the country that their condi- tion is desperate. They...

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The circulation 'of the unstatnped penny papers published in London has reached an enormous amount. There are now published every Saturday a greater number of these penny...


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THE impediments which our Post-office regulations have hitherto thrown in the way of cheap and frequent communication with France, are about to be partially, and before long, we...

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WE have seen a temperate but forcibly-written statement of the case of Captain ROBISON, with which the readers of the Spectator must be familiar, in a recent number of the...

The Courier of Monday comments upon some praise bestowed by

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the Examiner on the Edinburgh speeches of Mr. ELLICE and Sir JOHN HOBHOUSE, in the following language. "Mr. Ellice and Sir John flobbouse are, however, members of Lord Mel-...

Granby Calcraft, Esq., late M.P., has been appointed landing-waiter at

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Jamaica, worth 4001. per annum.—Limerick Chronick. Can this be true ? A landing-waiter is a customhouse-011m, whose business it is to watch the landing of cargoes, and to pre-...

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Lord Lowther has taken his departure for the Continent. His

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Lordship' d intention is to pass the winter in Naples; where a large Conservative party are preparing to assemble, including the Marquis of Hertford and his extensive suite, the...

Among the mourners who attended the funeral of Sir CHARLES

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FLOWER, was a Mr. WHITE, who is described as having been "for many years his confidential clerk and man of business; and to whom, to the surprise of many, Sir CHARLES left only...

The Revising Barristers for the Tower Hamlets concluded their sittings

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on Wednesday. The number of voters registered in this borough, in the present year, is 9,743; last year the number was 9,887; and in the year preceding it was 10,299; thus...

During the week, a man of the name of Henry

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Gunson died in Carlisle Gaol, laving been confined upwards of eighteen years for debt.— Courier. In the Insolvent Debtors' Court, on Wednesday, William Smith applied for his...

Mr. MONTAGUE, one of the District Surveyors of the City,

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has summoned two different parties before the Magistrates within these few days, for refusing to pay him the fees he demanded in virtue of his office ; and in both cases, the...

Wheat was sold in the vicinity of Birmingham, last week,

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at from 33. 4d. to 38. 8d. a bushel. —Birmingham Paper. We have made a point of inquiring into the prices of grain, and the prospects of the farmer, which are really all...

A few days ago, the subject of the Poor-laws Amendment

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Act was accidentally introduced at a market-table in Sheffield ; when there was only one out of a dozen country farmers who had heard any thing about it, and he confessed his...

M. de Menthe], ex-Minister of Charles the Tenth, has fallen

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into thorough madness. The only thing of which he can talk all day long is liberty, political economy, and the sovereignty of the people. Our governors regard his folly as...

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to have spared her the horrors of the Revolutionary Bills,

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she her- self departed to that place for which it had beets her task during forty years to prepare others. MCIGRAPIIY, Of course Mr. ROBERTS'S four volumes do not wholly...


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ife ence of Mrs. tiannah More. By William Bob,rts, Munster during tau summer of 13.ki. 2 vols Novsat. IltsronV, marks on the Study of Natural History, nail Occasional Obsess...

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THE author of these volumes is a lover Of fly-fishing and beautiful scenery : he is also, as he tells us, of "a roving disposition." These propensities have led him to explore...

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We have often had occasion to remark the excellence of the com- pilations forming the Edinburgh Cabinet Library, both as regards the judgment with which the subjects are...


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IF the rising generation does not learn now, one would imagine there is only the innate depravity of the flesh to blame ; for never was there such variety, such taste, and let...

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ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE ANNUALS. THE " Illustrations," as they are called (though in the instance of the Tourist Annuals the text serves merely to illustrate the plates—there-...