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The lively Irish are true to their character for restlessness,

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and it is the reverend Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church who have now danced upon the scene. Their pas, however, is not altogether novel. Oracular warnings have lately...


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THE times are dull. The English people lack the genius for variety, and men go on plodding at their business without much hankering after the foreign wars and domestic...

The religious movement in Germany seems to keep the several

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Governments in hot water. Prussia dares not let M. Ronge sleep within its domains, so terrible is even the somnolence of the schismatic to a Government whose highest principle...

Religious dissensions again threaten disorders in Switzerland. Some parties profess

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to have discovered in the towns of the re- public an extensive organization for subverting the political and religious systems of Europe. The doctrines imputed to this reti-...

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be Metropolis.

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The election of Lord Mayor takes place on Monday next. There are conflicting rumours, that no opposition will this year be offered to Alder- man Thomas Wood, and that he will be...

TEbt ISOUrt.

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THE Queen and Prince Albert have returned to Windsor, after the un- usually long absence of three months. Her Majesty and the Prince left Osborne House, in the Isle of Wight,...

Dutch India presents a curious spectacle—the Java Govern- , ment

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have adopted a bank restriction act, and may be consi- dered as presenting the financial antipodes to Sir Robert Peel. We understand that Mr. Thomas Attwood and a numerous...

War with Peru is no longer imminent. Perhaps the English

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people did not know that it ever was so, and would not much have eared: still it is satisfactory to see that the outraged feelings of a British Consul, whose house was illegally...

Quiet Sir Henry Hardinge puzzles the political speculators in India.

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He pursues his educational reforms with industry ; and the Morning Chronicle attacks him for reversing that belligerent policy which a noble editor as sharply attacked in Lord...

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Zbe 13robins.

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Both parties in Wigan have brought forward candidates for the seat vacated by Mr. Greenall: the Conservative is the Honourable Captain James Lindsay, third son of the Earl of...

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The Repeal party have long threatened a declaration by the Roman Catholic Bishops against the " Godless " Colleges Bill: it has appeared, and proves to be a mere reiteration of...

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_foreign anix

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GERMANT.—The Council of the German Catholics met at Stuttgardt on the 15th instant; M. Rouge arriving on that day, besides an immense number of delegates from other German...

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A rumour is going the round of the papers, that it is her Majesty's in- tention to visit the Earl of Aberdeen, at Haddo House, next month. We learn that the report is entirely...

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The Doncaster Gazette announces the serious illness of Earl Spencer, at his seat, Wiseton Hall, near Bawtry ; but makes a somewhat consolatory addition- " J. E. Morey, Esq., the...

Letters which were despatched from Thurles at post time (half-past

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three o'clock p. m.) on Thursday state that a monster-procession was then escorting Mr. O'Connell into that town, to hold the great meeting.

The new Sheriffs of London and Middlesex, Mr. William James

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Chaplin and Mr. John Laurie, were sworn into office today, at Guildhall. Mr. David W. Wire is appointed Under-Sheriff to Mr. Sheriff Laurie; and Mr. C. Burchani, of Red Lion...

The Dublin Evening Freeman, of Thursday, reports Mr. O'Connell's pro-

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gress from Darrynane to Tipperary, where he was to hold a monster-meet- ing. He reached "Cashel of the Kings" on Wednesday, and in the Town- hall received a number of addresses....

The packet-ship Henry Clay arrived at Liverpool yesterday, with advices

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from New York to the 6th instant. The most important news is from Texas. It tends to contradict the pre- vious reports of General Taylor's defeat: despatches had been received...

Last night's Gazette notifies that the Queen has appointed Mr.

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Henry Home Drummond, and Sir George M'Pherson Grant, Baronet, to be mem- bers of the Board of Supervision for the Relief of the Poor in Scotland. The annual contract for...

A Supplement, of eight pages, accompanies this sheet of the

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Spectator—stamped, and transmissible by post, with the regular Paper of the Week.

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The French papers of Thursday contain nothing of importance. The

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Prase mentions a rumour, prevalent in the political circles of Paris, that the Cabinet intend for the future to place Algeria under civil instead of military government; which...

Thomas Topp [Prince Albert's gamekeeper, whose conviction by leniently- disposed

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Magistrates has been narrated in a previous page] was immediately dismissed from the service of his Royal Highness Pnnce Albert, and every possible reparation has been made to...

Cape of Good Hope papers of the 12th July notice

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an interview which Go- vernor Sir Peregrine Maitland had had with the Chiefs beyond the Orange River. The result of this communication was, that the Natives had agreed to allow...


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Ansavsn—At Gravesend, 20th Sept. Tallentire, White ; and Columbus, Short, from Bombay ; 21st, Eliza, Patterson, from China ; and Urgent. Msrshall, from Moulmein • 22d, Simon...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FETDAT AFTERNOON. The English Funds have been heavy during the whole week, and close nearly at the lowest quotation. The price of Consols for account had been...

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IT seems that the managers of railways are bent upon forcing Sir Robert Peel to redeem the pledge which he gave last session, -that if "moral responsibility" would not suffice...


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WHAT IF? Nieriowsz movements are contagious. The Barricades of Paris gave the first impetus to the Reform-Bill agitation in England, and the Belgian " Repeal of the Union. New...

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WE are not surprised that our exposure of the unconsummated rebellion in Ireland should provoke the anger of the rebels, de- tected halting between conspiracy and cowardice ;...


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Is the Thames the clear autumnal sun of Monday morning shone on a scene that no other time or place perhaps could parallel. About two hundred merchantmen, averaging fully 300...

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Ir the members of the educated professions are not more virtuous now-a-days than they used to be, they are at least more decorous. The raffish Templar, Life-Guardsman, and...


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MAGISTRATES of Police and Justices of the Peace are incorri- gible. Before one has time to forget their last offence against justice, good sense, and common decency, they have...

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Iw this age of neatness, the curvilinear rope dangling across a street under repair, with a wisp of straw like a slack-rope-dancer vibrating in the middle, has been superseded...


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11111TOZT. The History of the British Empire in India. By Edward Thornton, Esq., Author o "India, its State and Prospects," &c. Vol. VI Alan and Co. nom sr, Body the Rover;...

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THERE is a school of novelists, that, placing the matter of a thesis in the form of a fiction, may be called the Traetarian—not the Tractarians of Oxford, but of "the...

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Tars volume contains the three meritorious essays for which prizes of 1001., 751., and 501. were offered by the Loyal National Repeal Asso- ciation of Ireland. To these has been...

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From September 12th to September 25th. BOOKS. The History of the British Empire in India. By Edward Thornton, Esq., Author of" India, its State and Prospects," &e. Volume VI....

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On the 19th September, at Leamington, the Lady of William Duckett, Esq., of Ens- MIstown Park, county of Carlow, of a son and heir. On the 20th, at BaroneId, the Lady of...


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Wax-ornics, Sept 23. 26 Drag. Guards—Lieut. R. W. Dallas to be Capt. by pur- chase, vice 'Tuthill, who retires ; Cornet J. C. Jones to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Dallas ; L....


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Sagurd. Monday. Tuesday. Wedgies. Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent Consols , ........... 959 989 981 981 981 Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced...

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London: printed by aosarn Cisrrox, of 320, Strand, in the

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County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of Rosrax PALMER and JOSEPH CLAYTON, No. 10, Crane CORTI, ID the Perish of St. Dunstan's In the West, In the City of London ; and...

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NOW IN HAND. [From the .3forning Chronicle.] Constructive operations on nearly all the new lines granted last session have been commenced, and will be in full operation before...

*uppleintitt to tbe*pettater

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Tuesday, Sept. 23. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Morson and Winston, Copthall Chambers, West India merchants-Noreen and Co. St. Christopher's, West Indies, merchants-Kendall and...