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Tin consequences of the discovery of gold in New South Wales have become the subject of anxious speculation and conjecture. There does not appear to be much reason to apprehend...

The agitators for Parliamentary Reform continue their labours; but as

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yet the public appears to respond but languidly to their ap- peals. The Reform meeting held at Manchester this week was purely missionary in its character. The principal...

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The American Minister has been visiting Ireland, and has expe- rienced a cordial reception throughout his progress. Yet not even the tad and bonhomie of Mr. Lam-rance have...

The vacation manifestoes of Members of Parliament, or of aspi-

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rants to that honour, at meetings political or semi-political, mul- tiply but slowly. Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton seems ambitious to assume the office of Protectionist champion,...

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The invasion of Cuba is finally suppressed. The leader has

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been publicly executed ; the Cubans have evinced no sympathy with him or his followers ; the surviving Americans who embarked in the enterprise proclaim that they have been...

The Russian Autocrat has condescended to give a public ex-

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pression to his approbation of the efforts of the great German re- actionists. He has intimated to the reinstalled Diet of the Ger- man Confederation at Frankfort, the "...

Our Colonial Office and its agents in the Colonies, compelled

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by the pressure of opinion to recognize the principle of local self- vernment, betray in all their applications of it the awkwardness - 7" o h s imperfectly acquainted with...

The Neapolitan Government has entered the polemical arena, and has

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opposed to the pamphlet of Mr. Gladstone a more bulky pamphlet. On the publio opinion of Europe this brochure does not appear, from what is yet known of its contents, likely to...

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The first Court of Common Council after the vacation was held on Thursday. Important business was done. The Committee of the Chair- men of Committees lately appointed to...

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Lord Palmerston has paid his vacation visit to the electors of Tiverton, and made the speech to which anticipations were directed by floating paragraphs last week. The speech...

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The resolutions of the Mayo Boards of Guardians which we quoted last week were forwarded by the Earl of Lucan to Lord John Russell, and pro- duced from him a sharp rebuke, both...

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le Queen and Prince Albert, with some of their children, climbed Lh-na-Gar on Friday last, and took luncheon on the mountain-top. Otilaturday they drove in an open carriage to...

forego mai Colonial.

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FRANCE.—The Government continues its war against journals. We mentioned last week the sentence of fine and imprisonment against the second son of M. Victor Hugo, and his...

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Lord John Russell and his lady are pursuing the ordinary route of tourists through North Wales. While at Bangor, last week they visited Mr. Thomas .Assheton Smith, at Vaenol,...

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On the 24th August, at Villa del Cinque, Albano, near Rome, the lion. Mrs. Clifford, of a son and heir. On the 16th September, at IMoonmore, Tarbert, county of Kerry, the Wife...

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Early in the week, it was announced from Paris that

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Kossuth had arrived at Smyrna, by the American steam-frigate Mississippi, on the 12th instant. The Turin journal 11 Progresso ' of the 23d instant, states that the Mississippi...

A list of the exhibitors in three departments of the

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Industrial Exposi- tion, to whom prizes have been awarded, has been forwarded to the Daily News, by a correspondent." The departments are those of pot- tery, paper, and cotton....

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This week has shown, in two instances, how much may be done perfect histrionic execution, in spite of the uninviting character of t* subject to which it is applied. In the...

By dint of much contrivance and labour, the stages of

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the undertaking having been daily noted throughout the week, the electric cable for com- pleting the telegraphic communication with the French coast has been removed from the...

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• Again we haiejoinlificli Minisierial projects froni the ' North. Last year tiler:Bishop of •Duiiiam:was the Poihting-Arir hi! the Goeernment constellation; this year • tic...

• MONEY M P.,: (8 el

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• ' SAToRDAY Two ceerainr. The English Stook Market is firmer, the eloaing price of Consols both for Money and Account being 965 5: the buiduess , has been unimportant. The...

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"Cape: Cod Heekett's dance in' The lientnehion'; the farrier of the place is still horse-doctor to the place, you may but hetilittleg off-his' leekeesteiek with an air of quiet...

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WEIT31.1.N. Glasgow, 17th September 1851. San—A correspondent of your journal has recently. been en g a g ed in ex- posin g the insidious atte m pt of , lit. Newman to fortify...

• The torpor which seemed to prevail at Sadler 's

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Wells Theatre Kne e g rasps at an opportunity to show his learnin g; the other looks wistfully from the poet to the scene-painter. However ' we are g lad to see Sadler's Wells...

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Tun plan on which the Admiralty has invited tenders for a line of mail-steamers to Australia must be regarded as one of those mea- sures that the Government adopts to kill....


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" Pursiesess heal thyself" was an injunction delivered before the Bishops of England undertook to deal with their own case ; and they have thrown discredit on the rebuke. Set a...

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THAT the Leading Journal of Liberal Conservatism should devote its columns to criticism on the "fashionable intelligence" of the Ame- rican papers, is a proof of the degree in...


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Do or did not William Murray sweep two shovelfuls of mud into a gullyhale in Fenchurch Street, on the 28th of August 18M? This important question had been before the Lord Mayor...

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FATHER NEWMA.N'S LECTURES ON THE PRESENT POSITION OF CATHOLICS IN ENGLAND. * THE character of the completed work does not greatly differ from that of the earlier lectures....

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LE monve.x. *

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Tiffs volinne is a species of varied and animated topography ; a el book of which there is no very good specimen in English. The bst of our local histories derive their value...

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Moses Margoliouth somewhat miscalculated his powers when he attempted history. The diffuse gossip, the turn for minute facts, the egotistical though well-meaning garrulity,...

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THE 1.HT-IINIO N Aisi) THU SOCIETY OP Ain& Amid the various means in operation or contemplation for the encou- ragement of art, our attention is just now engaged by two,—an...


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BOOKS. I'he Lily and the &e; an Apolrgue of the Crystal Palace. By Samuel Warren, F.R.S. Le Morvan [a District in Prance,] its Wild Sports, Vineyards, and Forests; ilia....

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Tuesday, September 23. PARyiteasines DISSOLVXD.-Taylor and Co. Coventry, riband-manufacturers ; as far as regards E. Chaplin-Sanders and Larkiu, Westbourne Street, victuallers-...

ERNES If 77 -

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(Closing Prices.) 'today. 7104adap Wedoes. Thom r.4.7 _ . - ay. 931 vel 969 961 98/ 951 961 161 961 961 — — — — — — — 260 — — 2611 46 46 43 46 46 48 pm. 47 — 47 47...

MILITARY GAZETTE: WAR-OFFICE, Sept. 23.-11th Regt. of Light Drags.- Cornet

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A. W. Saltmarshe to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Garland who retires. 16th Light Drags.-Lieut. 'T. W. White to be Capt. by purchase, vice Power, who retires ; Cornet F. B. H....