28 FEBRUARY 1852

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TIIE CunatEr. In the place of First Lord o f the Earl of D er b y.. • Treasury Lord John Russell. Chancellor of tha chequer )Mr. Disraeli Sir Charles Wood. Lord High...

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• ate of the United States is hesitating whether it

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shall • solve" on M. Kossuth's nonintervention doctrine. has proposed resolutions containing stiff principles of co over the European despotisms—with a specific ferenee, if,...

"The country" on the whole has borne itself through the

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trying hour with remarkable coolness and patience. Reform- ers have held meetings in Marylebone, Finsbury, Lambeth, Birmingham, and places of less mark ; but the feeling is,...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF TEE WEEK. Horn 02 Looms. Monday, Feb. 23. Sanitary Condition of the Metropolis; No- tice of Motion by Lord Shaftesbury—Resignation of the Ministry ;...

It will not do to forget the late Ministers before

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a week has passed ! The scene in which they formally announced their own retirement, on Monday, was characteristic. The new Ministers can scarcely be said to have entered an...

The French Despotism is busy at the task of procuring

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the "popular election" of a convenient Legislative Body. The task promises to be all the easier from the tactics of the Republican party. The Government has published its list...

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ftt Court.

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In this week of Ministerial arnurgement, the Queen's visitors have been chiefly political personages. Lord John Russell had an audience of her Majesty on Saturday morning—all...

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The advent of a Protectionist Ministry threatens the resuscitation of the Anti-Corn-law League. One hundred and eight Members of the Council of the League met on Tuesday, at the...

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The inhabitants of the Metropolitan Boroughs are preparing to win ad- ditional political rights in the coming struggle of parties. Marylebone met in public assembly on Monday,...

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The United Kingdom has lost one of the best of its Roman Catholic subjects by the death of the venerable Archbishop Murray, of Dublin. Dr. Murray was struck with paralysis on...


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The Scotsman condoles with the Protectionist party on their " limited choice of "presentable men" to supply the vacant law-offices in Scotland under the new Administration....

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Fasarct.—The formal grounds of the arrest of M. Becher, on Thursday sennight, are now known. He is charged with the double crime of " dis- seminating seditious writings, and...

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The following is a complete Ift - O - f the new Administration, so far as it has been formed. THE CABINET COIINCTL. First Lord of the Treasury Earl of Derby. Chancellor of...

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SATURDAY. All the interest of the proceedings in Parliament last night was con- centrated on the expected statement of his public policy by the new Pre- mier. The attendance of...

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A great sensation was created in Paris yesterday, by letters

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stating that General Jemelli, one of the ablest of the engineer-officers in the Russian service, has arrived in Belgium, for the purpose of superintending the ex- tensive works...

[We have been allowed to print the following extract from

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a private letter, addressed by a vigilant politician of the Liberal order to a friend of his at present sojourning abroad. Constant readers of the Spectator will recognize the...

At Holmfirtb, the inquest on the body of Eliza Marsden,

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who was drowned by the bursting of the Bilberry reservoir, was finished yesterday. Captain Moody, the Government Inspector, gave lucid and interesting evidence on the...

Ireland's most illustrious poet has fallen to the grave immediately

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after her most revered prelate. The last lingering period of the life of Thomas Moore came to a peaceful close, at filoperton Cottage, on Thursday. A kind obituary tribute in...

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STOOK EXCHANGR, FRIDAY Arrsameas. The En g lish Stock Market has continued steady durin g the whole week. When the probable accession of Lord Derby to office was known on...

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The freshness and spirit of Mademoiselle Dejazet, who is still

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the star of the St. James's Theatre, are wonderful. In a piece founded on Sue's novel Le Marquis de Latoriire, but called Le Marquis de _Laumtn, (one roué is an equivalent for...

The accession of the Conservatives to political office has been

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aptly celebrated at Drury Lane by the production of the most Conservative ballet ever seen. A spirit descends in the neighbourhood of the Rhine, and by fascinating a...

• On the evening of Ash Wednesday, when all the

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theatres and other places of amusement were closed, there was a so-called "grand musical festival" at Exeter Hall ; a monster-jumble of all sorts of music, from the most solemn...


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THE NEW MINISTRY. THE Ins are out and the Outs are in. The curtain has fallen and has risen again, with a celerity which has given the gossips of the pit no time for the...

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By combining the Wraith of Scotland with the Vendetta of Corsica, MM. Orange and X. ge Montepin, some eighteen months ago, furnished the then Theatre Historique of Paris with a...

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An this week the curious public has been beaten about between the most opposite rumours respecting the dissolution of Parliament, and by the most conflicting of reasons either...


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WHAT is to become of all the "movements," if statesmen in re- sponsible situations are to act with such reckless precipitancy as Lord Palmerston and Lord Sohn Russell have done...

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The Board of Trade has organized a new department, to

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be called the De- partment of Practical Art, which will consist of two officers called Superin- tendents of Schools of Practical Art, and a secretary. Mr. Henry Cole is...


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THE evidence at the Holmfirth inquest discloses in frightful naked- ness the insufficiency of mere trading motives or even of self- interest, to perform those duties which the...


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WHEN does Opera resume its session in London ?—a far more stir- ring question just now than that of Dissolution. Will there be one House, or two? Who will be the Minister?...

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LIFE AND CORRESPONDENCE OF JUSTICE STORY.. TEE celebrity of Joseph Story , is even something more than Ameri- can and European. Except Blackstone; Story is perhaps the only...

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not add much to our knowledge of the diggings of California, and the singular persons who are there gathered together, but it presents things in a different point of view, owing...

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KNOX'S CONFESSIONS OF COUNTRY QUARTERS. * To advance his reputation, a

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writer must either improve on his first work, or vary it, exhibiting an equal ability; for if the sub- ject matter is pretty much the same, there is not only repetition, but the...


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Boom. Sketches of Brazil, including new Views on Tropical and European Fever, with Remarks on a premature Decay of the System incident to Europeans on their return from Hot...

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THE ROYAL ACADEMY. The vacancy among the Royal Academicians caused by the death of Mr. Wyon was filled up on Tuesday the 10th by the election of Mr. Wll- am Calder Marshall,...


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As we paced through the rooms of the British Institution on the pri- vate view day—glancing along that dreary length of what, with some few oasis-points, may, to all...

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Ormuz OF ORDNANCE, Feb. 23.-Royal Regt. of Artillery-Brevet Major J. M. Savage to be Lieut.-Col. vice Tomkyns, deceased ; Second Capt. D. W. Pack to be Capt. vice Savage; First...


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On the 10th February, at Rome, the Lady of Sir George Baker, Bart., of a son. On the 21st, at Southfield Park, near Tunbridge Wells, prematurely, the Wife of the Rev. George...

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Tuesday, Feb. 24. PARTNERSHIPS DIKSOLYED. — Wood and Goodman. Manchester, jo iners —Bolton and Deakin, Birmingham, timber-merchants—Dodd and Co. Mat ock, hat-body-...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Cloaing Priem.) 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account .... 3 per Cents Reduced 91 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stork, 101 per Cent...