28 JULY 1855

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The Report of the Statute Law Commission, which has appeared

The Spectator

this week, does not bear the signature either of the Attorney or the Solicitor-General, and they appear to have withheld their names because the extensive scheme they...


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THE discussion on the Turkish Loan, on which Ministers were so nearly beaten, by a surprise, last Friday week, was resumed on Monday, but.without the slightest danger of a...

An extract from the instructions given to Lord John Russell

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for his guidance at Vienna has just been laid before Parliament, and it shows what was on the 22d of February the determination of the English Cabinet as to the terms of peace....

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The Caradoe arrived at Bristol on Tuesday, and next day

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the body of Lord Raglan was borne to Badminton for burial among his fathers of the house of Somerset. The kindred and staff of the deceased, the Corporation of Bristol, a vast...

Orturtto nut Iiiruttrhiugs iu Varliarnrut.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. HOURS or Loans. Monday, July 23. Royal Assent to the Lord Raglan and Lady Raglan Annuities Bill, the Endowed Schools (Ireland) Bill, the Spirits...

Important events appear to be impending alike in the Black

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and the Baltic Seas ; but the interval of silent preparation which pre- cedes action offers few incidents demanding notice. In such a season of quiescence attention may be more...

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ht Vrtraintio.

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Sir William Molesworth having accepted the post of Colonial Secre- tary, a new writ was issued on Monday for the borough of Southwark. On the same evening, Sir William met an...

(At tuna

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TEE Qui= is still in her pleasant palace by the sea. On Monday her Majesty and Prince Albert conveyed the King of the Belgians in the Fairy to Portsmouth ; where he disembarked,...

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The remains of Lord Raglan reached Bristol iu the Caradoc on Tues- day, and on Wednesday they were carried to Great Badminton with much ceremonial observance. The coffin was...

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A Wexford paper reports the appearance of the potato disease in some parts ; but the mischief does not appear to be extensive as yet. Mr. John Dalton, the architect charged...

fortigu anti Colonial.

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Faun:B.—The Emperor suddenly left Paris on Wednesday incognito, and set out to join the Empress at Eaux Beanies. It is not anticipated that he will be absent long. The...

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Sir Benjamin Hall has been appointed to the post of Chief Commissioner of Public Works vacated by Sir William Molesworth. It is a subject of general remark that Sir William is...

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The remains of Lord Raglan were buried at Badminton on

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Thursday. The body lay in state in the great hall of Badminton House, guarded by soldiers of the Gloucestershire Hussars. The • orders and medale, the sword, the baton, the hat...

The Southwark election took place yesterday, and did not pass

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over without some hustings opposition. Three candidates were nominated, two of whom never intended to go to the poll. Dr. Challice proposed, and Mr. Evans seconded, Sir William...

The latest news from the Crimea is in the form

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of a telegraphic despatch from General Pelissier, published yesterday in the Moniteur. "Crimea, July 25, 3 a. m.—After brisk artillery fire, the Russians made a sortie about...


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SATURDAY. The grand subject of debate in the House of Commons, yesterday, was the Turkish Loan Bill. The discussion expanded to great length, and was taken in a manner...

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The Etoik du Nord has been performed every opera night

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since its production last week, and the warmth of its reception is by no means abated, while its length is much lessened. The oftener this opera is heard, the more must the...

Low-priced opera appears to succeed at Drury Lane. The Italian

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operas have drawn full houses during the season. The lessee has now be- gun a course of English. opera, (or opera in English,) on the same terms, and with the prospect of...

(Of Oratrtm.

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A very fair chance of achieving a dramatic success was never more wantonly thrown away than by Mr. Heraud in his new play of Wiji or No Wife. He has taken from No. 322 of...


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Historical epitomes have been common enough of late years, but cer- tainly none of them can rival in audacity a new drame entitled Paris, which shows to the patrons of the Porte...


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The half-yearly meeting of the London, Brighton, and South Coast Company, took place yesterday. A falling-off in the traffic receipts was announced, the earnings being lees by...


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STOCK EXCILANOR. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Funds-have been very quiet this week,, and little disposition has existed for speculative operations, chiefly on account of the...

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Jr the motives of men are to be judged by their acts, we might have no great difficulty in divining the one motive which actuated the different sections of the House of Commons...


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110W TO MAKE THE GOVERNMENT STRONG. IF an historical student were asked what characteristic of modern English politics struck him most vividly, there can scarcely be any doubt...

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IF there be any truth in the prevalent rumour that General Simp- son has expressed a wish to resign, from whatsoever cause, it is calculated to create a very painful feeling. We...

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CERTAIN incidents that have just occurred in Italy deserve hopeful notice, as the burst of distant sunshine through the stormy clouds. We do not refer to organized "movements, "...


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THE Thames is determined to give the London public a taste of its quality just as its powers of poisoning are to be taken away. At least such is the decree of Parliament; but...

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Itttru In tlir Cahn.

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BUCCANEERING ETYMOLOGY. 1, Adam Street, Adelphi, 21st July 1855. Sra—In your notice of Mr. Thornbury's Monarchs of the Main you say . , "Everybody knows that the term Buccaneer...


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Sin—Little more than two years ago a knot of earnest men first collected together to endeavour to promote the advancement of the people, and to check the flood of legislative...


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2d July 1855. Six—I have just returned from a very long journey of business through France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Fruaeia, &c., where affaus brought me into...

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Srn-In a recent Spectator, in an article entitled " The Younger Son," you appear tacitly to praise . the conduct of the Government of the United States for having " nipped m the...


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Sin-Perhaps you may think the enclosed worthy of publication in your columns, for the sake of the practical suggestion it contains, which appears to me of {great importance. It...


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On the 8th July, at Malta, the Hon. Mrs. Dalrymple Hay, of a daughter. On the 15th, at Bulmershe Court, the Lady Catherine Wheble, of a danghter. On the 19th, at Forobam Hall,...


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Hampstead, 6th July 1855. Sin-In the naval service, feats of valour displayed by officers are re- warded by promotion to a higher grade, from a Lieutenancy and so on to Post...


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Wen-orrice, July 20.-let Regt. of Drag. Guards-Sergi: Major J. Bradbury to be Quartermaster, vice Smith, appointed Paymaster. Royal Regt. of ArtilleryL-Brevet.Major G. R....

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AtorritaLvv, July 14.-Corps of Bova Marines-CoL Second Commandant J. Childs to be Col. Commandant, vice Delaeombe, promoted ; Lieut.-Col. T. P. Dwyer to be CoL Second...


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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Austrian 6 p. Ct. French 41 p. Ct . Belgian 41 Mexican 3 Ditto 21 Peruvian 41 Brazilian 5 102...


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Tuesday, July 24. PanTossaares DosoLvith.-Brindley and Co. Leonard Square, Finsbury, fancy- leather-workers-Parker and Snow, Myddleton Street, goldsmiths-Curry and Watts,...