28 MARCH 1835

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THE Tory scheme of governing by prerogative, in opposition to a majority of the House of Commons, continues to produce its ex- pected results. Last week the Marquis of...

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A few (lays ago there was a riot at Amsterdam,

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which gave the Government much uneasiness. It arose from the resistance of the owners of small houses to the tax - collectors. The small landlords in Rotterdam and Amsterdam are...

The foreign news of the week is scanty. In the

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French Chamber of Deputies, M. TRIERS has demanded an extra vote of 1,200,000 francs for secret service money. He alleges the machinations of Republicans and Legitimists, which...

Clrbatrd anti Vrocreltingt in Vadiamrnt.

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1. IRISH Thum. Sir ROBERT PEEL, in the House of Commons, on Monday, after remarking on the importance of an eally settlement of the tithe ques- tion, said lie loped there would...

The Times announces the recognition of the independence of Wallachia

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and Moldavia by the British Government, and seems to expect some vast increase to our foreign commerce from this pro- ceeding. It is also pretended that the countries alluded to...

There has been some severe though indecisive skirmishing in Navarre.

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MINA is said to hafe issued a savage proclamation, threatening instant death to the rebels whom he may lay hold of, and authorizing the burning down of their cottages.

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THE King, who spent the early part of the week at Windsor, arrived in town to hold his usual Levee at St. James's Palace, on Wednesday. The company at the Levee was but small,...

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The Birminulom Joupual states, that the Rev. J. Ellis, Vicar of Wootton Irarren, near Henley-on-A Men, lately obtained a warrant of distress against it parishioner for the...

Christopher Charles Foster, an Exchange broker, has decamped, after obtaining

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a large sum, said to exceed :20,000/. by forged acceptances and other fraudulent proceedings It is supposed that lie has sailed in the Onterio for New York, with his brother and...

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The Committee of the Common Council appointed to inquire into - the conduct of Brown, the City Marshal, in the negotiation for the re- covery of the property stolen from Mr....

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• 1)(kiTSCRIPT

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SATURDAY. Rumours of the resignation of Ministers were current yesterday. It was s.'Id that Sir Roncter PEEL had been to Windsor, and that Earl GREY had been consulted by the...


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Sir Robert Got-den has been appointed Ambassador to Russia. He is Lord Aberdeen's brother. Lord Stuart de Rothsay will, it is said, succeed Lord Ponsonby at Constantinople. Mr....


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The Tories made a prodigious fuss about the rioting of the Reform party at the Pertliskre election, and some men were tried last week at Edinburgh, reneged with creating a...


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It is wee said that Sir Edward Sugden has consented to resume the duties of Irish Chancellor. The report of his arrival io London, weieli wa copied 1: om the Herold last week,...

In the list or Absentees on Mr. Spring Wee' motion,

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published in our second edition last week, the name of Mr. Henry Marsland was erroneously placed, as he voted with his party in the minority. With respect to the 31embers who...

It is stated in the .3Teswyer des Chambres, that two

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of the piaci:ere at St. Pelagic have made choice of the Abbe de la Mennais and 31r. trainee' O'Connell as their Counsel in the approaching trial before the Chamber of Peers. In...


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The Consel Market has been very heavy since our last ; anti although it ha evinced occasionally symptoms of fitmness, its general disposition has been downwards. The business...

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DRURY LANE. A NEW comedy, and at one of the patent theatres too., was a pheno- menon we were eager to witness. We might have saved ourselves the trouble. Patrician and Parvenu...


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BIRTHS. On the 21st inst., at Worlingliam Hall, near Beccles, Viscountess ACHESON, of a aau g hter. In Eaton Place, the Lady of Sir Grown GREY, Dart., M.P., or a son. In Duke...


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Arrived—Off Brighton, March 22d, Ildellium, Rogers, from Mauritius. Off Dart- mouth, 21st, Giraffe, Sandeman, from the Cape; awl 23d, Augustus, Carr, from Maori- tins. Off...

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ECCLESIASTICAL ESTABLISHMENTS: THE IRISH CHURCH. ON Monday, the House of Commons will be called upon to de- cide a question, the importance of which, in the actual state of the...

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DURING the last election, we heard much of the intimidation of dependent voters, and the indignation of the country was roused on the subject. The time has now arrived to take...


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THE correspondence between Sir ROBEnT PEEL and Mr. Burns— discreditable to the Minister, if for nothing more than countenancing in the highest official place, and on the gravest...

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" Nolo Episeopari." PARIS, 25th March 1835. THERE is a cant meaning of the word bishop, which JOHNSON— who in his Savage days loved the comfortable thing signified, as much as...

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Two years ago, when it was desired to make the old House of Commons more commodious and less unwholesome, the advice of thirteen architects was taken, and twelve out of the...

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APPARENTLY tired of mere Continental travelling, Sir GREN;• VII.LE TEMPLE deteimined to adventure on a more dangerous field, and visit the ancient Numidia. At Naples, he...

Notwithstanding all that has been said of the non-payment of

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the debts of the Duke of York, the creditors still remain not only without receiving a single farthing, but even without a satisfactory hope that their claims are considered as...


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Tnt third of these concerts was on Monday ; and we don't remember one that presents scantier materials for notice, not from any want of excellence in the instrumental pieces,...


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Tit AVM. Excursions in. the Mediterranean. Algiers and Tunis. By Major Sir Grenville Ti Temple, Bart. 1112 vols Saunders and Otky. THEOLOGICAL CONTROVERSY, The Posthumous...

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Oen pursuits do not often take us amongst the devious and thorny paths of clerical polemics ; and when they do, our happy ignorance scarcely allows us to estimate the...

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BUTLER is a memorable example of success inducing destruction. His satire hastened— though we cannot think with his admirers that it altogether caused — the downial of useless,...


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IF Sidney Bere.cford can do nothing else, it can call up remi- niscences of the past : it is a long time since we perused a work that so completely reminded us of the good old...

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Four Parts of WILSON'S Historical, Traditional, and Imagi- native Tales

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of the Borders, are on our table. The work emanates from Border-land, being published at Tweedmouth, Berwick-on- Tweed ; it is written and published by the same person,JOIIN...


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Review is an excellent specimen,—various in subjects, character, and feature; full of in- formation, and, though exhibiting some crudities inseparable from the production of...

In Professor Wissos's Manual of Universal History and Chro- nology,

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we have the essence of a profound and accomplished scho- lar's knowledge, thrown off wiih that. wholeness of view and that distinct certainty of statement which result from a...


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SINCE we received COCHRANE'S Foreign Quarterly Review, a number of the old Foreign Quarterly has reached us. It appears to possess sufficient variety in the classes of the...

Spiritual Despotism, by the author of " The Natural History

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of Enthusiasm," is not so much a work of facts or arguments, as of opinions ; those opinions, moreover, being so enveloped in elegant and well-sounding phrases, and the writer...

Suggestions on National Education, by JOHN SMITH, is a little

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tract, printed, as we understand the author, for distribution rather than sale, with a view of exciting discussion on his pro- posals. In principle the Suggestions are not...

The Catalogue of the Library of Dr. Kloss o , f Franrfort,

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which Mr. SOTHEBY will shortly submit to the hammer, is rich in scarce, curious, and valuable books, besides a variety of manu- scripts. The division of the collection is...


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THIS volume is the production of an elegant and accomplished pun lady, who has acquired, for her years, no mean proficiency in three arts,—poetry, painting, and engraving. When...

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The words "fourth edition" on the titlepage of an Historical

The Spectator

Epitome V the Old and New Testaments, and Part of the Apo- crypha, seem to show that the judicious selection, condensation, and marshalling of facts, and the pleasant manner of...

With a bulky volume as big as a Family Bible,

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containing Tails Magazine for the past twelve months in a collected shape, we have received the cheapest of Monthlies for the ensuing April; and have actually read the Diary of...


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SOCIETY OF BRIT1SII ARTISTS, SUFFOLK STREET —CONCLUDED. MARTIN'S picture of " David sparing Saul in the Trench at Hachilah" (105), though an historical subject, is scenic in...

The Book ,ihr the Million forms the Third Volume of

The Spectator

the " Library of Elementary Knowledee." It contains an English Grammar, a condensed view of Geography, and an abridgment of the History of England, with useful information on...