28 MAY 1842

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The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has opened

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its deliberations for the season with no mitigation of vehemence. Under the leadership of Mr. CUNNINGHAM, it has taken its stand, not merely against the " intrusion " of...


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THE details of the Tariff have occupied the chief attention of the House of Commons this week ; a few of the items, as we antici- THE details of the Tariff have occupied the...

France begins to emulate England in bewailing " distress" :

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the great wine-trade is decaying, and the linen-trade calls for protection. The usual resort is at once demanded, exclusive duties on foreign goods; and England is threatened...

The political vice of the chosen constituencies, their proneness to

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bribery, has also occupied the attention of the Representative As- sembly. Mr. WYNN learned in precedents, moved an instruction to the Attorney-General to prosecute such of the...

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Debates arib iiirocretfings n iparlfament.

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THE TARIFF. On the motion for going into Committee on the Customs-duties, on Monday, Mr. CALLAGHAN moved- " That in removing the prohibition to the importation of any article,...

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Zbe „Metropolis.

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The Court of Aldermen met on Tuesday for the despatch of business. Sir Claudius Hunter resigned his trust of the Museum of Sir John Soane; of whose life he gave a sketch. Sir...

be court.

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THE incidents at Court have been various this week, and some of them possessing public interest On Saturday morning, the Queen walked in the gardens of Buck- ingham Palace,...

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Mr. Walter has come forth as a candidate for Nottingham ; respond- ing, he says, to the friendly disposition evinced towards him- " In the hope that I may unite all voices in...


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The Lord-Lieutenant and the Countess De Grey arrived:at Dublin Castle on Monday morning, from England. On Tuesday, the Queen's birthday was celebrated by a grand review in the...

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Some of the French Princes are about to visit our Court, but which and when is disputed. One account is, that the Prince de Joinville and the Due d'Aumale are coming towards the...

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SATURDAY MOUT. Another section of the Bribery and Compromise question came -be- fore the House of Commons last night—the case altar. Warburton and the compromise at Bridport....


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Epsom Races began on Morklay, with unsettled weather and a thin attendance. The Duke of Beaufort, Lord Normanby, Lord Albemarle, Lord Chesterfield, Lord Villiers, Lord George...

Among the papers excluded from our columns by want of

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room, there is an ela- borate vindication of Homoxpathy, by Me "Disciple," whose former paper was attached by ANTI-HOMCEOPATRY, in OW publication of the 14th.

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The Patriot publishes a letter from Mr. Qnaife, who went

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out to New Zealand as a religious minister, and editor of a newspaper, (the Bay of Islands Advertiser, we believe,) in which he declares, that, if a native who is in custody on...


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Arrived -At Gravesend, May 21st. Baugalme, Dirnie, from Singapore; '24th, Ver- non, Gimblett, from Bengal; 26th, Adino, Baxter; Auriga, Russ; Vulcan, Patrick ; Jane Cumming....


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On the 19th May, at Boyle. near Burnley, the Lady of the Rev. ROBERT Monza' Mazrza, of a daughter. On the 142.1. in Belgrave Equate, the Wife of the Right lion. HENRY...

T.he Globe states that Mr. Matthew Elias Corbally, who declined

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standing at the last election for Meath, in order to make room for Mr. O'Connell, has received a requisition from the electors, inviting him to stand at the approaching...

Eleven ministers appeared at the bar of the General Assembly,

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on Thursday, under the citation of that body. On the part of the minority of the Assembly, Dr. Cook entered a protestation, declaring the powers assumed by the majority in the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY ATTERIZOON. The occurrence of the settlement of the Consul Account has been the only circumstance worthy of notice during the week. This event took place...

The morning papers reported the death of the Earl of

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Coventry, at Kemp Town : the evening papei $ say that the Earl is at his residence in the Regent's Park, in his usual state of health ; the mistake having originated in the...

Quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the

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Bank of England, from the 1st March 1842 to the 21st May 1842— LIABILITIES.ASsETS. Circulation £17,536,000 I Securities .£21,366,006 Deposits 8,045,000 Bullion 7,032,000...

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TO TRH EDITOR OF TUE SPICTATOR. London, 234 May 1342. SIR —In bringing forward the Navy Estimates, the Secretary of the Admi- ralty took occasion to allude particularly to the...

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" THE labourer is worthy of his hire," is a piece of doctrine so sound, and at the same time so liable to be forgotten by those who derive benefit from the labourer's toil, that...


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BRIBERY. Ma. ROEBUCK'S blow has told borne: the effects are beginning to show themselves. Whig, Tory, and Radical, are striving to outdo each other in professions of horror for...

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THE first short and unprofitable season of Mr. MACREADY'S manage- ment of Drury Lane terminated on Monday, with Mr. ANDERSON'S bold attempt at Othello; which seems to have been...


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4T DI a characteristic of the English people, that when a new idea • s' started, they either treat it with contempt, and continue to do so ' until a generation at least has...

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Miss KELLY is going the round of her favourite characters

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; and offers besides, the attraction of young and untried candidates for public favour. We were drawn to her little theatre on Saturday, to witness the London debut of "a young...


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WE mentioned last week the revival of noasvasm's Cantatrici Villaite, for LABLACHE'S benefit. Such events usually indicate only individual taste, and are altogether independent...

The closing of Drury Lane has left the field open

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to the Haymarket and the Minors ; the managers of which have engaged some of the labourers thrown out of employ by the shutting up of the two Great Houses, in the hope of...

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Wernour any apparent difference as regards ability or labour on the writer's part, the fictions of Mr. JAMES exhibit very different results. Except the native sin of heaviness,...

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"The Borderers," a tragedy, composed in 1795-6, but kept secret even from the author's friends; a variety of occasional poems, written long since, but now first published ;...

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From May t. Oth to May 26th. BOOKS. The Recreations of Christopher North. In three volumes. Volume I. Of the series of reprints of memorable papers in their Magazine that...

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BRITISH FUN Saturday Monday. DS. (Closing Tnesday. Prices.) Wednes. Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent. Consols 921 924 921 924 921 924 Ditto for Account .. 911 921 924 924 931 934 3...


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WAR•OFFICE, May 27.-2d Regt. Life Guards-Lieut. S. Hirst, from the Royal Regt. of Horse Guards, to be Capt. without purchase. vice Henniker, dec.; Lieut. F. J. E. Freke to be...


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Tuesday, May 24. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. T. and J. Reed. Taeistoek, fanners -Collet and Co. Leeds. stonemasons-Hawkes and Greathead. Dudley, glass cutters-J. and J. Bates....