28 MAY 1853

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Tust at present, English military resources are rather more

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strained in a region still further East—Burmah. The tele- graphic despatch, which often states truths very imperfectly, scarcely less often puts them with all the force of...

has broken off diplomatic relations with that republic ; and

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the Chargé d'Affaires at Berne has been withdrawn. It is open to Austria to take the next step, which ought to be of a more positive n . Nevertheless, it is to be doubted...

The camp 'at Chobham Common begins to grow visibly to

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the eye; and the home-keeping Englishman is about to see a military drama, performed by real soldiers, in a real camp, with real tents, and real duties and work to be undergone....


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Tnaouorteux the week the reports from Constantinople have grown daily more full of threats to the maintenance of peace ; and at the latest date of the advices received while we...

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Ethutto null Vrurnhiugn in Varlimunt. PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THB WEER.

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House or Loans. Monday, May 23. Slave-trade ; Mr. Stewart's Petition—Com- mon Lodging houses Bill, committed pro forma. Thursday, May 26. Aggravated Assaults Bill, read a second...

Parliament has possessed an unusually imperfect hold of the week

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after Whitsuntide; the Queen's birthday on Tuesday pre- scribing an adjournment, the Derby demanding Wednesday, and Monday being sacrificed to the Opposition. On that evening,...

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Cht (curt.

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Trim Court newsman reports little of the proceedings at %borne beyond the ordinary out-of-door exercise of the Queen, Prince Albert, sad the Royal children. , The band of the...

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t aittruptio.

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London kept the Queen's birthday, on Tuesday. Lord Hardinge in- spected the Household Brigade on the parade-ground behind the Horse Guar& in the morning; the guns of the Park...

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felt pouturn.

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The Rye election has terminated in favour of Mr. Mackinnon, the father of the unseated Member. For Mackinnon, 281; Pomfret, 187. The representation of Plymouth will be...

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The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland met on Thursday the 19th, with the usual formalities. Lord Belhaven, Lord High Com- missioner, held a levee in the morning at...


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The Tablet, apparently on authority, announces that the " Archbishop of Dublin, Delegate of the Apostolic See, has convoked a Synod of the Bishops and Clergy of the province of...

i furrigu null Culauint.

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FRANCE.—The Empress is now sufficiently recovered to take exercise in the open air. She left the Tuileries for St. Cloud, with the Emperor, on Monday, intending to stay there...

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The Channel squadron, consisting of the Sanspareil, London, Prince Regent, Imperieuse, Amphion, Leopard, and Highflyer, left Plymouth Sound on Wednesday evening. ' The current...

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SATURDAY. The Turkish affair begins to look more serious, though not more imme- diately critical. The telegraph has got a bad character lately ; but we feel bound to give the...

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The Commons got into Committee on the Income-tax Bill last

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night without any preliminary opposition. Amendments were made in clause 5--duties to be assessed and raised under the provisions of acts recited. When the question was about to...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The option of changing Exchequer Bills for Bonds expired on Wednesday last; and the result can easily be imagined upon reference to the...

Under the date of St. Petersburg, May 15, the electric

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telegraph says —" In consequence of the opening of the Neva, part of the Russian fleet has come out from Cronstadt, for the purpose of practising evolutions in the Baltic." The...


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On Tuesday next, Mr. GLADSTONE to bring in a bill "to amend the laws relating to Savings-Banks," and a second bill " to amend the laws relating to the purchase of Government...

There was a rather striking gathering at Oxford on Wednesday,

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on the occasion of the Mayor's feast. " Gown and Town " fraternized at the civic banquet ; nor was the Borough Cabinet-Minister Member, Mr. Cardwell, absent. Among the guests...

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_ _ The great equestrian fete of sober England has

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been celebrated this week, under the influence of Splendid weather ; the May sunshine being cooled by the fresh breezes which swept over the Downs, and the throngs of spectators...

Last week we had such a banquet of novelty that

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we scarcely knew how to digest it. This week we content ourselves with looking forward to Mademoiselle Rachel, who makes her first appearance on Wednesday.

The celebrated German Amateur Scieiety called the "Milner Manner- Gesang..Verein,"

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or Cologne Vocal Union, have made .an arrangement with Mr. Mitchell for a series of concerts to be given at the Hanover Square Rooms in the" course of next month. This...


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Tnzentiests. - The occult science of "table-turning" which is now turning so many heids, and which has furnished wood-cute for Punch and the Illustrated News, has not escaped...

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THE Chinese rebellion appears to be gaining magnitude in cha- racter as well as geographical extension. The most connected account of it that we have yet seen is derived from...


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THE DOCKYARD REPORT. Ii' a man who has once been in bad company and has wasted his substance and become corrupted in his notions, but has been re- elahned from those evil...

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TAB proposed expedition to explore two important sections of the Australian continent hitherto =traversed—a project which was mentioned by Sir Roderick Murchison at the annual...


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IF English mansions were roofed as some bee-houses are, with glass, and if some being as superior to ourselves as we are to the manufac- turers of honey could cast his inquiring...

That they give expression. to truth is a matter of

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fact. Per- sons who manage railways in such a manner that the trains tra- verse a limited space without reference to the movements of each other—who send heavy trains at high...

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reins to ter thin.

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STATE OF EUROPEAN SOLDIERS IN INDIA. Bombay, 14th April 1853. Sin—It is generally understood just now that a considerable portion of he Majesty's troops now in India, at...

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, ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBITION: FIFTH NOTICE. • Among our living painters of Landscape, no one, for grasp of study and imaginative beauty, holds so Cminent'a position as Mr. Denby...

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London, 23d Ifey1853. Sin—I hope it may not be too great a deviation from the maxim "De minimis non curet Prxtor," to ask you to give a hint, through the much- esteemed medium...

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On the 15th May, at Northowram Hall, near Halifax, Yorkshire, the Wife of William Moore, Es q ., of a son. On the 21st, in Whitehall Place, the Lady of J. Tollemache, Es q .,...

MILITARY GAZETTE. WAIL-01110E, May 27.—Royal Ite g t. of Horse Guards—R. M.

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L. W. Bulkele v. Gent. to be Cornet. by purchase, vice Leslie, promoted. lit Dra g s.—Lieut. G. Webster, from the 10th Li g ht Dra g s. to be Lieut. vice W. Harrison, appointed...

. We have received a circular, bearing a number of

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the first names in rank and influence, for a proposal to " promote the execution in bronze of Baron Marochetti's colossal statue of Richard Cceur de Lion, and its erection on...

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ITI H FUNDS (Closing Prices ) Saturd. 'Monday. Tuesday. Wedrikt. Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent Consols Dade for Account 100/ 1u0 101 1 100 10, 1004 1001 1001 1001 1001 3...


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Tuesday, May 24. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLTED.-Holt and Archer, Bull Inn Court, Strand, victuallers -Motteram and Co. Birmingham, atuarnies -Emmet and Knight, Bloomsbury Square,...

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London: Printed by JOSEPH CrA-rroir, of 320, Strand, in the

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County . of Middlesex, Printer, At the o l p4 of JosErn OLANTON 0 No. 10, Crane Court, in the Parish pf St. Danstates in the West, in the City of London; and Published by the...

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THE GRENVILLE PAPERS: VOLUMES THIRD AND FOURTH.* Ticreig volumes, concluding the series of the Grenville correspond- ence, diaries, &c., begin in January 1765, when the...

*uppitinfitt fa tbr *prrtator

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HERE we have a real book of travels, carrying the reader through a country hitherto unexplored by White men ; introducing him to new scenes, new incidents, and new people ; and...


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intended as supplementary to Lord Mahon's edition of the Letters, forming a complete edition of Chesterfield's writings. It contains his speeches ; addresses, of the nature of...

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WALSH ON METALLIC CURRENCY. * WITH a few drawbacks, these revised

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lectures of the Whately Pro- fessor of Political Economy may be recommended as a clear intro- duction to the elements of metallic currency. The drawbacks take several forms, but...

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all repetitions, says Sir Joshua Reynolds, is the repetition of a man's self ; and few have exhibited this kind of po- verty more than Mr. Halliburton. The reputation which the...