29 JANUARY 1842

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ALBERT EDWARD was the name bestowed on the infant Prince, at Windsor, last Tuesday ; and all the resources available to Royalty were used to swell the pomp and circumstance of...

The Dublin election has commenced, and thus far has proceeded

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with no good augury of success for the Liberal candidate ; though, as simply a contest between Lord MORPETH and a Mr. GREGORY, there could not have been a shadow of doubt as to...

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But all is not yet done. In the eager performance

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of his duty, Captain TROTTER essayed to fix the "model-farm" where he was told to place it : and a few respectable Blacks consented to remain in occupation, upon the strength of...

Various minor events testify to the continued activity with which

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the Condition-of-England question is stirred. . A meeting was held at Derby to petition against the Corn-laws ; and the Chartists with one of their amendments were "defeated,"...

The tiresome debate on the address in the French Chamber

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of Deputies has recently turned upon two subjects of existing interest, the quintuple Slave-trade Treaty, and the Spanish Etiquette question. M. THIERS led the opposition to the...

be court.

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Tin great ceremony, for which long preparation has been made, was duly performed on Thesday ; and the Prince of Wales, destined, if he live, to be one day Kid-' . of England, is...

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Tr.rbe _Metropolis.

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At a special Court of Common Council, on Monday, it was resolved to present an address to the King of Prussia. It was proposed to en- tertain him at a banquet ; but the...

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The nomination of candidates to fill the seat for Dublin, vacant by the death of Mr. West, took place on Monday. The High Sheriffs took their place on the hustings in the...

ght Vrobintrs.

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After several contradictory reports, it has been again announced that the Conservative Committee of Liverpool, at a meeting on Tues- day, adopted Sir Howard Douglas as their...

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The Sinclair negotiations with Government respecting the rumoured Church measure of Government are finally broken off. The Edinburgh Observer publishes a letter from Sir James...

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It has been officially announced that that the Queen will open Par- liament in person ; and the ceremony will be performed with unusual splendour, on account of the King of...

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The Herald of this morning is "enabled opportunely to illustrate

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the sincerity" of M. Guizot's declaration on Tuesday, that France is not only wishful to maintain friendly relations with Spain, but is disposed to do that country every good...

The Duke of Cleveland died this morning, between six and

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seven o'clock, at his residence in St. James's Square. He was born in 1766. The accession of his son, the Earl of Darlington, to the Dukedom, creates a vacancy in the...

It is understood that the Address in echo of the

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Royal Speech will be moved, in the House of Commons, by the Earl of March, seconded by Mr. William Beckett, Member for Leeds ; in the House of Lords, by the Marquis of A bercorn.

Anti-Corn-law meetings at Exeter and Hull have been disturbed by

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the Chartists. The Hull meeting was attended by Mr. Perronet Thompson, the son of the Colonel, and Mr. Pfint of Leeds ; the Mayor presiding. The Chartists permitted the...

From the Paris papers of Thursday we learn, that the

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debate on the address had turned upon the resurvey of taxes, which was the cause of the late general disturbances. M. Leshbondois proposed this addition to a paragraph of the...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The King of Prussia arrived in town today, by the Great Western Railway, attended by his suite. He visited several of the national esta- blishments ; and...

The Morning Chronicle, which anticipated that Sir Robert Peel would

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not dare to defy the Puseyites, but would endeavour to trim between the two parties in the Church, discovers today, from the appointment of Dr. Gilbert to the see of Chichester,...

Last night's Gazette contains the official announcement of Lord Ash-

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burton's appointment "to proceed on an extraordinary special mission to the United States of America." [The Courier of this evening says that Lord Ashburton will sail on Monday...

We have received the following announcement from a quarter which

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ought to be well informed—" A meeting of the Bishops will shortly take place in London, for the purpose of considering the present state of the Church, in reference to the...

The progress of the poll at Dublin still goes against

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Lord Morpeth on Thursday evening Mr. Gregory had a majority of 40; the numbers being—for Gregory, 919; for Morpeth, 879. The poll may be open other two days.

ERRATUM. —In our first edition of last week, the title of

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the paper on Didoes Greek Library was inadvertently misprinted by the substitution of "Dic- tionary" for "Library " : this was noticed and corrected in the later edition.

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Colonel Gawler, late Governor of South Australia, has arrived in

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England from Adelaide.

M. Michael, the Home Minister, made light of the past

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difficulty. He asserted that very few of the municipalities had resisted the survey ; Only 207 out of 37,237. This called forth M. Dusellier with some strange disclosures- The...


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[FROM A CORRESPONDENT.] On Monday and Tuesday last, the 24th and 25th, this vast and splendid -collection was finally brought to the hammer. These days were the most inte-...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The business of the week in the English Funds has been principally con- fined to Money transactions ; of which more than the usual amount...

A Liverpool correspondent gives a piece of news brought by

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the latest arrivals from Old Calabar-" A slaver had just arrived from Ha- vannah, under Portuguese colours ; the only vessel of the sort which had been there for some years. It...

The Levant mail brings intelligence from Constantinople to the 8th,

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and from Alexandria to the 6th instant. The most important fact is the offer of the Turkish authorities to establish district councils in the Lebanon, for local self-government...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Blackheath, 27th January 1842. SIR — On the 18th December last, you did me the favour to insert a commu- nication on the "Niger Expedition," in...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, Jan. 26th, Adman:is, Hughes. for Singapore ; 27th, Dum- fries, Thompson, from ditto; Elizabeth, Framlin; John Knox, Forrest ; Harvest Home, Sayer ; and...


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TO TUE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 'London, 24th January 1842 - Stu—You say in your last Number—" It is much to be desired that a guarded right of visitation, with a view to...


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TELE only novelty of the week is a pleasant little trifle, in one act, called The Windmill, at Drury Lane : to designate it a farce, is not only a mis- nomer, but a libel on one...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Glasgow, 24th January 1842. SIR - 1 feel not a little concerned on being made aware that, in my former remarks, I misquoted a leading position...

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THE MINISTER AND THE MEETING OF PARLIAMENT. SIR ROBERT PEEL Mt scarcely be supposed to look forward to the meeting of Parliament with any apprehension arising 'from the...

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OF COMMONS. GREAT preparations are making at Covent Garden, Drury Lane, and St. Stephen's, in the hope that his Majesty the King of Prussia may visit these places of public...


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THE entertainment given to Prince ALBERT at the Mansionhouse, after laying the foundation of the New Exchange, elicited the ap- plause of the collective gastronomy of the City....


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MURDER has been called the irremediable crime : the horror it in- spires is one of the most efficient engines of those who labour to perpetuate death-punishments. The guilt of...


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As might have been anticipated, the indefatigable efforts of the Nonintrusion clergy in Scotland have a marked influence in pro- moting religion ! A striking example of their...

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A FRESH achievement of the infant science of electro-magnetism was made known to a select few at the Polytechnic Institution on Thursday evening. To sound the depths of the sea,...


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CoLowlet. Youry, Observations on the Present Condition of the Island of Trinidad, and the Actual State of the Experiment of Negro Emancipation. By William Hardin Burnley,...


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AN erudite writer in the Times, on Saturday was a week, main- tained that "the Prince of Wales may be born Knight." It is not asserted that the Prince of Wales is born a Knight...

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LIKE all the poetry published of late years, even by the most dis- tinguished writers, this little volume has no pretension to a wide observation of nature, an extensive...

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Prow January 141e to January 57tii. BOOKS. The Martyr of Erromanga ; or the Philosophy of Missions, illustrated from the Labours, Death, and Character of the late Reverend John...

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BIRTHS. On the 20th January, at Porth Mawr, Crickhowel, the Lady of the Rev. T. Y. 0. Oantrama, of a daughter. On the 21st, at Heatham Lodge, Twickenham, the Lady of W. K....


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WAR.OFFICS, Jan. 28. -1st Regt. Drags. -Lieut. W. C. Yates to be Capt. by par. chase, vice Dalton, who retires; Cornet J. Morris to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Yates; E. Morris....


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Tuesday, Jan. 25. YARTEIZRSHIES DISSOLVED. Milward and Aakren. Nottingham, grocers-Perfect and Smith. Redford, book- binders-Barkes and Miller, Bishop Wearmouth. shoemakers -...

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BRITISH FUNDS. &tardily Monday. (Closing Tuesday. Prices.) FVednes. Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent. Consols 894 894 89 891 89 Ditto for Account .. 894 894 894 891 3 per...