29 JANUARY 1859

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THE French Government is gradually defining its position be- fore the world, by the course of its action ; but we have not yet obtained any decisive light as to its relations...

The electric telegraph did kindly service on Thursday, when it

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informed Queen Victoria, in Windsor Castle six minutes after the occurrence, that her daughter in Berlin had given a Prince to the house of Prussia. It must have gladdened the...

Ireland is triumphing ofez!uar_factions. We allude, of course, to the

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failure of Lord Downshire's meting originally advertsieel. for the 27th instant, and now converted into a harmless paper demonstration : the event is in every respect...

Colonial affairs appear to be regaining an unwonted promi- nency,

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although there is nothing disastrous to report,—disaster having heretofore been the most common epic* to whet the senses of the mother-country towards her distant progeny. Last...

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Several union meetings have been held this week on the subject of Parliamentary Reform ; but the only marked characteristic is the publi- cation of a comprehensive plan of...

The decision of the Court of Queen's Bench in Dixon's

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case has an important hearing on the responsibility of directors in re- gard to speaking the truth. A verdict was obtained against Mr. Dixon by two persons who bought shares in...

One act of the Irish Government might be regarded as

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a con- cession to the Downahire party, and no doubt it was mentioned at the interview ; t wa know that it receives the approval of Liberal Irishmen, Alla it has probably been...

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THE QUEEN received on Thursday, by telegraphic message from Berlin, six minutes after the event occurred, the news that the Princess Frederick Wil- liam had been safely...

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At a meeting of the Law Amendment Society on Monday, Mr. Edward Webster revived and read the report of a committee appointed some time ago to consider the propriety of...

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US telegraph apprized the whole country on Thursday evening, that at three o'clock on that afternoon the Princess Frederick William had given birth to a Prince in her palace at...


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The proposed landlord demonstration drew down more hostility as it proceeded towards action—among its latest opponents were Lord Clan- ricarcle, Lord Massareene, and M. Gregory....


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The Honourable Frederick Calthorpe has announced himself as a can- didate for East Worcestershire in the room of Colonel Rushout now Lord Northwick. Mr. Calthorpe desires to go...

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The morning journals were, on Thursday, "requested to state that Mr. Gladstone has accepted the Lord High Commissionership of the Ionian Islands, though his tenure of that...

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THE EVENS' FESTIVAL. The centenary celebration in honour of the

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memory of Robert Burns has been a national event. Far and wide both Seotehmen and English- men have dined, and speechified, and sung songs to demonstrate their ad- miration of...


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"Heart of Oak," in a brief letter prominently placed in the Times, draws attention to the state of our national defences, puts his finger on their weak place, and suggests a...

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The health of the Princess Frederick William continues good. The latest published telegraphic message from Sir James Clark at Berlin to the Queen is dated yesterday forenoon;...

The Rochdale meeting in honour of Mr. Bright took place

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last night. There were 800 persona present—it was all the room would hold. The Mayor occupied the chair. Mr. Cobden sent a letter of excuse : he has adopted a rigid rule of...


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On the 16th of January, st 16, Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin, the Wife of the O'Donoghue of the Glens, H. P., of a son and heir. On the 20th, at the Master's Lodge, Dulwich...

The City of Manchester arrived yesterday at Liverpool with advises

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front New York to the 16th January. In answer to Mr. Seward's reso- lution in the Senate calling for any official correspondence in possession of the Executive relative to the...

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We hear, on pretty good authority, that the statement which

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has gone the round of the daily press, about the visit of the Queen to assist at the christening of the anxiously-expected grandchild, in the Prussian Capital, is incorrect....

a5rfut rto, ,fas4inus, Suitt, kr.

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LADIES' DRESSES. A decided novelty in form ' writes a correspondent, is reported for the satisfaction of those who feed our restless desires for change or improve- ment,...

It is important the public should clearly understand that on

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and after the 10th of February inland letters will be returned to the writers unless at least part of the postage be prepaid. This class of letters is now exceed- ingly small,...


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Stock Excite:los, FRIDAY ArrEExo0N. Operations on the Stock Exchange have this week been of a very moderate character, the uncertainty felt about Continental affairs at times...

The reports of the illness of Frederick, Earl of Ripon,

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will have prepared the public for the announcement of his death. He died yesterday at his house oh Putney heath, at the ripe age of seventy-seven. Our elder readers will...

"The Alleged Lunatics' Friend Society" have announced a public meeting

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to be held at Exeter Hall on Tuesday evening next; "to petition the House of Commons for an inquiry into the treatment of Lunatics, and to amend the laws for their protection."...

Colonel Sir Henry Storks has been appointed Lord High Com-

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missioner of the Ionian Islands in succession to Mr. Gladstone. He is familiarly acquainted with the languages and character of the people of the South of Europe. His able...


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A portion of the American press has lately denounced in very strong terms the nefarious practices of a cotton-grower, who put large stones inside his bales, to increase their...

The Confessional question seems likely to be revived in rather

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a formidable shape. Yesterday, the Court of Queen's Bench, on the application of the Reverend Alfred Poole, granted a mandamus calling upon the Archbishop of Canterbury to make...

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Mr. Carne, the British Consul at Shanghai, under instruction from

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Sir J. Eowring, has despatched a collection of articles of Chinese food to the Museum at South Kensington. There are the rice wines, some per- fumed, like the teas,—of which a...

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Notwithstanding the very great success that on Monday last attended the production of a new piece at the Adelphi, called The Borgia Bing, the impression that it is a failure is...

An enumeration by Mr. Alfred Smee of the Bank of

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England, of the manifold uses to which vegetable parchment may be applied—" for legal deeds, bank notes, policies of insurance, working plans, maps, account books, binding...


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The foreign market for linens promises a continued demand : from the United States money is reported easy, and at Belfast the trade is declared steady and sound though not of...

The English version of Casimir Delavigne's Louis XI, which Mr.

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Charles Kean's admirable impersonation has raised to a high place in ti r modern repertory, will be revived on Wednesday next at the Princess s Theatre.

An extensive manufacturer residing in Glasgow, informs us that at

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present, great activity prevails in that city, and has done for some time past, in the manufacture of fancy dress fabrics; and that sufficient goods cannot be produced to meet...

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The French opera company at the St. James's Theatre' are

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likely to lose the credit they have gained, by departing from the judicious course they at first adopted. Consisting of clever intelligent actors and respectable, though not...


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The Musical Society of London, the newly-formed association of pro- fessional mu icians and amateurs, which we noticed last week, gave their first concert at St. James's Hall,...

A French paper contains the description of a new theatre

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lately con- structed at Constantinople, which will shortly be inaugurated with some pomp. It is beautifully situated on a spot near the Bosphorus, opposite Scutari. A...

Connoisseurs of pantomime are talking loudly about the new dawn

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at Astley's, who combines the agility of the new school, with something like the humour of the old, and, therefore, may be considered a link be- tween two generations. -

Meyerbeer has completed a new Opera, entitled Dinorah, which, it

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is said, will be produced at the Opera Comique in the course of next month. A new edition of Schindler's Life of Beethoven is about to appear at Vienna. A translation of this...

Two young female violinists, sisters, are creating a great sensation

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at Vienna. They are Italians—Caroline and Virginia Ferni—and are com- pared to the two sisters Teresa and Maria Milanolo, who, as many of our readers will remember, charmed all...

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NATIONAL DEFENCE. Southsea, January 24th. Sm—I agree almost entirely with your article on our national defences, that ships and men are more required than standing...

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THE Anti-Slavery interest has arrived at a curious crisis in its fate ; and we wish that public attention should be called to the extraordinary claims made by that body upon our...


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Mn. Gn,ingroxE has accepted the office of Lord High Commis- sioner of the Ionian. Islands with the avowed intention of resign- ing his post after an exceedingly short tenure. In...


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PROGRESS OF THE REFORM BILL. .As the Third of February approaches, the curiosity to learn the nature of the measure proposed by Ministers increases. Besides the anxiety to...

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OUR manufacturing districts are subjected, just now, to rather a remarkable visitation. A gentleman from India is about to in- vade them, has perhaps already begun his circuit,...

REPRODUCTIVE INVESTMENTS—EMPIRE RAILWAYS. "THE immense floods of capital which are

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dammed up in London create apprehension, notwithstanding the apparently safe temper of the money-possessing public. Many fear, and not quite without reason, that the temptation...

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A RECENT grand battle for places in the India House, foreshadows possibly what we may come to when universal competition invades the Civil Service. Lord Stanley offered eight...

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BarEr the sculptor has been compelled to retire from the active pursuit of his own profession. It is not, although he has attained mature years, that age has paralyzed his hand...


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By LEIGH HUNT. No. III. A Sccrrnsu EPISCOPAL MirturrEs, Poon AN-n Cols-rmyrEo.—Sybarites of the dinner-table, and Paupers wanting Homes—Interesting Self-knowledge—Four Lineal...

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COLLEY GRATTAN'S CIVILIZED AMERICA.* Ammorron Mr. Colley Grattan's opinions of and speculations on the United States, as already intimated, do not take the form of r e gular...

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were written on the scheme and scale of these "Passages," a single life would form a library, and persons who wished to possess several publications would, not only want time to...

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The dose approach of the Parliamentary session seems to have moved the publishers to activity in order to get their books well out before an- other kind of reading diverts the...

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The literary event of the week is the death of Hallam, at the age of eighty-one. Another link that connected the present generation with tho past is thus snapped, though the...

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At the Society of Arta on Wednesday week, and again on Monday, at the Institute of*British Architects, M. Theophile Silvestro declared his mission from the French Government to...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) traturd. Xe sd.y. Tuesday. relines Thurs. Friday. S pec Cent Consols 951Iex d. 951 961 951 951 95: Ditto for Account Spec Cents Reduced...

Some four thousand guests answered the invitation of the principal

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and professors of King's College, at their soiree on the 22d instant, thronging the lecture hall library, museum and class rooms, which were decorated with pict u res, flowers,...


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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, SA.NUARY 25. Banruptcy Annulleil:LMicHAEL PARKER, Hull, ironmonger. Bankrupts.-Cauthas HENRY JELLEY, Oundle, timber-mcrchant-Hrsury Nrx, Werrington,...

Brewer's Panorama of the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky, the Falls

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of Niagara, the Natural Bridge of Virginia Prairie scenery, and the Birth- place of Washington, Mount Vernon, h as attractions for lovers of the marvellous, the beautiful, and...