29 JUNE 1861

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The event of the week in foreign - politics is the

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death of the Sultan. He has been succeeded by his brother, said to be a strict Turk, but known to be a man of vigorous health, and not addicted to the vices which destroyed the...

A great fire, which threatened at one time to destroy

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Southwark, has called attention once more to our means of arresting such a calamity. It seems clear that the existing machinery, useful to check a small outbreak, is wholly...

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The recognition of the Kingdom of Italy is officially announced in the Moniteur, and has been confirmed in Turin. Thetact is accom- panied by no concessions from the Italian...


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W . Cobden is educating himself for the Cabinet. After some ./IL twenty years of public life he has arrived at the conclusion that it is essential for England to maintain her...

' The American struggle has assumed no new phase, though'

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the Confederates have been victors in the first skirmish by land: The - latest papers, however, bring stories of compromise, which we men- tion only because we disbelieve them....

Parliament has done nothing of interest during the week beyond

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debating the propriety of despatching reinforcements to Canada. It is alleged, and with jiastice; that the time is al salted to such a display. The Canadians waive', and ablelo...

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iffraure.—A semi-official pamphlet has been issued by M. Dentu, styled

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"Ne touches pas as Pape." The object of the writer is to prove that Rome cannot be made the capital of Italy, as the conflicts between Pope and King would he incessant. "Does...

61711111111.—The Address of the Hungarian Diet to the Emperor has

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been passed by the House of Magnates without a division, only one member hinting he thought the terms a little too severe. It is quite certain that the Address will not be...

Sfalii — The French Government have officially recognized the Kin g d om of Italy

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on the following terms. They decline any respon- sibility in enterprises of a nature to disturb the peace of Europe, and declare that the French troops will continue to occupy...

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tlEurltrii.—AbdulMedjid, thirty-first Sultan, expired in his palace on the 25th

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instant, and was succeeded by his brother, Abdul Aziz. Under the Ottoman law of succession the eldest male of the House of Othman is the rightful heir of the Throne. The rule...

Silt eam — The estimates of the revenue for this Session are

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far below the expenditure. The British Government has demanded 30,0001. towards the military expenditure, which it will not this year receive.

ifituisiQ,—Disturbances in the provinces continue. At Rostoff, in the Government

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of Yarosloff, the peasants on the lands of the Prin- cess Gelatzin have been slaying one another. One party desired that the rent (obroc) should be calculated per head, or as a...

Sallift, l —The despatch from Sir Charles Wood forbidding Govern- ment to

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pass the new law rendering breach of agricultural contracts a penal offence, has caused great excitement in India. The bill, it will be remembered, was proposed by the Central...


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MONDAY, JUNE 24TH. - LONDON has been the scene of a great fire—the greatest, it is said, since the conflagration of 1666. It broke out at 4.30 on Saturday afternoon in the...

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Pthntrn nu Tirnarfings in nrliamut.

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Hones op Loans, Monday, June 24.-Adjournment of the House in consequence of the Death of Lord Campbell. Tuesday, June 25.-Royal Naval Reserve ; Duke of Somerset's Settlement....

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STATE OF THE CROPS IN THE NORTIL—Orr correspondents' special reports from the agricultural districts, this week, are of a highly satisfactory nature. From all quarters we hear...


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Halt MAJESTY, on Monday, honoured the Horticultural Gardens with a private visit. On Thursday, Her Majesty held a Drawing-room very numerously attended. On Wednesday, the...


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Both Houses of Parliament sat last night. In the Holm or Loans, Lord STRATFORD DE REDCLIFFE called attention to the accession to the throne of the new Sultan, Abdul Aziz Khan....

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Bankruptcy Annuiled.—John Lock, Barn -bury-grove, Islington, builder. Bartbrupts.—Hairy Edwin Spark, Llxford-street, carver—Joseph Petford, .Ferdi- nand-place, Hampstead-road,...

The fire inTooley-street is still burning. The fresh outbreak which

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occurred on Thursday night burned with great vehemence until midday, when the firemen had sufficiently cooled the ruins to be able to carry their branches right up to the heart...

Although the malady of the Sultan was considered 'by his

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medical attendants as desperate, yet they entertained no idea that his end was so near. On the clay before his death he felt better, and had a long conversation with his...


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On the 27th inst., at Little Coombe, Charlton, the wife of Lieut.-Colonel 14 , 310- dock Gardiner, .Royal Artillery, of a daughter. On the 17th inst., at Beelfords, Essex, the...


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'STECK•EXCHANGE, FRTDAT APTERHOON. Tan Money:Market remains without pressure as far as commercial business is concerned, hat the-active _demand in the Stock Exchange for loans...

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THE TRUTH OF THE BUILDING STRIKE. "IfF there is one circumstance more than another which is essential to the wholesome development of social life in England, it is that each...

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THE LATE LORD-CHANCELLOR. D EATH has suddenly taken a Lord Chancellor

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from the woolsack without any warning, and in five days from the time when Lord Campbell was to be seen among us in health and vigour, a successor presides in his seat. In the...

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T HE death of Abdul Medjid, thirty-first of his house, will profoundly affect all politics in the East. The deceased sovereign belonged to a class of rulers wholly unknown in...

THE " MILK- WHITE HIND " S ELDOM, even in the

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Eternal City, has a scene been wit- nessed such as that now presented to the world in Rome. The Pope, worn put with misery and care, doubtful of his own will, doubtful even, it...

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T HE consideration by the House of Commons of the amendments introduced by the House of Lords into the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Bill will probably furnish us with the last...

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THE ORDER OF THE INDIAN STAR. T HE institution of an

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Order of Knighthood confined to Indian chiefs and notabilities is another well-meaning effort to link the Indian Princes into the British system. Whether it is a successful one...

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L ONDON is not quite so badly organized a city as its inhabitants are apt in November so querulously to assert. The municipal bodies may job, but they do not lay down thousands...


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M R. Grote, in a controversial criticism on an able contemporary with which we have nothing to do, takes occasion to make some admirable general remarks on the spirit and...

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THE production of Verdi's new opera, Un Ballo in Haschera, at the Royal Italian Opera, has taken place so late in the week (Thurs- day evening) that for the present we can...

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fm 3rio.

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BRITISH INSTITUTION. - SECOND NOTICE. THE 'pictures by deceased British artists (with the exception of those by Reynolds) are not happy characteristics of their authors. " A...

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DR. RUSSELL ON THE HISTORY AND HEROES OF THE ART OF MEDICINE.* * The History and Heroes of the Art of Medicine. Withpurtrults. Murray. THIS interesting and amusing book...

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Tim third period of Miss Knight's life begins with her return to Eng land in 1800. Fresh from the stirring scenes of her Neapolitan and Sicilian sojourn, and accustomed to hear...

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THE editor of this book understands Englishmen, or at least that section of them which buys cheap literature at railway bookstalls. There is nothing whatever in the book to...

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Mu. Newman has written a very clever reply to Mr. Arnold's impeach- ment of his Homer ; and though we cannot think it is possible for him to overturn the more substantial of Mr....

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OF all the different varieties of fiction which the ingenuity of man has hitherto succeeded in inventing; that which is commonly known as "the religious novel" is to our...

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against Ruy Lyle, who was forthwith conveyed to prison, where

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he Our Cruise in the Claymore. By Mrs. Harvey, of Ickwell-Bury. died before he could be brought to trial. His death is followed, London : Chapman and Hall.—This volume contains...

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BRITISH 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Annuities 1880 Annuities 1885 FUND Friday. S. (Closing Prices.) Bank Stock, 10 per Cent. India...

Sea-side Divinity. By the Rev. Robert W. Fraser, M.A., &c.

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(James Hogg and Sons.) Slavery and Secession in America: Historical and Economical. By Thomas Ellison, F.S.S., Sc. With Map and Appendices. (Sampson, Low, Son, and Co.) The East...