29 MAY 1847

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The report of Mr. O'Connell's death, which looked apocryphal at

The Spectator

the end of last week, is confirmed : O'Connell died at Gene& on the loth instant, just twenty-four hours before Lord Besbo- rough expired at Dublin Castle. The Manner Of his...


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THE election struggle is beginning in earnest ; combatants here and there having actually joined in the attack. The fashion of THE election struggle is beginning in earnest ;...

Last week the Spectator was somewhat singular in taking a

The Spectator

very cheerful view of the food-markets. Most influential journals were still continuing dismal vaticinations ; prices had continued to mount up ; the English corn-market had not...

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The two General Assemblies, " Established " and "Free," have

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been sitting in Edinburgh, and speaking at each other. It was at first thought that the Free Assembly had recognized its rival as "a Christian church "; but on a closer...

Zbe GTOUrt. The great event of the week has been

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the celebration of the Queen's birth- day, and its drawingroorn. The anniversary fell on Monday, and was kept privately at Claremont. Her Majesty went to Claremont on Saturday,...

Zbe Inetropolfs.

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A public meeting of Lambeth electors was held on Thursday evening, at the Horns Tavern in Kennington, to consider the Parliamentary conduct of Mr. Hawes and Mr, Tennyson...

The intervention of the Foreign Powers in Portuguese affairs has

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taken a more positive and one-sided character. The revolu- tionary Junta at Oporto has replied to the offers made to it by the British negotiator, with demands so insolently...

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IT be terobinces.

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The succession of Lord Duncannon to the Peerage has caused a vacancy for Derby: the Honourable Frederick Leveson Gower has come forward on the Liberal interest; and the...

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I` The report of Mr. O'Connell's death, which gave rise to much conjec- tural speculation in London on Saturday last, was confirmed on Monday. Mr. O'Connell died at Genoa, on...

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The General Assembly of the Established Church of Scotland met at Edinburgh on the 20th instant; and was constituted with the usual for- malities. Lord Belhaven, the Queen's...

ortian anb eolontal.

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FRANCE.—The Chamber of Deputies has been engaged in considering two measures of reform. On Saturday, M. Guizot presented a bill for altering the constitution of the Criminal...

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FINAL SETTLEMENT BETWEEN THE COLONIAL OFFICE AND THE NEW ZEALAND COMPANY. In our number for the 15th instant we stated the substance of the ar- rangement concluded between Lord...

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Tuesday's Gazette notifies the appointment of Vice-Admiral the Earl of Dundonald to be Knight Grand Cross of the Bath; and also of Lieutenant- Colonel Charles W. Morley Balders,...

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Our observations, last week, on the prices exacted for maize

The Spectator

by some venders in London have drawn a degree of attention which is likely to do good. A correspondent of the Times, who writes from Liverpool—the same whom we mentioned as...


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SATURDAY. Both Houses of Parliament reassembled last night after the Whitsuntide holydays ; but in neither was the business transacted of much interest. The House of Lords sat...

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At Mark Lane [yesterday] wheat was again lower than Monday

The Spectator

by 5s. to 6s. per quarter, when business was done; but it was difficult to effect sales at all, as millers purchased very sparingly, and only for immediate consumption. The re-...


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Jenny Lind appeared in her third character on Thursday night; that of Maria in La Figlia del Reggimento, an opera originally composed for French words by Donizetti, but now...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The appearance of the market has been much better during the past week than for some time before. The upward movement has continued without...

The Covent Garden Opera has this week paid a handsome

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instalment of the "justice to art" which was held out as the leading principle on which the new establishment was based—that we should there enjoy the best weeks of the great...

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The sixth concert of the Philharmonic season, on Monday last, was chiefly composed of well-known materials. The Symphonies were, Mo- zart's in E flat, and Spohr's descriptive...

The Princess's Theatre has become a sort of theatrical town

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residence for Mr. Macready; and his appearance for some twelve nights or so at a time, is now one of the events always to be anticipated at certain intervals. His present...

Although the assumption of male attire by ladies, and of

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female attire by gentlemen, belongs to the rarities of actual life, we find that on the stage this species of disguise is always considered the most natural thing possible. A...


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O'CONNELL. O'CormELL is dead. Ireland lives and suffers on, but her chosen voice is silent for ever. How will she speak henceforth ; how act without the spoiled child of her...

Miss Hawes gave her annual concert on Wednesday evening, in

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the Hanover Square ROOMS. With several defects as a vocalist, this lady has qualities which give her a just title to the place she holds in her profession. Her deep-toned...

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THE LATEST NEW ZEALAND ARRANGEMENT. THE intelligence that the dispute

The Spectator

between the Colonial Office and the New Zealand Company is finally settled, will have rejoiced many friends of the Company and of the Colony ; and a knowledge of the terms on...


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lit no event can Lord Lincoln's motion of Tuesday next be bar- ren of useful results. The results, indeed, may be more or less prospective, or more or less a present triumph in...

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IN the evening of his days, the Earl of Dundonald, most famous as " Lord Cochrane," sees the Gazette record the final retractation of the charge formerly made against him, and...


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BISToRY, History of the Conquest of Peru; with a Preliminary View of the Civilization of the Incas. By William H. Prescott, Corresponding Member of the French Institute, of the...


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THERE is a strange caprice in the incidence of censure. Not only may "one man steal a horse while another must not look over the hedge," but it sometimes happens that the same...

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SOUTHEY. Ma. JOSEPH COTTLE is the bookseller and poet of Bristol, who was well known half a century ego by the attacks of Canning in the Antijacobin, for Revolutionary...

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IS a novel of so much substance and power as to challenge close criticism. From internal evidence, it is a tentative work—the production of a prac- tised writer trying his...

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THE ROYAL ACADEMY: HISTORICAL PICTURES. THE pictures which draw their subjects from poetry or mythology are few. The most striking, without doubt, isMr. Dyce's "Neptune...


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Boons. The Life of Mrs. Godolphin. By John Evelyn, of Wootton, Esq. Now first published, and edited by Samuel Lord Bishop of Oxford, Chancellor of the Most Noble Order of the...

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On the 1211, May, at Dresden, Lady Menzies, of Menzies, of a daughter. On the 20th, at Melville Castle, North Britain, the Lady of the Hon. and Rev. Charles Dundee of twins, a...


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WAR-OFFICE, May 28.-16th Light Drags.-Quartermaster G. Romer to be Paymas- ter, vice Williams, dec. 7th Foot-Lient. W. J. Hoare, from the 59th Foot, to be Lieut. vice King, who...


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Tuesday, May 25. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Scott and Day. Aldermanbury, woollea.warehousemen-Whittaker and Nuttall, Manchester, manufacturers of slide-lathes-Ellis and APOregor,...


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Mimeo-At :Iravesend, 23d May, Arab, Stott, from Port Phillip; and Ontario, Tur- ner, from Calcutta ; 25th, Mattesis, Sutton, from Batavia; and Prince Albert, Hos- siter, from...

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BRITISH FUND Prices.) Twessissy. Wain". 77mrs. Plvear, &sherd. S. (Closing Moods,/ 3 per Cent Consols 874 87} 07} 874 88} Ditto for-IA:Nonni 87} 87} 874 874 LI 88} I...