29 NOVEMBER 1834

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las Three Kingdoms remain without a Government. The few appointments which have been made are not only " provisional," but virtually nominal. The Duke of WELLINGTON is Home...

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. SILVA CARVALHO has produced his budget before the Portu-

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guese Codes. There is a deficit of about 700,0001.; which is smaller than vas anticipated, and which he will be able to make good by the sale of Church lands and other means.

The intelligence from France is scarcely worth recording. Admiral DU

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PERRE has been appointed Minister of Marine. BRESSON, the Ambassador at Berlin, declined the offer of the Foreign Secretaryship in the Duke of BASSANO'S short-lived Cabiriet,...

The Spanish Ministry is gaining strength in the Cortes. LLAUDER

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is the new Minister of War, and is expected to act vigorously with MINA; whose operations have hitherto been suc- cessful, though on a small scale. There is im longer any talk...

The diqnissal of our Whig Ministry has, of course, occasioned

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a good deal of excitement in Holland and Belgium. The people in both countries are said to regard it with apprehension, inas- much as it may lead to further attempts on the part...

Ebt iftetrapaTig.

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Public feeling in the Metropolis remains very much in the same state as during the week that preceded our last publication. There Itave been no vioient exhibitions of...


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THE King and Queen, who returned to Brighton on Saturday last, have remained there during the week. Their .Majesties have taken several rides in the neighbourhood. On Tuesday...

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A preliminary meeting of the Westminster electors was held on

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Tuesday, at the Crown and Anchor. Resolutions were agreed to denouncing the prodigality and corruption of the Tories, maintaining the expediency of extending the right of...

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Lord Lyndhurst, accompanied by the Master of the Rolls, the

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Vice. Chancellor, and several of the Masters in Chancery, entered the Court at ten o'clock on Saturday morning; when his Lordship took the customary oaths as Lord High...

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On Saturday, a fire broke out in Rotherhithe, in premises

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called the Blue Mountain granary, which have been unoccupied for three years. Several small houses in the neighbourhood, a smith's shop, and the Spread Eagle public-house, were...

ebe Country.

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Accounts of public meetings pour in upon us from all parts of the country. Both of the two great parties--the friends and opponents of Reform—are making unusual exertions; but...

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The freeholders and inhabitants generally of Melbourne, in Leices- tershire,

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presented Lord Melbourne with a complimeotary address on his Lordship's arrival at his seat in the neighbourhood. Lord Mel- bourne replied to the address, in a speech which is...

A public meeting, convened on the requisition of a hundred

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electors, was held at Leicester on Monday evening; Mr. Thomas Puget in the chair. The proceedings occupied but little time, but were spirited and worthy of the cause. More than...

We hope the electors of St. Alban's duly appreciate the

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worth of their distinguished Representative, Mr. Ward. They may search far and wide without finding his equal. There can be no misunderstanding between them, for Mr. Ward's...

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The recall of the Duke of Wellington to the chief place in his Majesty's councils, has raised a spirit in the North which no Anti- Reformer will be able to lay, charm he never...

The South Lancashire Conservative Association mustered a strong body of

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Anti-Reformers at Liverpool yesterday week, to receive Messrs. Boyton and O'Sullivan, the deputation from the Conservative Society of Ireland. The place of meeting was the Royal...

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O'Connell, with his usual adroitness, has taken advantage of the dis- missal of the Whigs and the recall of the Anti-Reformers, to put aside for the present the embarrassing...

Mr. Baring, the Under Secretary of the Treasury, and Mr.

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Stanley, the Under Secretary for the Home Department have resigned office. Tuesday's Gazette contains the appointment of the Duke of Wel- lington, Lord Rosslyn, Lord...


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A requisition will be presented to the Honourable Lloyd Kenyon, to come forward as a candidate for Marylebone.—Morning Post. Mr. William Williams has been applied to to come...

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The Standard informs " British Christians," for their comfort, that

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when Lord MELBOURNE announced Lord Join: Russe Lt.'s plan of Irish Church Reform, adopted by the late Cabinet, to the King, of course assuming the Royal acquiescence, his...

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POSTSCRIP •11 SATURDAY NIGHT. Lord ALBEMARLE has been with the King at Brighton. This fact is mentioned in the correspondence of the Daily Journals ; and it is stated in a...

"His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester has passed a

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quiet night ; but he appears to be much exhausted, and his strength is greatly reduced."

The Times continues to support the Duke ; but is

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manifestly uneasy in its present position. It assumes the Duke to be what be notoriously never can be—a sincere Reformer of abuses in Church and State. The Times, however,...

It is known that the Queen's page, Little Hoosost, was

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despatched en courier to Sir ROBERT PEEL, with orders to bring him to England, post-haste. He received from the Royal band 500/. to pay his own ex- penses,—and SW,RoBERT's also,...

A second edition of the Morning Chronicle supplies us with

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an account of the meeting of the Reformers of Birmingham yesterday, in -the new Town Hall. That splendid room was completely filled, with the exception of the organ-loft, which...


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STOCK E XCHANOR, FRIDAY A STYR NOON. A sudden and unexpected change has taken place in the Money Market. Instead of the abundance of available capital which has been such a...


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Arrived—Off Plymouth. Nov. 22d, Olive Branch, Si Mine. from the C are; ditt o . Ann. Tindall. from Bengal. At et. Helena, Sept. 27th, Alfred, Tapley, from Malt-s. At the Cape,...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Paris. 26th November 18.14. An old correspondent — who since the Glorious Three Days, and their virtuous sequel, the Bill, the whole Bill, &c....

REEVE has come out in a new character at the

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Adelphi, in a little farce called My Own Ghost ; and keeps the audience in a roar of laughter, without so much as a smile on his face. Ile personates Mr. Pearlbutton, a...


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THE New Strand Theatre, which Magistrates refuse to license and the Lord Chamberlain to cowitenance, has been opened nevertheless by Mrs. Wayserr, who evades the prohibition of...

Though VESTRIS cannot supply her authors with wit and invention,

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she makes up for the deficiency of those qualities by her managerial tact, and the perfect style in which she furnishes forth the stage acces- sories. This scenic...

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IT IS TOO LATE. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Paris, 26th November 1834. Sta—There are times when nations must suffer, as well as indivi- duals—as there are national, as...

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COMPARATIVE STRENGTH OF PARTIES IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS. ALTHOUGH the Duke of WELLINGTON may think that the functions of the House of Commons in the government of the country...

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Two Missionaries of the Trish H igh Chu rch party have been labour- ing in their vocation at Liverpool and Bristol. Were their aim to in- crease the disgust with which the very...


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IT will not be denied that the speedy return of the Whigs to office is within the range of probabilities • and though it is neither necessary nor desirable that all the late...

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A NTIQUITIZS„ The Topography of Rome and its Vicinity. By sir William Gell, M.A. Pals. F.S.A.. Author of the Itinerary of Greece," "Topography of Troy." " Pompeii." Ike. In 2...


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THE interest of the week is political : its literary curiosity is the appearance of EDWARD BULWER as a pamphleteer, and the pub- lication of a third edition of his Letter to a...

In consequence of the strict investigation instituted by the police

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of Frankfort, forty ladies, the daughters of the most respectable citizens of the place, and all young and handsome, have been compromised for favouring the escape of several...

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THESE elegant volumes are indispensable to the complete scholar and the classical traveller. No one can thoroughly study the his- tory of the earlier ages of Rome, or understand...