29 NOVEMBER 1856

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The Prussian Government has placed itself between two quar- rels;

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and, curiously enough, it is upholding on one side a prin- ciple which it is assailing on the other. The Prussian Minister has formally demanded from the FederaI Government of...


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THE key-note for the coming session of Parliament has been given by Sir Richard Bethell in asking his Aylesbury consti- tuents for reelection on his appointment as...

The first sign of an improvement in the money-market causes

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an immediate demand for an entire discontinuance of the policy which has led to that improvement. No sooner are Consols ran- ging above 94, and the reports from the Bank of...

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'it Airtrultatio.

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The large room at the London Tavern was crowded on Monday night with an assemblage of persons anxious to obtain a reduction of the In- come-tax, in April next, from 16d. to 7d....

The Paris Constitutionnel returns to the suhjeet of the affiance

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and the English press ; this time to defend the French press against the charge of being under a censorship. The articles for the papers are not revised in the bureau of the...

There are some other items of foreign news, too interesting

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to be passed over, yet scarcely admitting , of detailed statement. Spain is in the throes of a new intrigue. There is a Fusion- ist project to unite the infant daughter of...

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THE usual walks and drives of the Royal Family form a standing head of the Court newsman's record. The Queen has twice visited the Duchess of Kent at Frogmore. Prince Albert and...

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The acceptance of the post of Attorney-General by Sir Richard Bethell involved an appeal to his constituents at Aylesbury. In his address asking for a new lease of their...


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The Lord Chancellor gave an important decision in the case of the Tip- perary Bank on Tuesday. Under the Irish banking act of the 33d of Qeorge II, bankers were placed under...

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The death of Mr. William Lockhart having created a vacancy in the representation of Lanarkshire, several gentlemen are mentioned as candi- d a tes for the seat ; among them, Mr....

furrigu nub nInuiaL.

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srattri.—The French newspapers are barren of intelligence ; being still chiefly occupied in abusing the English press. One of the journals, the Freese, now no longer the...

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A Royal Commission has been issued to inquire into the present ar- rangements for transacting the civil and criminal business of the Supe- rior Courts of Law at Westminster, and...

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A telegraphic message from Athens states that King Otho had

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arrived there on the 15th. His entry took place with great ceremony, the English and French troops lining the road. With respect to Herat, intelligence from Constantinople...

The Gazette of last night iumeuncee that the Queen has

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appointed Lord Monok, the Right Honourable Lord Belper, the Bight Henourable Sir Edward Ryan, Sir Alexander Young Spearman, Bart., and Thomas Matthias Weguelin, Esq., Governor...

The Metropolitan Board of Works held a sitting yesterday. Two

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sub- jects of general interest came under their notice. Mr. Savage moved that the Board should seek to obtain, next session, an act to provide a Park for the Northern parishes...


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:SATURDAY. The date of the opening of next session was yesterday fixed at a Privy Council held by her Majesty at Windsor Castle. It was ordered that Parliament should be...

The Administrative Reform Association has sent out a programme of

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its organization and plan of action. It is in the form of a letter, ad- dressed, in a familiar manner, to Mr. Roebuck, the Chairman of the As- sociation, by Mr. John Revans, the...

The annual soiree of the Huddersfield Mechanics' Institute was held

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on Thursday , in the Philosophical Hall. The proceedings were similar as regards the speechmaking to those of Wednesday evening. The new additions were Sir Robert Peel and...

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At the sitting of the Central Criminal Court yesterday, Robert

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Marley was tried for the murder of Richard Cope, the jeweller's shopman, in Par- liament Street ; found " Guilty," and sentenced to die. The evidence was clear and convincing;...

The Leading Journal having put its "veto" on the proposed

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search for Franklin's expedition Lieutenant Pim, the author of the new scheme, has replied by concisely skating a few reasons why the search ought to be continued. "Firstly,...

The Board of Trade returns of exports and imports for

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October are fun of most cheering facts. There is again a great increase in the expo rta over those of the corresponding month of 1855—no less than 1,806,3S71. ; au d this fairly...

The December number of Fraser'a Magazine has an interesting letter

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by the Reverend Frederick Maurice, on a sub j ect "which concerns laymen as well as clergymen"—the Denison case. I he effect that Mr. Maurice most dreads from the decision of...


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SATURDAY, INIEFT.V13 O'CLOCK. The Bank return of last night shows an increase in the stock of bullion of 213,4691. Consols opened well at 941 1, but have since declined A. Fo-...

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The Egyptian Hall, reopened on Monday last for Mr. Albert

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Smith's entertainment, looks brighter than ever. The room is freshly painted ; new views are presented, and the old views wear a renovated look. Nor has the literary part of the...

The Sacred Harmonic Society's concerts began last evening, with Han-

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ders Solomon; a work comparatively weak as a whole, but containing several fine airs and magnificent double choruses. 3 The performance, under Costa's direction, was admirable ;...

The Crystal Palace Company have resumed the series of weekly

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concerts which they gave last winter, and which were found to be a successful speculation. The concerts take place on the Saturday morn- ings, in a music-room constructed for...

Signor Volpini, the new tenor at Drury Lane, who pleased

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from the first by his fine voice and pure Italian style, has subsequently given proofs of qualities as an actor which the natural timidity attending_a debilt in a strange land...

thratrts suit 31usir.

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After several weeks devoted to the productions of former seasons, the Olympic put forth an entirely new programme on Monday last. Mrs. Inchttald's comedy Wives as they Were and...

( Miss Dolby gave her first musical soiree of this

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season, at her own re- sidence, on Tuesday evening, to a numerous company. The entertain- ment was chiefly vocal, with two or three agreeable instrumental pieces by way of...

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FRENCH IMPERIALISM AND REVOLUTION. Jr would be an interesting piece of secret history, which we should be glad to have discounted at an alarming sacrifice of post-obit...


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THE movement against the Income-tax which is extending in the country forbodeS trouble to Miniaterd in the coming session of Parliament. It will be curious to see what is the...

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statements on the subject of the Russian forts and our fleet in the Baltic have been several times over- hauled. Sir Robert Peel has been called to. account for expressing the...


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Mn. COBDEN enounees, ex cathedra, that as soon as the American- Government proposed to "exempt. private property on the ocean from seizure by Government-armed cruisers as well...

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ALL great truths' that are cognizable to the human mind rest the basis of their evidence upon distinct matters of fact. There is no science of which the ascertained and...


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IT has been resolved to send another expedition in search of the remains of Franklin and his party. There is indeed no longer any hope of recovering a single member of that...

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OF STATESMANSHIP. Gloucester, 26th November 1866. Sra—In your review in the last Spectator of the above-named book, you gay, "Any man contemplating a change in anything,...


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SIR — Will you permit me to unfold some of my views on flogging in Pub- lic Schools ; a subject which Mr. Morgan Thomas has dragged into the light of day from the darkest shades...


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Covent Garden, 17th November 1856. Sire—Pray j afford room for a few lines on Egypt, called forth by the no- tice in your journal of the 8th instant of Mr. Blind's book, which...


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Belfast, 25th November 1856. Em—In your number of the 16th you say that the Archbishop of Dublin was driven from the Irish Board of National Education by those who wished to...

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]!RS. ROBINSON'S KANSAS. * TICE authoress of this American volume is the wife of Dr. Robin- son whose name is familiar to the reader of American news as a leader of the "...

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THORNEURT'S ART AND NATURE. * hr - onzAT characteristic of Mr. Thornbury is

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a fertile imagination and a fluent pen ; qualities which display themselves more or less favourably according to the subject on which he is engaged. The vivid pictured of...

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GIFT•BOOKS. * THE approach of December has produced, as usual, various

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gift- books, of various character, and designed for various readers. Of the present collection the late Mr. Bogue contributes the whole ; their completion taking place...

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Books. THE paucity in new books of promise still continues. Of the following list, Dr. Newman's " Universities " has already appeared in a Romanist periodical ; Miss...

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Addison Road, 25th Novensber 1856. Six—I now send you my replies to the criticisms of your numismatic correspondent, inserted in your last but one number. In his apparently...

lint 3r1ø.

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THE TUANER BEQUEST. I : The -curators of the National Turners seem minded to make up for lost time and to do the best with the straitened means of exhibition at their...


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Gruffel Swillendrinken is gruff, and is a swiller and drinker; his name implies as much. Mr. Crowquill, for the benefit of his juvenile and other readers, brings him face to...


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THE WORKS OF HANDEL IN GERMANY. The musical public are promised a new and complete edition of the Works of Handel, to be published—not in England, where the great master was...

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FROM TRE LONDON GAZETTE, NOVEMBER 25. Partnerships Dissolved .-Holland and Co. Newtown, Leicestershire, quarrymen -Carne and Co. and Roberts. Liverpool, coopers-Brown and...

British Museum, 22d -Vovember 1856.

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SfR-I read last night, for the first time, at page 1220 of your paper of the 15th instant, the very courteous letter of General Fox, and at the same time, (to my great...

On the 4th June, at Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand, the

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Wife of Charles John Perceval, Esq., of a son. On the 20th November, at Parkhurst Barracks, Isle of Wight, the Wife of Lieute- nant - Colonel Jeffreys, of a son, still-born....

Cljt 2rml.

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, NOVEMBER 28. WAR DEPARTSIF.NT, Pall Mall, Nov. 28.-Cavalry-16th Light Dragoons-T. Duf- field, Gent, to be Cornet, by pur. in succession to Lieut....

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Cloalng Prima.) per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Long Annuities Annuities 1885 &aunt. Monday. Twain , . Wants. 17turs....