29 OCTOBER 1842

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The history of the expedition to subdue the rebellious Dutch

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Emigrant Farmers at Natal has closed with the return of the com- manding officer, Colonel CLOETE, and part of his force, to Cape Town. The Colonel had brought the rebels to...


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Tea agricultural meetings of the season are still in progress about the country ; and it is pleasant to see that they are animated by a cheerful spirit. The leading...

Prussia presents the novel spectacle of an almost popular assem-

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blage convened to deliberate in conjunction with the Bing on subjects of legislation. It does not, fulfil the promise of the late King to accord a representative constitution to...

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gbe 43011rt.

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Tlionost still quiet, Windsor Castle has been somewhat more enlivened by company this week, and company of an interesting kind : the affianced pair, as they are understood to...

The last wreck of the Niger Expedition has been extricated

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from the fatal river; and the people at the Model Farm, with the relics of the property, have been brought to Fernando Po. To the very last the events have been such as to stamp...

be Ifietropolis.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday, for the despatch of business. A petition was presented from Lord Dudley Stuart and others, requesting the use of the Guildhall on...

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Ebe 10 to bin rts.

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The Saffron Walden Agricultural Society celebrated their tenth anniversary on Wednesday last week. After the distribution of the prizes, about a hundred and fifty gentlemen sat...

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The Wicklow county cattle-show was also held last week ; and after it there was a dinner ; the Earl of Wicklow taking the chair, and Colonel Acton, M.P., and Mr. C. B. Baldwin,...

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The Duke of Richmond gave a dinner last week to about two hundred of his tenantry at Bundy. Reporters from the press were not admitted, but chance correspondents supply the...

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It will give all admirers of true poetry gratification to hear that he Majesty has conferred a pension of 300/. a year upon William Words- worth. Long may he live to enjoy it !...

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The London publisher of Colonel Thompson's Collected Works hair sent

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to us, in three or four successive packets, a series of articles, bearing the title of "Exercises, Reviews, and Actions," which appear to have been published in several...

The Times this morning comments upon Canadian affairs, and Lord

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Durham's policy, the admitted origin of the late changes, in a leading article, the spirit of which is shown in the following extract- " Lord Durham proceeded, on the...


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We hear from good authority that her Majesty's consent to the alli- ance of her Royal cousin, the Princess Augusta of Cambridge, with the Hereditary Prince of...

A Church-rate of 2d. in the pound was carried in

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the parish of St. Clement's at Cambridge, on Thursday, by a majority of 82 to 24, after repeated refusals of a rate for four years.

The Queen has been pleased to direct letters patent to

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be passed under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ire- land, constituting and appointing the Right Honourable Francis Black- burne Keeper or Master of...

The weekly meeting of the Anti-Corn-law League, in Newell's Buildings,

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Manchester, on Thursday evening, was one of the largest The weekly meeting of the Anti-Corn-law League, in Newell's Buildings, Manchester, on Thursday evening, was one of the...

Intelligence has been received from Western Africa to the 2d

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August. It announces the return to Fernando Po of the Queen's steamer, Wilber- force, from the ascent of the Niger to the model-farm of the African Civilization Society, and the...

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The Funds exhibited a tendency to decline, and were for a day or two de- pressed to the extent of per cent below the closing prices of last...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, Oct, 25th, John Brown, Bugles., from Calcutta ; 26th, Pony Queen, Cousens, from Ceylon; Apprentice, Ci_denhead, from Mauritius; nod 28th, lmogene, Bissett....

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IT is impossible to read the accounts of the military operations in China without shame and disgust. It is not war, but sheer butchery—a battu in a well-stocked preserve of...


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TOO MUCH WORK, TOO LITTLE ENJOYMENT Ice copying our last week's suggestion on the policy of abridging the hours of labour, the Morning Post pays us the compliment to say- ,....

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FROM the Morning Herald of Wednesday we learn, that Sir Teem- BARD BRUNEL and Others, forming a deputation from the Royal Humane Society, waited upon Prince ALBERT a few days...


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THE Negro tribes of which Europeans have most knowledge are those between the Great Desert and the Bight of Benin. Tlie Northern tribes, bordering on the desert, are much...

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THE Temple Church, the finest and most perfect of the four round churches that remain of those built by the Knights Templars in this country, has been so far restored to its...


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THE news columns and editorial columns of the journals are all very well in their way, but be who would know something of real life must con the advertisements sedulously. There...


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GOLDSMITH has described with much humour the periodical mad- dog panics which used to seize people in his days, as they still do in our evil]. But England, which is the country...

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The Miser's Daughter, at the Adelpbi, is a paste-and-scissors version

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of Mr. AINSWORTH'S novel, with a series of" tableaux vivans," dressed and attitudinized from GEORGE Cauntsmarres illustrations. Like all similar attempts to transfer a book to...


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King John, as represented at Drury Lane, is an embodied picture, illustrating with all the splendour and refinements of scenic art that foul page of English history which...

At Covent Garden, Miss ADELAIDE KEMBLE and Mrs. ALFRED &taw

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are announced to appear on Tuesday in The Secret Marriage, an English version of Curtattosa's opera II Matrimonio Segretc. . 10 this case the audience will have the advantage of...

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CAIN/NAL LAW, American Criminal Trials. By Poles W. Chandler. Volume I. Dtaverics, Maxwell. London ; Little and Brown. Baste*. U. S. Food :aid its Influence on Health and...

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Tins is a very pleasant volume on a very vital subject, and in which the most philosophical engage some twice or thrice a day, unless they belong to that unfortunately large...

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THE MISER ' S DAUGHTER EXHIBITS a considerable improvement on Mr. AINSWORTH'S

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former Productions; and, in a certain sense, it is probably the best of his works. He has discarded the Nesvgate Calendar and felonious romance : there is more repose and relief...

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American Notes for General Circulation. By CHARLES DICKENS. In two volumes. Polynesia; or an Historical Account of the principal Islands in the South Sea, including New...

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BIRTHS. On the 20th October, in Upper Harley Street, the Ls 'y of SOHN LSBOUCKEILI, Esq., Of a SOIL On the 2Ist October, at Culverthorpe. the Hon. Mrs. HANDLEY, of a son. Oa...


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Waa.oescr. Oct. 25.-4th Light Drags.-Capt. G. W. De Hence, from half-pay 894 Foot. to be Capt. vice J. Harrison, who exchanges; Lieut. J.T. D. Halkett to be Capt. by purchase,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday 3funday. Tuesday. Wednes. Thurs. 931 931 931 93; 931 93; 931 931 93; 93} 93 92} 93 93k 93 160; 100; 100a 100; 1001 1011 101; 101; 101;...


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Tuesday, Oct. 25. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Grover and Son. Rickmansworth, builders-Morris and Jiickes. Ludlow, milliners - 111desley and Sanders. Willenhall. Staffordshire-J....