29 OCTOBER 1853

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The new accounts from India justify the most unpleasant appre

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- hensions in re g ard to Burmah : the anarchy of the country appears to be only one mode in which the enemy harasses the British troops durin g a pretended truce ; and "the...

Comin g home to a practical domestic En g lish subject, closely connected

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with business, Mr. Cobden has done a real servioe, which only occasions re g ret that he has not sustained a more con- centrated attention to the matter. At the meetin g of the...

The new q uarrel, however, is more formidable for Naples than

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France. King Ferdinand held a review, and the Emperor Na- poleon sent certain officers of hi g h rank to represent France at the military festival. For some reason, unexplained,...


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Hosrarrms have commenced on the Danube—such is the brief report of the tele g raph ; which does little more than describe a skirmish and actual bloodshed. The fact, however, had...

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Mr. J. D. Coleridge, Secretary to the Commissioners for inquiring into the state of the Corporation of London, has offieially forwarded the fol- lowing letter to the Lord Mayor,...

t4t. end.

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QUEEN noroarA was scarcely installed once more in her castle- at Wind- sor, before she received her royal visitors from Belgium, and enteredinto the business of the State. Her...


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.Mr. Cobden has inaugurated the reopening of-a Mechanics' Institute at Barnsley with a capital speech on education. - The event was celebrated on Wednesday. Mr. Cobden occupied...

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At the monthly meeting of the Presbytery of Edinburgh, on Wednes- day, the Moderator read a reply received from Lord Palmerston to a let- ter asking whether the appointment of a...

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At a special meeting of the Belfast Chamber of Commerce, last week, resolutions were adopted, and a memorial agreed upon, bringing before Government the claims of the Irish...

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Faawcts.—The Aconiteur of Thursday contained, in its non-official por- tion, an article on the Eastern question. The writer takes notice of the "new phase" of the question—the...

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t4t Vuhlir 3E411114: Cholera, which receded the week before last,

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made an - advance last week in the Metropolis. No fewer than 83 persons - died—an advance of 17 upon the highest number yet attained. Out of - the 83,49 died on-the South side...

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The Gazette of Tuesday contains-an order, iii , -Council further pro - roguing Parliament ftora Thursday the - 21th. October -to.Tuesday-the 29th November/ The order was...

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The overland mail from India, China, and Australia, arrived in

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London yesterday afternoon. The latest dates are—Bombay, 28th September; H' ongkong, 9th September ; Port Phillip, 24th August. The accounts from Burnish are not at all...

The ifoniteur of yesterday published the following telegraphic an- nouncement

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from Bucharest, dated the 25th instant. "Two Russian steamers, with eight gun-boats, forced the passage of the Danube on the 23d, and encountered a smart fire from the Turkish...

Sir Charles Wood made a speech on Thuisday to his

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Halifax consti- tuents, who were giving him a complimentary dinner. His topics were free trade, the great measures of last session and the Eastern question. His treatment of...

James Hayes, the bricklayer's labourer who killed his wife at

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Shepherd's Bush in September, was tried yesterday in the Central Criminal Court, f oun d guilty of "Manslaughter," and sentenced to transportation for life. Flltnesa, an...

The Argo, a screw-steamer belonging to the General Screw Steam

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Navi- gation Company, has made the passage from Port Phillip to Southampton i , vie Cap Horn, n sixty-four days,—exactly the same period occupied 1R her passage out, vie the...


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SATURDAY. ' The meeting to promote the Bellot Testimonial will be held at two o'clock on Friday next, in Willis's Rooms ; and the arrangements are of each a kind as not only to...

Mr. Latrobe has resigned the Lieutenant-Governorship of Victoria, and only

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holds office until his successor shall arrive. Mr. Latrobe has resigned the Lieutenant-Governorship of Victoria, and only holds office until his successor shall arrive. One of...

The Northern strike has now attained to formidable proportions. It

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is estimated that no fewer than 70,000 persons are without employment ; a few actually on strike against their employers, but the great majority, say 66,000, are locked out. The...


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The tone of the foreign intelligence on the Eastern question this week having been regarded as more pacific, Government Securities have rallied considerably. On Monday the...

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CO Quirts.

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To "keep up its charter," as the saying is, Drury Lane is compelled to be equestrian at least once a year. This provision is not written in Killi- Killi- grew's patent, nor...


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Within the last fortnight there has been a perfect explosion of pro- ductiveness among the theatres of the French metropolis. Novelty crowds so thickly upon novelty, that the...


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Stn—The first leading article in your last number makes one almost ashamed to utter the words "Eastern question" and the like, till one hears authentic and uncontradicted...

The Itaymarket Theatre, which reopened on Monday, the day when

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the horses of Drury commenced their long course, presents a very gay ap- pearance; having been newly decorated as well as substantially improved. Light, elegant, and with new...

Itttrro fa ttetitar.

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THE ETTRICK SHEPHERD'S FAMILY. .Forfar, 27th October 1853. Sin — Every one who thinks upon the subject will agree in the opinion ex- pressed in the last number of the...


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A series of concerts, designated the "Wednesday Evening Concerts," has been set on foot at Exeter Hall. The first took place on Wednesday, and it is intimated that they are to...

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Ix appears to be generally presumed, and on grounds that cannot be controverted, that the masters will conquer in their war of strikes with the men in the factory-districts ;...


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THE NEW REFORM BILL: GOVERNMENT AND ITS ADVISERS. le the Electorra 'Reform 'Bill of next session -prove a failure and a s h a m, it will certainly not be because those whose...

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OCCASIONALLY some Mechanics' Institute or local Athenseura bursts on an admiring public with a flood of selected eloquence such as could only be supplied by professors as...


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inquire into the go- vernment of the Gaols at Birmingham, Leicester, and perhaps we should add Winchester, have not made their report, and it is im- possible to pronounce...

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THE foundering of the Dalhousie is one of those sweeping and de- plorable calamities which excite universal sympathy, and provoke keen speculation to discover the cause. Many...


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DE DEAITCHESNE'S LOUIS XXII.. THE personal sufferings of the Bourbon family during the great Re- volution form one of the most tragic stories in history ; for there was not...

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THE leading characteristic of this volume of Australian experience and ■adventure - consists in its minute picture of daily life, from the first landing at Melbourne, till the...

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THOMSON'S HAMPTON LECTURE FOR 1853.* ALTHOUGH the Atonement had been

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already chosen as a subject by a Bampton lecturer, his sermons were delivered nearly sixty years ago, to meet the objections of an age essentially different from the present in...

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Boone. The Natural History of the Birds of Ireland, Indigenous and Migra- tory; containing Descriptions of the Habits, Migrations, Occurrence, and Economy of the 281 species...

SALAD FOR THE SOLITARY. * Jr must have been by some

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unaccountable oversight that the re- spectable name of one of our first London publishers is found upon the titlepage of this worthless volume with a catchpenny title. In-...

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altattingt frim %Int %art.ko tier Zutitt eirriditro. -

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THE OPERATION OF THWSCEEW. Those who are familiar with the nomenclature of the money-market describe the action of the Bank of England,upon the currency in periods of pressure...

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OFFICE OF HIMANCE, Oct. 24.—Ordnance Medical Department—Surg. .T. A. Davis to be Senior Surg. vice Quigley, retired; Assist.-Surg. It. Bossard to be Surg. vice Davis; Temporary...


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On the 15th August, at Victoria, Hongkong, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Grif- fin, commanding Royal Artillery in China, of a son. On the 16th October, the Wife of John...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices ) &turd. ,Monday. Tuesday. inane& Shers. Friday. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank...


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Tuesday, October 25. PawmizasruPs DISSOLVED. — Herniman and Son, Bristol, fishmongers—Scoweroft and Brothers, Burnden, Lancashire,. colliers—Scowcroft and Co. tlindley, Lanca-...


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AnwricALrr, Oct. 18.—Corps of Royal Marines—First Lieut. G. Drury to be Capt. vice J. Miller, retired on full-pay ; Second Lieut. W. H. Clements to be First Lieut. vice Drury,...