29 OCTOBER 1859

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Amongst the many debates promoted throughout the country by the

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periodical meeting of societies, agricultural dinners, and the like, we have very interesting and important discussions on the subject of Reformatory discipline. In...


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BY this time probably, or after a very short interval, Naples will have engaged in the contest against the stranger and his allies within the Italian Peninsula. Garibaldi has...

Spain is about to open upon Morocco the great guns

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of war. General O'Donnell has been appointed the Commander-in-chief. France has voluntarily furnished her neighbour with military stores and other aid ; the British Government...

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During Tuesday night and Wednesday morning a furious gale raged round our coasts. Though we received accounts of shipwreck and death from almost every port, all losses are...

The gale which has swept over this part of the

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Atlantic has caused wide destruction by sea and land. That trees have been torn up, walls blown down, and men or women carried out of their path by the force of the viewless...

The confidential paper issued from the Horse Guards must have

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fallen like something far worse than a bombshell amidst the gallant gentlemen to whom it is addressed. The efforts made by many military reformers to modify the system of...

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A great banquet was given by the citizens of Edinburgh to Lord Brougham, in their Music Hall, on Wednesday evening. Sir John Melville, the Lord Provost, occupied the chair, and...


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The Gloucester Election Commission has resumed its sittings, while the Wakefield Commissioners have suspended theirs until the 11th of Novem- ber, when they will meet again in...

Or end.

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THE QUEEN and Court have been at Windsor during the week. At a Privy Council on Saturday Parliament was ordered .to be pro- rogued from Thursday last to Thursday December the...

drily Vrtrnpulig.

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Parliament having been prorogued till the 27th of this month, the Lord Chancellor and certain Peers who composed the Royal Commission, appeared in the House of Lords on Thursday...

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Lord Lyveden, who, as Mr. Vernon Smith, represented the borough of Northampton for twenty-eight years, was entertained on Thursday week at a banquet given by his late...

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Lord Brougham is suggested as candidate for the Chancellorship of the University of Edinburgh. Some friends of the Duke of Buceleuch have put forward the Duke's name in...

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The Landed Estates Court in Ireland—the successor to the Encum- bered Estates Court—has issued a report of its progress from the filing of the earliest petition (November 20,...

inrrign ant Culanial.

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Ntalg.—The writer of the Turin letters signed "A." in the Daily News, gives an account of the interview of the Tuscan, Parmese, and Modenese deputations with the Emperor...

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Preparations are being made at Windsor Castle for the reception of the Prince and Princess Frederick William of Prussia, who will arrive at Windsor shortly before the 9th of...

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An Imperial Hatt, issued on the 15th of October, speaks

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in sorrowful and severe terms of the loss of confidence throughout the empire, arising from financial confusion. The Sultan orders a general " re-organization " of the...


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SA.T1711DAY MORNING. A Cabinet Council was held yesterday. The Constitutionnel of yesterday, in a semi-official article, announces the speedy meeting of the Congress on the...

The Dowager Lady Peel (widow of the great statesman) was

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found dead in her bed yesterday morning. She had been staying in town at her town residence, No. 4, Whitehall Gardens.

A letter from London, received in Paris, announces that Colonel

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Ri- bourg, chief Secretary of Marshal Bandon, Minister of War, has had a conference, which lasted two hours, with Mr. Sidne3 , Herbert, on the subject of the combined...

A correspondent draws our attention to an incident which occurred

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at the last meeting of the Medical Society of London, attracting much no- tice in the medical world. A gentleman, a member of the Jewish com- munity, had been proposed to the...

Anew association for "suppressing the practice of selling goods falsely

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labelled " has been formed in the City. Several eminent merchants have joined it.

At the Central Criminal Court, yesterday (Friday), Edmund Keefe and

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James Turner, described as labourers, were tried before Mr. Baron Bram- well, in the New Court, for attempting to poison Honoria Turner, wife of the second prisoner. She had...


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SrocK Excauroz, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The Money Market has this week been characterized by an active demand for capital, for which full rates have been required. The demand has made...

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It is an instructive study when we look back on the struggles of a great truth in reaching the light, to mark its tortuous and uneven path. When, however, the sight of the truth...


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Mr. Lund, to whom the public are indebted for so many ingenious im- provements in letterclips, corkscrews, bottle-rests, and other household implements, has patented a new mode...


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57, St. John's Street Road, 20th October, 1859. SIR—As my newly Patented Joiht was deemed sufficiently meritorious to be worthy of special notice in a lute number of your...

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THE INTERNATIONAL PARLIAMENT. LIMITED as the function of Congress may be, and perhaps should be, its proceedings will constitute a great legislative act for Europe. No previous...


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THE complaint of the Anglo-Indians which has first found voice in Bengal is perfectly natural. Not to pay, but to be paid, is the recognized right of every Englishman in India....

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IN speaking at a banquet given to him by his late constituents at Northampton, Lord Lyveden has raised a question bearing directly upon the morale of public criticism. Speaking...

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Gan great contemporary the Times takes the Colonial Secretary to account for having observed that if reporters attended the in- terview respecting the recall of Sir George Grey,...


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IT is but a few weeks since we have had a report of " another difficulty" with the United States, accompanied by all kinds of gloomy anticipations; and even hints of some breach...

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" EiTun si muove !" is a remark that recurs to cheer us when we are daunted by what looks like the barbarous nightmare obstruc- tion of imperfect civilization. Our criminal...

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THE more earnest and business-like habits of Englishmen as com- pared with those of other nations have had, we think,—though the assertion may sound a little paradoxical,—some...

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Itttrrs III tip &au.

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AN INDIAN COUNCIL TN ENGLAND. Sin — Continental politics are temporarily in suspense ; rumours and expectations supplant the more exciting reports of telegrams and de- spatches...


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Belguum,18th August, 1859. SIR—I have had no opportunity of becoming acquainted with the work- ing of the present system, so as to arrive at an idea of its faults, wants,...


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MILL'S DISSERTATIONS AND DISCUSSIONS.* Mn. MILL has republished in a permanent form the more valuable of those papers contributed by him, during a series of years, to various...

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EPIDEMICS OF TIM MIDDLE AGES. * WE are not now going

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to review the book in which Dr. Cumming announces with so much self-complacency the coming of "The Great Tribulation " ; our present business is with a writer of a very...

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FRIENDS IN COUNCIL. * IN the new series of Friends in

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Council we gladly renew old amities and cultivate fresh ones. Again we listen to the specu- lations of the genial cosmopolitan Milverton, comparatively care- less how things...

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[SECOND NOTICE.] A3IONG the vegetable wonders of Ceylon described by Sir Emerson Tennent the foremost place belongs in right of seniority to the sacred Bo-tree of Anarajapoora,...

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Again the books of the week consist for the most part of new editions and reprints. One new book which has already achievdd - Rotoriety ; if not fame, is that which bears the...

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Messrs. Routledge and Co. announce " A Diary in India," by Mr. W. H. Russell, the well-known correspondent of the Times. It will form two volumes post octavo. Mr. Murray,...


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In regard to music at home, we can at present speak only in the future tense. London is beginning to have a winter musical season, which is becoming more and more active. We...


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The leading novelty of the day is Les Belles du aeur, a piece in five acts, written by M. Auguste Maquet on the basis of one of his own novels, and performed at the Vaudeville....

ttOr 64tatres.

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Miss Louise Keeley has achieved such an extraordinary success in a version of La Chatte metamorphosee en _Femme, which has been produced at the Princess's Theatre under the...

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The public are aware that Mario had become the impresario

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of the Royal Opera at Madrid. It appears that his management has come to a sudden and unlooked-for termination. The theatre opened on the 6th of this month with Norma, in which...


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On the 31st of July, at Tonghoo, Burman, the Wife of James Alexander Day, Esq., Captain 37th Madras Grenadiers, of a daughter. On the 4th of October, at Lansdown Place,...


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Bankrupts.—WILLIAM Airmen. D'Ancv, Alpha Road, Regent's Park, dealer in horses—JOSEPH CHARLES MORGAN, Ann's Terrace, Cambridge Heath, builder— ALEXANDER PAINE, Grove Terrace,...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Satan:. Monday. Tuesday. Wanss. Tours. !rider. 951 951 93 4 95/ 951 95 1 961 951 951 961 931 96 941 941 944 NI 94; 96! 941 941 914...