2 APRIL 1859

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Although the other businosa in Parliament pales in interest before

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the Reform Bill, it has been by no means unimportant, even in those proseedings that have box of &negative character. For example, Lord John Russell's contbseion that his...


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TICE great Representation Debate is at length over ; the climax, foreseen a week ago, has arrived with somewhat more emphasis than was contemplated ; Ministers have been...

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The latest accounts confirm the report that the Five Powers

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have agreed to the holding of Congress on the questions between Austria and Italy ; Italy to be heard in the Congress. The explanations given by Lord Malmesbury in the Upper...

Frhutrs unit runhing inVarlinnaut

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Houss OF LORDS. Monday, March 28. The State of Europe; Lord Malmes- bury's Answer to Lord Clarendon—Manor Courts (Ireland) Bill read a third...

Notwithstanding the decidedly favourable aspect of the re- venue accounts,

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the immediate look of the Money Market is not altogether cheering. On Friday night last week, at the instance of Lord Ellenborough, the Premier announced a fearful change in the...

Mr. Gladstone's successor in Ionia, Sir Henry Storks, has not

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allowed the grass to grow under his feet. He has appointed, with the concurrence of the Senate, a commission, which seems very well composed, "to inquire into all the public...

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The summoning of a Congress on the Italian question having been agreed to, the great Powers have been engaged in deciding how it shall be composed, and what it shall discuss,...

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The electioneering reports hying about would seem to indicate that a general election is not considered improbable. Mr. Walter retires from Nottingham to succeed, if possible,...

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TliE QUEEN, the Prince Consort, said the Royal children, returned from the Isle of 'Wight to Buckingham Palace on Tuesday afternoon. On Wed- nesday the Earl of Derby bad an...

Of 31111 - n411UL

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At the Court of Common Council, on Thursday, it was announced that the Emperor Napoleon, as a mark of his appreciation of the flattering re- ception which his Imperial Majesty...

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The Belfast N'orthern Whig announces that Mr. W. Carey Dobbs, M.P. for Carrickfergus, will succeed the late Mr. Medley as judge of the Landed Estates Court. It is said that in...

foreign ad Colonial.

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staht.—The journals of Piedmont are in no degree discouraged by the prospect of a Congress. Seeing that Russia takes the initiative, they hope for a solution in favour of Italy,...

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IT is not entirely without a philosophic truth that the writer of fiction usually contrives to make the story end happily ; for, we feel, that if all who possess the power and...


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On the 21th of March, at Park House, East Cowes, Isle of Wight, the Wife of the Hon. Henry W. Petre. of a son. On the 25th, at Kemal Manor House, the Wife of Major-General Percy...


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The Earl of Derby has recommended the Queen to elevate three gen- tlemen to the Peerage. The three new Peers, says the Times, arc, first, Sir Charles Morgan, of Trodegar, in...

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The Dresden Journal states that the Five Powers may be

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regarded as having agreed to the preliminaries of the approaching Congress. The day of assembling will probably be the 30th April next, but the place of meeting is not yet...

According to a thoroughly well-informed account which we receive, Mr.

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D. R. Heywood, the eminent banker, seems tolerably certain to suc- ceed Mr. William Brown, the present Member for South Lancashire. Indeed it seems likely that he will do so...

The Division List shows that thirty-five Liberals voted with the

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Government on Thursday night ; among whom were Lord Elcho, Sir Arthur Elton, Mr. W. H. Gregory, Mr. Francis Maguire, Lord Lincoln, Mr. Horsman, Mr. Thomson Hankey, and Mr....

flniitl3rts, lashing, rahr, r.

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THE wholesale drapery warehouses in the City have been busy this week, nearly all of them having "dated forward" on Monday last. The large general houses appear to have had the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The Consol Market maintains a wonderful amount of strength, consider- ing the condition of our Indian finance, the European Loans, and the...

The Postmaster-General has issued the following Notice under the signi-

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ficant title of "Letters &c. must be Fully Addressed." "Much difficulty is experienced in the delivery to their right owners of letters imperfectly addressed ; and Postmasters...

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POSTSCRIPT SA.T11RDAY AFTERNOON. The immediate effect of the division on Thursday night was the sum- moning of a Cabinet Council yesterday. It sat some hours ; and on its...

Tried a second time at Tralee, Daniel Sullivan, one of

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the Phoenix Club conspirators, was yesterday found gully and sentenced to ten years' penal servitude. One of the engineers of the Bogota, .Tames William Mitchell, was con-...

The Queen will hold a Levee at St. James's Palace

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on the 6th, and a Drawingroom on the 14th April. Captain Frederic Sayer has been appointed Police Magistrate at Gibraltar. Major-General Marcus Slade has been appointed...

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(From our own Correspondent.) In Paris, after Lent, a number of weddings usually take place, and just now many families are deeply absorbed in arranging the delightful...


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Of late several new fabrics have been introduced for portieres and window-curtains. Coteline, which is a thick figured material in two colours, or in two shades of the same...


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Good news for the admirers of ceramic art ! The admirable blue and white wedgwood ware, the production of which ceased soon after the death of its distinguished inventor, is now...

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TENDENCIES OF THE REFORM DISCUSSION. IT is an ill wind, we repeat, which blows nobody good ; but the half-consolatory maxim is a contradiction in terms. There is no ill wind....


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I. The following is an Abstract of the gross Produce of the Revenue of the United ICim;dom, in the undermentioned periods, ended March 31, 1859, tampered with the corresponding...

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THERE is one point in the Reform discussions which we are in- clined to keep separately in view for the greater distinctness. Those who are for retaining the small boroughs...


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IN looking over the list of subjects in the examination for entrance into the Civil Service we are struck with the all but universal introduction of history and geography as...

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1VE are beginning to learn, none too early, that the improvement of one trade is a contribution towards the whole progress of our race—its wealth, intellect, and even its...

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ADOLPHUS TROLLOPE'S ITALIAN WOMEN.* THIS Decade of Dobkin Women is a much better book than some might have expected from its subject, and the " antecedents " of the author. In...


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SOME of our contemporaries have been discussing, with more or less vague- ness, the practical value of American securities. We have from time to time shown what are the real...


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THE deficiency of dock accommodation in the port of London as manifested by the crowded state of the river above Woolwich, is a serious and growing evil, the results of which,...

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THE interest of events connected with the Indian mutiny has somewhat faded in the public mind, partly from the number of books that have been published, and the general sameness...

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LIKE other fictions of the day Life's Foreshadowings is as much designed to embody a theory or illustrate a principle as to tell a story . In the novel before us, however, the...

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The long debates on the Reform Bill, and the uncertain consequences that might follow, have considerably reduced the number of Publications of mark. Except the Reverend John...

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Messrs. Blackwood have published the concluding volume of Miss Strick- land's second series of Royal Lives, and have announced for early publica- tion the eighth and last volume...

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$iu /rts.

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SOCIETY OF BRITISH ARTISTS. Out of more than eight hundred contributions, how many can we unfeignedly commend ? The landscape painters, after our English fashion, are of course...

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The appearance of Henry V, which, according to promise was revived at the Princess's on Monday night, has more than answered the sanguine expectations entertained with respect...

Mrs. Charles Young, by her very spirited acting in Mr.

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Edward Falconer's new play Francesca, produced on Thursday last at the Lyceum, caused us to forget for a moment our regret that such a dull and unintelligible piece of...


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• The managers of the Crystal Palace are much given to anniversaries. Last Saturday was the anniversary of the death of Beethoven two and thirty years before ; and the event was...

Tonight (Saturday) a new comedy by Mr. Stirling Coyne, called

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Etzerybody'e Friend, will be produced at the Haymarket, with a powerful east.

Fashionable .Arrimals, an agreeable farce of Mr. Mark Lemon's, has

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been revived at the Olympic.

The Royal Italian Opera at Covent Garden opens this evening

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with the Troratore. Madame Lotti, who appears in the part of Leonora, and Signor Debassini, who takes the part of the Count de Luna, (in which the baritone Graziani, who has...

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The admirable spirit in which Messrs. Sotheby and Wilkinson have prepared for the most important sale of the manuscripts, some as early as the seventh century, collected by that...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Bogard. Monday. Tatsday.ilrednes. Than. Friday. 3 per Cen Consols 021 961 96/ I 95; 951 951 Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, MARCH 29. Bankruptcy Annulled.-TUOILAS ADA.M4, jun. Harborne, Staffordshire, victualler. Bankrupts:-JAI1ES TRIMSAM Beane, Frederick's Place, Old Kent...