2 APRIL 1977

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Not much carrot from Healey

The Spectator

Nicholas Davenport There can be nothing so boring as watching a BBC or ITV programme covering the Budget speech. Wiseacre pundits are called upon to comment on snippets of the...

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No room for manoeuvre

The Spectator

r rom Mr Healey we have now had ten budgets and Umpteen predictions about what is going to happen to the rate of inflation. Of his latest effort it can at any rate be said that...

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Political Commentary

The Spectator

Dangerous liaison John Grigg The Lib-Lab deal which kept the Government in office last Wednesday is clearly advantageous to Mr Callaghan, and potentially so to Mrs Thatcher,...

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The Spectator

The magazine 'West Africa' says that Major Marien Ngouabi, President of the people's Republic of the Congo, may have been murdered by left-wingers. This strikes me as unfair...

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Three Irishmen in a boat

The Spectator

Auberon Waugh One of the oddest results of the Spectator's inquiry into its readers' tastes and aversions was a demand for more political analysis and comment. In my six years...

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Our reborn President

The Spectator

Nicholas von Hoffman Washington The event that called forth goose pimples and lachrymose attention here was the return of the commission sent to Hanoi to learn whatever there...

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Counting the cost in Portugal

The Spectator

John Biggs-Davison One reason why Dr Alvaro Cunhal and his fellow-Stalinists could make a humiliating mess of their revolution without threat to their leadership was that for...

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Turks under the bed

The Spectator

Taki Theodoracopulos When I rang my father on a business matter in Athens last week, he was rather rude about the British in general and planespotters in particular. 'A likely...

The Capitoline Community

The Spectator

Peter Nichols Rome The trouble with Europe is that each country making up the Community is in its way lovable and loved, but when they are brought together they become an...

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Levinite democracy

The Spectator

Tony Craig Readers of Mr Bernard Levin's perorations in The Times are unlikely to identify him as an ardent trade unionist. But it is he, above anYone else, who is leading what...

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The burden of history

The Spectator

Colin Bell Edinburgh Lord Acton maintained that history provides neither compensation for suffering nor penalties for wrong; but Acton's background was staunchly Catholic, not...

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Death of an image

The Spectator

C hristopher Booker 'D espairing Cities! The despair of cities! Oh! municipal councillors who have sown despair in your cities!" Le Corbusier, (jrbanissue, 1924) Just before...

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A general's rod

The Spectator

Brian Inglis 'At first sight,' William Barrett wrOte some eighty years ago, 'few subjects appear to be so unworthy of serious notice and so utterly beneath scientific...

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National hope

The Spectator

Jeffrey Bernard It's a funny old race is the Grand National. Jf I tell you what I really think of it as a betting proposition then something's bound to go wrong, but I will...


The Spectator

Sir: Patrick Cosgrave's article on Jack Jones in last week's (19 March) Spectator was as wrong-headed and spiteful A piece of journalism as I can recollect. I do not recognise...

How dare he?

The Spectator

Sir: Yes, how vulgar of Mr Ferdinand Mount (5 March) to dare to criticise the Provost of King's! Only a common person, out of touch with modern intellectual trends, would...

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The Lib-Lab pact

The Spectator

Sir: A few Labour spokesmen, to their lasting credit, would have preferred the Government to be defeated rather than risk their party being compromised. There must be many more...

Yes—Scotch Sir: No one has ever objected to the people

The Spectator

of Britain being called British, nor the people of England, English ; the people of Wales, Welsh; the people of Ireland, Irish; the people of France, French—and even the...

Metropolitan mobility

The Spectator

Sir: Tony Craig's fascinating article (5 March) on the Greater London Council Labour Party manifesto made me race back to have another look at my copy—particularly the...

Caroline Lamb Sir: It is absurd of Auberon Waugh (1 9

The Spectator

March) to compare Mrs Trudeau with Caroline Lamb. Caroline Lamb was an artist, if manic-depressive, egotistic and eccentric. '[feel intensely—is that madness?' she asked. It...

Rebuke Sir: May another American reader attempt to answer Jay

The Spectator

Williams's question (26 February) about Nicholas von Hoffman s 'qualification' to report on American aft fairs? They should be readily apparent.. with a complete...

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The trouble with Christopher

The Spectator

Peter Conrad Christopher and his Kind Christopher Isherwood (Eyre Methuen e4.95) Isherwood has only ever had one subject: himself. The political reversals which drove him to...

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No fizz

The Spectator

Jan Morris Lafayette Peter Buckman (Paddington Press E5.95) There is Lafayette La., and Lafayette Ind., and there is USS Lafayette the submarine, and there seems to be a...

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Tales from the woods

The Spectator

H. J. Eysenck The Wild Boy of Aveyron Harlan Lane (Allen and Unwin £6.95) Omal: 'Noble Savage' Michael Alexander (Collins and Harvill £5.95) The myth of the feral child has...

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A tale of two towns

The Spectator

Christopher Booker My Cambridge introduced by Ronald Hayman, My Oxford introduced by Ann Thwaite (Robson Books £4.75) 'They were good practical little meetings, as I remember,...

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Lynched in court

The Spectator

Phillip Knightley Scapegoat: The Truth About the Lindbergh Kidnapping Anthony Scaduto (Secker and Warburg 26.50) On 3 April 1936, guards at Trenton State Prison, New Jersey,...

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Funny girl

The Spectator

Benny Green Reeling Pauline (Marion Boyars £9.95) Double Takes Alexander Walker (Elm Tree Books £5.95) The traditional attitude has always been that the cinema review is too...


The Spectator

Peter Ackroyd Sombrero Fallout Richard Brautigan (Cape £3.50) Reunion Fred Uhlman (Collins/Harvill £2.50) The Girl in the Picture Diana Melly (Duckworth £3.25) There is one...

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Books and Records Wanted

The Spectator

vole. ARCHITECTURE of Sir E. Lutyerus by ASG Butler and LIFE by C. HUSSEY. Rankin, 123 Marlborough Park South, Belfast 9, IN ANOTHER COUNTRY by John Bayley. Write Spectator Box...

Advertisements in the "Books & Records Wanted" column are charged

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at a special half-price lineage rate of 30p a line (minimum 2 lines), and orders must be accompanied by a remittance for the full value, Box number : 20p extra.

Ah me!

The Spectator

Elizabeth Smart First Love Ivan Turgenev. Translate d from the Russian by Isaiah Berlin (Peacock Books 45p) This exquisite, artful, crafty tale makes 3 perfect introductory...

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Blood and money

The Spectator

Patrick Cosgrave Carlos Complex: A Pattern of , v Mance Christopher Dobson and o n a I d Payne (Hodder and Stoughton £5.50 ) :I.Cannot deny that waiting for death is a...

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The Spectator

Eastern Seaboard sounds Penelope GilHatt New York New York, the city of strange sayings muttered to the air: as though the city's infamous pollution absorbed speech, as though...


The Spectator

More light Rodney Milnes Henze's first opera, Boulevard Solitude (1952) was given at the Theatre Royal , Glasgow, last week in a new production by the Stuttgart Opera. This...

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The Spectator

Erotic master John MeEwen The exhibition of Utamaro prints at Wildenstein (till 6 April) is superb. Do not miss it on any account—for one thing it is unlikely that you will...

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The Spectator

Lost star Clancy Sigal A Star is Born (Warner West End) My idea of hell is having to sit through A Star Is Born (AA certificate) twice. It is a sufferingly bad movie about the...


The Spectator

Unruly choir Ted Whitehead Gimme Shelter (Royal Court) The onset of spring brought with it 1 11 Y usual bout of inter-seasonal influenza, with the result that I missed Julius...

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T elevision

The Spectator

Arrogance Richard Ingrams Readers must forgive me if I return, 800 ker-like, to the affair of the Panorama film about Faraday comprehensive school, b . e cause the rumpus...