2 AUGUST 1851

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The National Assembly of France has resolved to prorogue it-

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self from the 10th of August till the 4th of November. The recess, however, will not afford a respite from labour. Measures are adopted by representatives to sooth exasperated...

- While we are still under the influence of excitement from

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Mr. Gladstone's denunciation - of the system at Naples, Marshal Ra- detzky supplies a conspicuous, harsh, and shocking illustration of the same system at the opposite end of the...

The meeting of farmers at Ipswich may be regarded as

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a " sign of the times," though it is not altogether unequivocal. From some of the names of those who were present, and the connexion with an agitating society that has not yet...


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TILE proceedings in both Houses of Parliament have borne a gro- tesque resemblance to the movements of a family about to set out on a journey. As people in that predicament are...

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Vrhatrg frn Vrurrrhings iu parliaturut.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. HOVER OF LORDS. Monday, July 28. Appellate Jurisdiction in Scotch cases— Smithfield Market Removal Bill ; Amendments of Select Committee...

The incident in preparation for the ensuing week is of

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a more peaceful and pleasant character. Determined not to be outdone in the glories of the Exposition, Paris takes its turn with London and Liverpool in feasting the...

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'At 311ttrupalio.

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Dr. Brown and Dr. Burgess, the Roman Catholic Bishops of Clifton and Shrewsbury, were consecrated on Sunday, at the Roman Catholic Church in St. George's Fields. Cardinal...

ibt Court.

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THE Royal Family has remained at Osborne, and the Court Circular re- cords the usual diligence in walking, driving, and riding. We observe that the Prince of Wales now joins his...

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The Suffolk Farmers, whose meeting at Stowmarket in June last created some stir, and who then, despairing of a return to protection, if not convinced of its injustice, formed...

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In the last Dublin Gazette is inserted a notice of certain bequests which have been left in trust to three of the Irish Roman Catholic Bishops, the titles of whose sees are...

Amp nub &hula inerrez.—Frenela political news contains one important fact

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: the vote of the prorogation of the Assembly, which is fixed for the 10th of August; the vacation to continue until the 4th of November. The next event is the nomination of the...

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The Princess Augustus of Saxe Coburg Gotha arrived in town from Esher on Wednesday, and started for Ostend in the evening. Lord Cowley, British Ambassador at Frankfort, left...

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Drury Lane has slid back into the position of an

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equestrian circus, with a troop composed of French and American artists. Madame Caroline is a celebrity of the first rank, and Messrs. Stone and M'Collum are good men in their...


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SATURDAY. An immense quantity of " business " was got through in the House of Commons yesterday ; the House sitting from noon until it was counted out between eight and nine o...

t4t i4tatrto.

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The profits of the theatres are said to be now enormous. The throngs of people drawn to the Metropolis by the "shilling days" of the Crystal Palace seem determined to go to some...

Mr. Russell withdrew from the contest at Limerick on Thursday—a

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day of immense excitement; leaving Lord Arundel and Surrey without an op- ponent. The nomination was to take place yeeterday. Mr. Russell with- draws because he will not divide...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Anew:owe The English Stock Market has been heavy for the whole week, and con- tinues so. The fluctuation has been insignificant ; the variation in the...

Another sign of theatrical prosperity is the extension of Mr.

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MitchelPs season. Usually Mademoiselle Rachel ' s engagement terminates the French dramatic year ; but she is now succeeded by the veteran Bout, who revives from a long...

In a leading article, this morning, which professes to go

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upon peculiarly g ood information, the Times gives a new shape to the intelligence from Rome. It denies that the Pope has demanded the withdrawal of the French troops, but...

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Ie Mr. Gladstone tells, on his own knowledge and authoLity stories precisely like those related hy Mazzini, Andryane, Pepc, and tigo Foscoln, the impressions produeed on his own...


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THE QUEEN'S PROROGATION SPEECH. .A.cconnrem to the rule of modern practice, as our readers are aware, the fact that the Queen prorogues Parliament in person indicates that her...

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"C01737.17 meetings are a farce," said the Duke of Wellington be- fore the Reform 'era: civic public meetings, after the disclosure of Mr. Raikes Currie, will not he regarded as...


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THE decisfon of the French Assembly, not to accept the proposed revision of the Constitution as a means of appealing to the nation, cuts off one mode of escaping from the dead...

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Krttrn to tilt Cbitnr. THE NATIONAL MAUSOLEUM.

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Chancery Lane, 25th July 1851. Sin—Your notice in last week's number of the erection of a monument in Westminster Abbey to the memory of that valuable public servant and...


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IT must be the weather—there are such unmistakeable signs that chaos is once more approaching. All the world is going to all manner of places, on the slightest pretexts ; every-...

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Limerick, 8th July 1851. Sin—In the last number of your able and impartial journal, referring to the diminution of the population of Ireland as shown by the late census, you...


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London, 31st July 1851. SIR—The New Zealand Settlements Bill has given rise to some proceed- ings in the House of Commons this week, of which DO intelligible account appears in...


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North Brixton, 9th July 1851. Sin—If it were not for the peculiar nature of the case, the incompatibility . of Lord Granville's opinions on the general subject of patents with...

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Fox's SIX COLONIES 0 - F NEW ZEALAND. * Tim author of this work is a graduate of Oxford, and a barrister of the Inner Temple, who in 1840 forsook the purlieus of Fleet Street...

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DE SOTO'S EXPEDITION TO FLORIDA. * THE armament with which Ferdinand

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de Soto set out to discover and conquer another Mexico, as he fancied, in the swampy plains and forests of Florida, was one of the most gallant and best-appointed that ever...

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MRS. DA.NIELS'S FERNLEY MANOR. * Is a reader stopped in the

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earlier portion of this novel, he would pronounce it deficient in subject and commonplace in matter ; not bad, but weak. If he went on to the end, he might trace some crudeness...


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BOOKS. On the State of Man Subsequent to the Promulgation of Christianity. (Small Books on Great Subjects. Edited by a Few Wellwishers to Knowledge. No. XLX ) Etght Years in...

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THE G ROSVENOR P ICTU RES. A previous disappointment or so will scarcely be grudged by the lover - of art who obtains final admission to the Grosvenor pictures ; which we...

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OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, July 25.-Corps of Royal Engineers-Lieut.-Col. A. 13701V111 to be Col. vice Vavasour, dec.; Capt. H. Williams to be Lieut.-Col.; Capt. J. Hawk- shaw tube...


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Shortly after the death of Wordsworth, a committee was formed among his friends and more immediate admirers for the purpose of setting up a tablet to his memory in Grasmere...


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Mr. Marshall's Diorama of a Tour through Europe, of which we ex- pressed a high opinion on its first opening at the Concert-room of Her Majesty's Theatre, has been removed to...


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Messrs. Graves are about to engrave a picture (now on view at their establishment) by Mr. Stephen Pearce, bearing the above title, and re- presenting the discussion of a plan of...


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ADMIRALTY, July 24.-Corps of Royal Marines-Sec. Lieut. C. L. A. Farmer to be First Lieut. vice G. Montagu, resigned ; Sec. Lieut. W. Kelly to be First Lieut. vice W. H. W....


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On the 23c1 July. at St. Amities, Lady Acland Hood, of a daughter. On the 23d, at West Stafford, Dorset, the Wife of John Floyer, Esq., M.P., of a son and heir. On the 24th, at...

Zymotle Diseases Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or

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variable seat Tubercular Diseases Diseases of the Strain, Spinal Marrow, Nerves, and Senses Diseases] of the Heart and Blood-vessels Diseases of the Lungs, and of the other...

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114 23 61 171 38 831 104 491 80 931 cad. 61 1241 43 62 16 221 844 182 181 lilies d. 112 78 Proprietors' Capital £14,553,000 Rest 3a23,598 Public Deposits . 4,293,495 Other...


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PART:4E861CM DissoLvED.-Creasy and Wilkinson, Brighton, auctioneers-H. and s. LeMott, Derby, coal-merchants-Wincote and Dike, Charlwood Street, Pimlico, builders-Brown and...