2 AUGUST 1856

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PAB.LIAXENT employed a few more hours in decently completing the forms of the business before it ; it duly read a third time and passed those bills which were intended, to be...

The report of the Select Committee of the Commons on

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the Sound Dues is discussed by the journals in a manner which im- plies that the Government is ready to recognize the claims of Denmark, and to pay the quota of this country...

The report from Spain is very similar to the account

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last week ; but, paradoxically, the continuance implies a certain change in the state Of affairs. The "recent events," as they are politely called in the Paris Ilfoniteur,...

Queen Victoria has turned from Parliament to a new assembly

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of national representatives—her Majesty has been reviewing an army of twenty thousand troops at Aldershot. Here she had before her the Light Division which so distinguished....

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The American news is almost devoid of political interest. The

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contest between the two chief candidates for the Presidency has become uncertain in proportion to the increase of activity on both sides, and the supporters of Fremont now claim...

An awful volcanic visitation of the Moluccas is remarkable for

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the extent of the destruction inflicted. The eruption of the great Saugir volcano, the sudden flood of glowing lava, the outburst of boiling water, the conflagration, the...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEER. Horse OE Loans. Saturday, July 26. Bishops of London and Durham Retire- ment Bill; Commons' Amendment agreed to—Appropriation Bill read a third...

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The Court of Common Council sat on Thursday, and among other business presented the freedom of the City and a sword to Sir William Williams of Kars. The General was introduced...

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THE QUEEN held a Privy Council at Osborne on Monday ; when the Royal Speech on the prorogation of Parliament was submitted, and ap- proved by her Majesty in Council. The Duke of...

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Mr. Strad, in a farewell address to his Nottingham constituents . , states that he was informed "the Queen was desirous of marking the interest which she takes in the great...

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The annual races at Goodwood have maintained their old character ' not- withstanding the fears of some who anticipated a decline of sport. They began on Tuesday ; when there was...

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fram.—Very little intelligence has arrived this week from France. The Emperor was to leave Plombieres today for Nancy, where he would stay until Monday, and then set out for...


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The Tipperary Independent County Club recently sent a deputation to Mr. Smith O'Brien for the purpose of inducing him to permit himself to be put in nomination for the seat at...

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Tun QUEEN AT ALDERSHOT.—The Queen came up to Aldershot, from Osborne, on Wednesday, to review the great body of troops now in camp. There were no fewer than 21,000 men under...

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Last night, the Fishmongers Company held their banquet to celebrate

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the accession of the house of Hanover to the throne of England. Mr. Wandsey presided, in the absence of Mr. Kynaston the Prime Warden. Lord Palmerston was the chief guest. After...

During the late Edinburgh election, Mr. Duncan M‘Laren took a

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promi- nent part in organizing the opposition to Mr. Adam Black. The Scoteman, which supported Mr. Black's nomination with great vigour, published several attacks on Mr....

Marshal Pelissier arrived yesterday at Marseilles. He was "received with

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great pomp " ; and tomorrow there will be a banquet in his ho- nour. General Codrington, accompanied by his Aide-de-camp Captain Arthur Ponsonby, landed at Dover yesterday...


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SATURDAY. The Daily News publishes the following extract from the Moniteur of this morning. "Madrid, August 1.—General Dulce entered Saragossa today, at half- past one in the...

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Mr. Charles Mathews appeared before the judge of the Insolvent

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Court at Lancaster yesterday. He "looked very haggard and much careworn." Mr. Mathews was arrested some time since at Manchester, at the suit of a creditor resident there, as he...

"Very extraordinary and scandalous proceedings have occurred this week at

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West Hartlepool. It appears that Mr. Ralph Jackson, the patron, and the Reverend John Burges, the incumbent of Christchurch, are at bitter feud on "the School question." Mr....

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The new piece produced at the Haymarket, with the title Second Love, may fairly rank a degree higher than the generality of modern pro- ductions; for, at any rate, it turns on a...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The variations in the English Funds continue moderate, but on the whole the Market has been languid : the transactions have been very limited...

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There have been very fine performances at the Lyceum during

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the week. The operas have been Lucrezia Borgia, the Barbiere di Siviglia, and the 11.ovatore ; and the season terminates this evening with the Fa- corien. These pieces have...


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A drame in seven acts, entitled Le Fleets des _Vera, has been produced at the Ambigu-Comique, and is one specimen more of that pirate-play which now seems to hold exclusive...

Mademoiselle Piccolomini and her advisers have chosen, for the last

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of the three parts which have formed her repertory of the season, Norina in Don Pasquale ; which she performed on Saturday last and repeated on Tuesday. They might easily have...


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The Fourth Session of the Parliament of 1852 was opened on Thursday the 31st January, by the Queen in person' and prorogued on Tuesday July 29th, by commission. Duration of the...

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THE PROROGATION OF 18,56. Pkitra - txr..sr sat for six months, to witness the conclusion of peace and to enable Dr. Blomfield and Dr. Maltby to retire. There were indeed a...

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.1 . 11b, TORY LEADER.

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ACCORDING to Mr. Disraeli's preface, his review of the session on Friday night was a political essay undertaken and published at "the request of friends." Having reviewed a...

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Tire Moniteur hails "with sympathy" the "recent events in Spain." The professed reason for this welcome extended to the proceedings of O'Donnell is that the Espartero Ministry...

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You must pick your soldier well, of a constitution suitable for the military life ; he must not be too young, you must feed him properly, and you must give him aastic training....


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Bra Cus vies TREVELYAN has the merit of having proposed the best plan yet devised for the improvement of the centre of Westminster. He not only lays down the principles of a...

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T HE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. [We insert the following remarks made by a distinguished American upon the Spectator's article of July 5 on the United States, not only because...


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IT has never been thought unfair to apply to the taste and morals of a people the touchstone of their public amusements. These form the sphere in which a nation is least...

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Ityde, Isle of Wight, 218t July 1856. Sra—It appears presumptuous to make statements at variance with the opinions of the majority,. and take up a position the correctness of...

[For BOORS, MUSIC, ana COMMERCIAL STATISTICS, see the accompanying Monthly

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JULY 22. WA-8 Dr.r.utrur.wr, Pall Mall, July 22.—Caralry—lst Life Guards—C. W. Dun- eombe, Gent. to be Cornet and Sub-Lieut. by purchase, vice Lord C....


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On the 23d July, at Barton House, Canterbury, the Wife of Major D'A g uilar, C.B., of a dau g hter. On the 23d, at Alborou g h Hall, Norfolk, the Lady of James Gay, Es q ., of a...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JULY 25. Ansmasirr, July 11.—Corps of Royal Marines—First Lieut. T. B. V. FitzGerald to be Capt. vice Brooker, dec. July 18.—Her Majesty has been...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JULY 29. Partnerships Dissolved.—W. and R. Hoyle, Halifax, worsted-spinners—Goddard and Co. Mincing Lane, brokers—Cox and Warden, Beaminster,...

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BR IT ISH FUNDS. (Closing PriceS.) Monday. Tuardsy. Wedner. Thurs. Friday. 951 951 964 961 at 1 2171 235 20 pm. 100/ — 955 951 951 954 951 951 951 954 95/ 95# 86 961 95/...

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London : Printed by tosses Ctsrrois, of HO, Strand,, in

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the County of Middlesex, Printer, atthe office of Josxru CLLT - TON, No, 10, Crane Court, in the Parish of St. Dimstan's in the West, In the City of London; and Published by the...

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DE TOCQIIEVILDE'S SOCIETY IN FRANCE BEFORE THE REVOLUTION. * THIS inquiry into the condition of France before the great Revo- lution, in order to explain the apparent wonders of...

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AUGUST 2, 1856.

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Colonel Lake occupies about two-thirds of his book ; and consists of private letters written from the ciyto families or friends by the late Captain Thompson, General Wil- liams,...

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THE country which was the subject of Lieutenant Burton's travels is that tongue of land which projects in an Easterly direc- tion from the continent of Africa, stretching into...

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To a dweller in this "wilderness of brick and mortar," in these sultry August days, the pleasant, gossiping, thoughtful article entitled Seaside Sketches," in Blackwood, will...

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Boots. On the State of Society in France before the Revolution of 1789; and on the causes which led to that Brent. By Alexis de Tocqueville, Member of the French Academy....

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Tams Posthunies pour Piano de Fred. Chopin. Puhlies par Jules

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Fontana. Paris. When Chopin died, seven years ago-still young, but after. years of decaying health-he left a great number of manuscripts, which had fallen into much confusion....

Polyhytnnia : a Collection of Part-Songs and Gkes. Composed by

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Hrs. Mounsey Bartholomew. Mrs. Bartholomew's Collection of Part-Songs which appeared a few years ago ' and which is in the usual harmony of four vocal parts, has now been...


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A short time back, the Times, in its City article, sounded an alarm on the "fever of speculation now gradually commencing" ; the great influx of bullion giving rise to schemes...


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TRADE AND NAVIGATION ACCOUNTS FOR TIM MOSTA AND 'US MONTHS DNDKD 30TII JUNE 1856 AND 1855. 5166th ended'June 80, Six Months ended June 110, EXPORTS. 1656. 1833. 1838. 18.55....

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The accounts submitted to recent meetings of proprietors of London Joint-Stock Banks are calculated to excite peculiar interest, from the fact that within the past twelve months...