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The Right Hon. W. E. Forster was installed yesterday week

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as Lord Rector of Aberdeen University, and delivered an address on the relation of University studies to political success, in which, while denying that book:culture was the...

Towards the end of his address Mr. Forster made an

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auto- biographical remark, which will interest all who have noticed at once the singular largeness of his political sympathies and the strong individuality which colours and...

Prince Gortschakoff has addressed a letter to Count Schouvaloff, dated

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November 19, and published in the Journal of St. Peters- burg, in which he repeats the ideas expressed by the Czar to Lord A. Loftus. He asks why, if Russia wished to carry out...

The situation in the United States becomes more and more

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-complicated, the legality as well as the fairness of some of the Returning Boards being impugned. The Returning Board of South Carolina, for example, is in prison, under an...

NEWS OF THE WEEK T HE European diplomatists are not hurrying

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themselves. Lord Salisbury is not expected to arrive in Constantinople till the Sth December, the first informal meeting will be on the 8th, and the formal Conference will not...

The Editors cannot undertake to return Manuscript in any case.

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The Right lion. James Whiteside, the Lord Chief Justice of

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Ireland, died on Saturday at Brighton, somewhat unexpectedly. He was not a great Judge, or a very able politician, but he was a splendid advocate when he had a jury to deal...

Thomas Carlyle has written a letter to Mr. George Howard,

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in which he expresses at some length his views of the F.astern situation. He thinks the Russians a "good and even noble " element in Europe, they having the virtue of obedience...

The news from the Cape is not favourable, the victories

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of the Kaffirs against the Transvaal troops making all natives believe that they can defeat the white men. No threats have yet been directed against the colonists, but plans for...

The French Ultras, assisted by a good many Liberals, have

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endeavoured to reduce the Budget of Public Worship, but with- out success, although they have defeated a sensible proposal by M. Dufaure for a small increase to the salaries of...

Mr. Goschen made his expected speech to the Egyptian Bond-

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holders on Tuesday, and was very warmly received. The speech was of great length, but contained much new information,—for example, that the late Finance Minister, Ismail Sadyk,...

Mr. Disraeli stated in the House of Commons last summer

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that it was not necessary to bring pressure to bear on the Sultan, since no Power could be more anxious to be guided by English advice than was the Government of Turkey. We have...

Mr. Horsman, M.P. for Liskeard, and nicknamed by Mr. Disraeli

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" a superior person," from a certain air of assumption in his manner, died on Thursday, at Biarritz (where he had been staying for the benefit of his health), at the age of...

On Monday, Mr. Forster made a political speech, on the

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occa- sion of receiving a present of the freedom of the City of Aber- deen, almost the whole of which was devoted to the Eastern Question. Its tone was decidedly stronger in...

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One of the most interesting inferences to be drawn from

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the records of the Arctic Expedition appears to be that the total abstainers,— at least, those of the total abstainers who had been in the habit of total abstinence for some...

Mr. Anthony Trollope, in distributing the prizes on Tuesday evening

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to the City and Spitalfields School of Art, remarked on the rarity of the power of reading,—not, of course, of the mere power of articulating and understanding written...

It is stated that General Ignatieff has formulated the Russian

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idea of autonomy for the Christian Provinces of Turkey in eleven propositions :-1. That all classes of the population shall be dis- armed. 2. That all functionaries be elected...

The reports from India are not cheering. The Times' cor-

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respondent, telegraphing on November 26, confirms all that has been related of the cyclone, which swept three storm-waves across the districts affected, which cover 3,000 square...

The Editor of the Sanitary Record has done good service

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in pointing out in letters in Monday's and Wednesday's Times that the outbreak of scurvy in the late Arctic Expedition was greatly owing to the neglect of the proper regulations...

Mr. George Dawson, the well-known Birmingham lecturer and preacher, died

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suddenly, at the age of fifty-five, on Thursday morning, at his own house, in consequence, it is said, of the bursting of a blood-vessel. He was a student of Glasgow, where he...

Miss Helen Taylor (Mr. J. S. Mill's step-daughter), if she

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was not endangering her election by her violent speech at the Bridge-House Hotel, London Bridge, on Monday, against the Church party on the School Board, certainly was preparing...

The richest of the few Italian millionaires, the Due de

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Galliera, has died this week, leaving a fortune estimated at £8,000,000 sterling, and certainly very large. The Duke was a Genoese, but accumulated his great fortune in Paris,...

Consols were on Friday 951 to 95i x.d.

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MR. FORSTER AT ABERDEEN. l‘ IR. FORSTER has often been taken to task for his sup- 1 posed disposition to " run with the hare and hunt with the hounds," and it is not surprising...

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P RINCE JEROMFI NAPOLEON has made a desperate and it may yet prove a dangerous attempt to throw the apple of discord into the French Republican ranks. The great dif- ficulty of...

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T HERE can be no doubt that the best men in the United States look upon the doubts which have arisen as to the Presidental election as one of the most perilous crises though...


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rpHE last contribution of Mr. Gladstone—contained in his article in the December number of the Contemporary Review —to the discussion of the Eastern Question is well calculated...

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W . FORSTER pointed out in his address at Aberdeen many departments of study a good knowledge of which would be of great use to the future politician. But, as Goethe said to...

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THE Egyptian Bondholders were evidently right in selecting Mr. Goschen as their plenipotentiary. We cannot go into ecstacies over his plan, because we still feel an incurable...

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1111E indications of the week have been few but they have not been peaceful. The preliminary Conference has been fixed for December 8", and the formal Conference for December...


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I is curious, if one thinks of it, that the old machinery of the 1 novelists should have fallen into such general contempt. A story-teller who now makes his tale hinge on the...

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- ult. RUSKIN has reprinted from a recent number of his 1_11. curious Fors Cktvigera a very striking little letter to young girls, which deserves attention on many accounts. In...

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T HE fresh illness of the Pope will sharpen the interest with which Mr. T. A. Trollope's new book on Papal Conclaves will be perused. It is not to be compared either in weight...

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REFORM IN TURKEY. [TO THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR.") Sin,—In a postscript to a letter from me which you were so good as to publish last Saturday you ask, " But why save the...

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SEA-WEED. Aidts, poor weed ! The careless tide Has left thee with his lightest foam ; And now a desert drear and wide Divides thee from thy wished - for home. His flow may bear...


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[TO THE EDITOR OF THE " EPECTATOR.1 SIR,—After the admirable letters published by the Daily News from time to time from its correspondent in Bulgaria, can the English people...


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[TO THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR. "] SIR,—The letters which have appeared in the Spectator on the subject of the occasional hibernation of swallows in this country have reminded...


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[TO TRH EDITOR OP THE "SPECTATOR. "] may amuse you or Mr. Jenkins to know that a day or two ago I told the story of that plucky little boy in Nova Scotia to a class of small...

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LORD SHELBURNE.* [SECOND NOTICE.] IN our last notice we gave a sketch of Shelburne's public career from the time when he became Secretary of State, at the age of twenty-nine,...

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THERE are a great many poets now-a-days, we say it with a sigh, but, alas ! there is no Pope to write a Dunciad, and immortalise their names while he crushes their works. No...

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TIM is the republication in substance, and with considerable additions,

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of a pamphlet published by Mr. Denton thirteen years ago. At that time Mr. Denton was but " a voice crying in the wilderness." He had, indeed, a good right to speak on the con-...

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CLEVEDEN.* NEXT to the main purpose of a novel—to entertain

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the idle, or refresh the tired mind—comes one which may be most important and useful in able and honest hands, namely, to show in detail the working of social and, indeed,...

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CHRISTMAS AND GIFT BOOKS. Picturesque Europe. With Illustrations on Steel and Wood. "The British Isles." (Cassell and Co.)—This is the first volume of a periodical which been...