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No further action of importance has taken place in America.

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The Northern States, however, seem generally willing to accept Mr. Crittenden's compromise, the division of all new territory into two States, one slave and the other free, with...

The Prussian Government, indeed, is slowly acquiring a de- finite

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authority in the federation. The North Germans appear determined on the coercion of Denmark. The National societies all over the country have resolved to stand by Schleswig-Hol-...

The news of the week from France is decidedly unsatisfactory.

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The Senate has decided that the decree of 24th November does not materially modify the position of the Press, and M. de Persigny has just given evidence that it is not intended...

Meanwhile, the situation in Austria, which involves that of Italy,

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remains as threatening as before. The reactionary re- script we quoted last week has produced in Hungary nothing but indignation. The fifty-two counties have unanimously de-...


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THE most important intelligence of the week, perhaps, is the re- sult of the Italian elections. The returns are not quite complete, but enough is known to render it certain that...

Intelligence has been received of a famine raging in some

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of the North-west Provinces of India. The year 1860 was a year of extraordinary drought, and the autumn crop was almost entirely lost. The people ate much of their seed corn,...

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At home, the dulness which generally precedes the meeting of

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Parliament, has been broken only by a few speeches, not of the highest class. Mr. Bright has addressed the electors of Bir- mingham on the wastefulness of the governing classes,...


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A deputation of shipowners waited on Lord John Russell, on Saturday, to call his attention to two subjectsof great interest. First, they showed that foreign powers have not...

th - t (fund.

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THE QUEEN is still at Windsor. Her Majesty was driven out during the week, once accompanied by the Princess of Joinville, while the Prince Consort went out shooting, accompanied...

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The provincial news is once more full of speeches by Members of Par- liament. Conspicuous among them is that of Mr. Bright. He attended a meet- ing in the Town-hall on Tuesday,...

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The Chair of Ecclesiastical History at Edinburgh, held by the late Dr. Robertson, has been given to Dr. Stevenson, of South Leith. The Court of Session has just given judgment...

furrigu nut nInuial.

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fraurr.—Bullier's lithographic sheets, demi-official, state that the French occupation in Syria will be prolonged. Many of the Powers have consented to extend the period. It is...


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Mr. Sergeant Deasy, Attorney-General for Ireland, has been appointed to the seat on the Bench vacated by Baron Greene. There will, con- sequently, be a vacancy in the...

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Lord Palmerston has issued the usual circular to his supporters, urging them to be present in their places on Tuesday, the 5th of February. The missive is not in any way...

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The Gazette de France has had the courage to protest

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against the new law insisting on the non-abridgment of the Parliamentary reports. " In what country," it asks, "with the exception of France, does a legislation exist, which...

The Esperanza of Madrid states that the Infante Don Juan

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has de- cided on relinquishing his pretensions to royal rights, reserving only the eventuality of his being elected by universal suffrage. This is the Don Juan who has supplied...

The Ost Deutsche Post of Vienna, of the 27th of

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January, repeats a rumour to the effect that, " on account of the general situation of the country, the Govemment:has decided on convoking the representation' of the empire...

The National Intelligences has published a memorandum which General Scott,

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the veteran Commander-in-chief of the United States army, wrote on the 29th of October last. The following extract pos- sesses an almost prophetic character- " From a knowledge...


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&Foca EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Arrimaroow. The Consol Market opened with firmness on Monday morning, and soon experienced an advance of 5 per cent. The first transactions for Money...

Gossip still prates of a speedy cessation of hostilities at

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Gaeta. A tele- gram from Genoa, of January 31, states that the Gazette di Genoa pub- lishes a letter dated off Gaeta, January 28, stating that a French des- patch boat had...


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On the 11th of January, at Veitch's Hotel, Edinburgh, the Lady Henrietta d'Eyn- court, of a daughter, stillborn, On the 11th of January, at Horton Manor. Bucks, Lady Yardley, of...


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SATURDAY AFTERNOON. It is announced that, owing to the very dangerous illness of a member of the family of his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, the meeting of the...

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Mx. BRIGHT has every qualification for an English demagogue, except one. He can never understand the English people. Brave, brawny, and a born orator, he has just that contempt...


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THE PROBABILITIES OF WAR. TEE conviction that a general war is approaching gains ground in the European mind. Kings with exhausted treasuries may continue to hope against hope...

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pungent saying as its official creed. It exists, in spite

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of mur- He generally prefers to adopt some expedient sufficient for the murs, not by reason either of its strength or its use, but through day, and as sailors, even when sitting...

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A WAS-omez circular, signed "Sidney Herbert," has just been sent to all the Volunteer corps in Great Britain, and it will not fail to raise a ferment in the new military force....


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THE "right of adoption has been conceded to all the princes of India," is the brief line in which the telegraph announces the reversal of the policy of a hundred years. From...

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Tire French Army has now been nearly five months in Syria. When the Emperor Napoleon determined to plant a military force there, none of the Powers were in a position to say him...


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ONE of the first measures brought before Parliament will be a bill for confirming and explaining the contract between this Company and the Government. A difficulty has suddenly...

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WHEN Parliament assembles, it is , probable that some Member will call for the diplomatic correspondence relating to the quarrel between the Germanic Confederation and the...

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ROME AND THE PAPACY. * PROTESTANTS, and more especially English Protestants, seem often at sonic loss to comprehend wherein the extreme difficulty of this Roman question lies....


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A question is agitating the art-world at the present time, more especially that younger portion of it which hopes to make a sensation st the next great annual picture show. It...

The Queen, in order to help the Coventry weavers, has

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just sent to that town the pattern of a riband of Chinese taste and manufacture found in the Bummer Palace at Pekin, and ordered some pieces to be woven in the dis- tressed...

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nits. PIOZZI. * THIS work is intended as a defence of Dr. Johnson's Mrs. Thrale —" the bright papilionaceous creature," to borrow Mr. Carlyle's brief account of her, whom the...

OCEAN TELEGRAPHY. * FORTUNATE has it been for the Electric Telegraph

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that ifs infancy WO never subjected to the enervating influence of Glcvacionent • The. Edinburgh Review, No. 229, Jannaq 189L, Published biAamposo .01111 to. aid, and that the...

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(June 2), the Spectator contained a notice of Sir Robert Wilson's admirable narrative of the Campaign of 1812. " The Diary now published traverses the period of the ' Invasion,'...

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TRAVELS IN THE GREAT SAHARA. * WE learn 'from Mr. Tristram,

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that our ordinary application of the term " Sahara ". to the great Northern desert of Africa, is not in aecordanee with native usage, and wants the precision which should...

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THE LOST TRIBES.* 4. orations and ingenious hook by Dr.

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George Moore deals with the vexed question of the Lost Tribes ; inquires into the origin of the Saxon race, suggesting , a connexion between the Saxons of the East, or the Sam,...


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A Memoir of Abraham Lincoln.—A short memoir of a very-remark- able man, disfigured by bad taste like most American biographies. Abraham Lincoln was born on the 12th of February,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Maine Prices.) f Altura Monday. Saud.** Yaws. Than Friday, 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 11 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Annuities 1885 Annuities...


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The performance of The Messiah at St. Paul's, on Friday last week, has been made the subject of a good deal of animadversion. In the first place, the correctness, and even the...


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Bankruptcies Annulled. - James Eell, New Compton Street, Soho, currier-Frede- rick Sage and Peter Panter, Hatton Garden, builders. Bankrupts.-John Dyer Hodges, Landport,...