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INDIANA UNIVERSITY NEW& FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Allicit, Western—Mr. Jamieson on the trial to open commerce, G58. America — Opening of Congress, 5 ; Mexi- can war, 54, 105, 175,...

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THE New.Year opens for England with heavy clouds in the sky, but with no sunless horizon._ Never did the country enter upon ayear with more work to be done. Ireland alone...

Earl Grey has promulgated his constitution for New Zealand Though

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by no means faultless, the measure seems calculated to be a fair opening to the true history of our great Southern colony, after the preliminary chapters of tragi-comic...

The'political movements of the recess have come down to the

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very dregs ' any y spice of novelty. And what little activity we find is overlaid by the social avocations of the season. Society is divided into two classes—always excepting...

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India sends us little news. Gholab Singh's affairs remain un-

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settled. The contumacious chief, Imam-ed-deen, has contrived to parley until the setting-in of winter has shut him safely in his valley, and the Imperial forces must await the...

Ceylon claims attention, for the great financial reform which its

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Colonial Secretary, with the concurrence of the British settlers, is pushing forward. Sir James Tennent is applying to the finances of the colony the principles of free trade ;...

A be Qrourt.

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THE customary routiue of daily walks has been somewhat varied this week. Prince Albert has been out shooting; and on Thursday the Queen, Prince Albert, the children, and the...

President Polk has delivered himself of a message as long

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as a cable, though not so substantial. It'comprises four chief points of interest. One is an immense apology for the Mexican war,—which 'Mr. Polk, with modest assurance, imputes...

ITO _Petropolis.

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The College of Physicians volunteers to reform itself. In a memorial to Sir George Grey, dated the 8th of August, but now first published, the President and Fellows pray that an...

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lEbt tirobincts.

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The election for North Lincolnshire, rendered necessary by the nieces- _ ?ion of Lord Woraley to the Peerage, is expected to take place next week. It is understood that the...


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It was not to be expected that the Treasury minute of the 1st December would please the Young Irelanders; and accordingly, we find the Nation sees nothing in the contemplated...

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The severity of the distress in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland receives daily confirmation. A most deplorable picture is given of , the state of the poor at Tobermory....

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_foreign anb UNITED STATES AND Mexico.—There have been several arrivals

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from America this week; the most recent being that of the Caledonia, which left Boston on the 16th of December, and reached Liverpool on Wednesday night. Congress met at...

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Lord John Russell has issued the customary official circular to the Members of Parliament on the Ministerial side, inviting them to be punc- tual on the opening of the session....

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The Paris papers of Thursday give no domestic news; the

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most im- portant being supplied by the City article of this morning's Times. The reserve of bullion at the Bank of France is now reduced to 65,000,000 francs. At the same time,...

The Journal de la Bar reports a volcanic eruption which

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took place on the Rhine, opposite Unkel, on the night of the 19th December. There was a subterranean noise, and then a mountain of fragments was upheaved to a height of nearly...


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On the 23d December, at Falmouth, the Wife of Commander J. G. Dick, R.N., of a daughter. On the 25th, in Montagne Place, Russell Square, Lady Fellows, of a son. On the 251h,...

The Journal of St. Petersburg for the 18th December contains

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an at- tempt to justify the annexation of Cracow, cf course sanctioned by author- ity. The writer observes that England and France have also violated treaties in Belgium and...


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ARRTVHD-At Gravesend, Dec. 29, Buteshire, Currie, from Calcutta ; 30th, Glenber- vie, Russell, from Port Phillip ; and 31st, Spencer, -, from Sydney. In the Downs, 16th, AU -...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Intelligence has been received from Calcutta to the 22d November, from Bombay to the 2d December; the mail having been brought by Mr. Waghorn. The only striking...

The large bullion freight some time expected from South America,

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hats at last safely reached, per Daphne. It amounts to one million and a half sterling, and from its distribution in various quarters will be useful in swelling the volume of...

It is understood that the Mutine brig has been - detained at

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Spitbead to take out Mr. Mandeville, who is to be charged by Government to proceed to the River Plate to endeavour to settle affairs in that part of the world. -Morning...

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This morning , about three o'clock, a destructive fire broke

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out in one of the lower rooms of Queen Anne's Bounty Office, Dean's Yard, Westminster. The Chandos Street London Establishment, King Street, West of England, County, and various...


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The glory of Pantomime is most unquestionably on the decline. Indeed, "decline" is a weak word; we should rather say that pantomime Is tumbling down a precipice. Brilliancy...

The Dublin news of Thursday presents the usual melange of

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misery and disorder. One of the embankments of the Irish Grand Canal was breached by some persons unknown on the night of the 29th December, between Tullamore and Shannon...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FIIDAT AFTERNOON. The rise in the Corn-market has checked that in the English Securities, and our present quotations mark a decline of 3 per cent as compared...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Liverpool, 31st December 1846. SIR—I send you a return of live stock imported into this port from Ireland, during the present and for a...


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A communication has been made from the Colonial Office to the New Zealand Company, and published in the newspapers, comprising a new char- ter and constitution for the colony of...

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A SPECULATION ON THE IRISH, FROM A "SAXON " POINT OF VIEW. THE regeneration of Ireland demands a wise man and a brave. If less wise than brave, he will deal with effects to the...


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THE LEADERSHIPS FOR THE SESSION. As the Session of Parliament draws near, there is a good deal of gossiping speculation about the position which the various Par- liamentary...

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Oust attention has been requested for a scheme, set forth in the prospectus of the British West India Company, which not only holds out trading advantages for the promoters,...


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RELIGIOUS persecution of a very cruel kind still survives in England ; as we find by a case in the Vice-Chancellor's Court, last week. Mrs. North is the widow of an officer who...

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America. Ihrroar. Sketches of the History of Christian Art. By Lord Lindsay. Volumes I. It. IIL FICTION, Murray. The Will, or the Half-Brothers; a Romance. In three volumes...


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THE Animal's Friend Society of London has claimed the patronage of Pope Pius the Ninth ; though why they should as- sail that busy personage we do not know,—unless it is that...

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THE conspiracy of the Conte Fiesco presents materials naturally at- tractive to the writer of fiction. The enterprise was great in its causes, singular in its conduct, and...

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" Nityza gallop Pegasus to death " ; or a meaner animal, which is sooner done. The space, indeed, may be traversed till the steed drops; but fire, vigour, and grace, are gone as...

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BOOKS. Homes and Haunts of the most Eminent British Poets. By William Hewitt. The Illustrations by W. and G. Measom. In two volumes. Memoirs of General Pipi. Comprising the...

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Wax-onocE, Dec. 29.-1st Regt. Life Guards-Lieut. the Hon. W. H. S. Cotton to be Capt. by purchase, vice Anderton, who retiree ; Comet and Sub-Lieut. H. W. Boul- ton to be Lieut....


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Tuesday, Dec. 29. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Knobel and Tuckwell, Charles Street, Berkeley Square, wine-merchants-Knobel and Co. King Street, St. James's Square, wine-merchants ;...

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BANK OF ENGLAND. An Account, pursuant to the Act ith and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday the 9.6th day of Dec.1846. 'ISSUE DEPASTKENT• £29,412,030...