2 JULY 1859

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The great battle of Solferino is yet but partially understood,

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and its effects political and military are still undeveloped. We see it in its broad features ; its details are shrouded in the smoke of tootle. Neither side is very...

Prussia appears to have reconsidered her recent proceedings ; it

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is now credibly reported that she has deferred active proceed- ings for a fortnight, or for a week from this data ; and the in- telligence in our Postscript suggests the...

The addresses of Ministers at their reelections have been re-

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markable for the uniformity and clearness of their tone on the subject of the two principal points before the public—Foreign, Policy and Reform. Lord Palmerston cannot be...


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PERHAPS the thing for which the House of Commons most anxiously waited, on meeting to begin the session, was the issue of the writ for Rochdale, "in the room of Richard Cobden,...

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Tam Exzerroxs.

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Ten of the members of the new Government were on Monday reelect- ed without opposition. They were Lord Palmerston for Tiverton, Lord John Russell for the City of London, Sir...

The circular from Count Cavonr to Sardinian Ministers at foreign

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Courts is useful as,a memorandum restating the basis on which Piedmont has acted from the first state of her present con- troversy with Austria, the basis on which she appealed...

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MINISTERIAL EXPLANATIONS. When Parliament reassembled on Thursday, a debate arose in the House of Lords upon an explanation offered by Earl Granville ; but no comment was...

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Since the battle of Solferino was fought only two meagre telegrams have arrived giving information of the movements of the armies. They -show the consequences of that action. "...

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A deputation of Roman Catholics waited on Lord Palmerston on Thurs- day to ask that Roman Catholic chaplains may be appointed in gaols and workhouses. Mr. Langdale was the...

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Queen Viotoria has presided over a Chapter of the Garter and an In- vestiture of the Bath, both held at Buckingham Palace. The former ceremony took place on Tuesday. The Prince...

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Mr. Cobden arrived in Liverpool on Wednesday from America, his friends had prepared for him a hearty welcome, and cheered him as soon as he was visible on the deck of the...


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The Irish journals are full of complaints at the exclusion of Irishmen from the Cabinet and from the administration. They do not seem to re- gard Lord Palmerston, an Irish peer,...


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The Scottish legal appointments have now been completed. The office of Solicitor-General of Scotland has been again conferred on Mr. Edward Maitland, who held it under the last...

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fortigu net Culnuill.

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,fraum—Paris kept holyday on Saturday evening to celebrate the battle of Solferino. The old French love of glory seems to be fast rising. "I never remember to have seen the...

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The Queen has conferred the honour of knighthood upon Vice-Admiral

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Alexander Dundas Arbuthnott ; Hercules George Robert Robinson, Governor of Hongkong ; and Stephenson Villiers Surtees, Chief Justice of the Mauritius. The Gazette of Tuesday...

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A telegram from Turin, dated yesterday, carries us one small

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stage further in the war. "The Sardinian army has invested Peschiera from the Logo di Garda to the Mineio." The text of the proposals made by Prussia to the German Diet on the...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY MORNING. Our Paris correspondent reports some important information on the relations between the belligerent and the neutral powers. "Paris, Thursday...

In the House of Commons last night one of the

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earliest incidents was the administration of the oath to Mr. Cobden, who took his seat for Rochdale. He sat behind the Treasury bench. Mr. SIDNEY HERBERT gave notice that on...

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Sir RICHARD BETHELL, in reply to a question, said he

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should bring in a bill touching the Divorce Court, which he trusted would pass. The House adjourned after sitting a little more than two hours. In the House of Peers the main...


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This manufacture from the beginning has gone through many changes, at some periods to be seen in collars very large in size, at other times medium and small ; then again filled...

Rstful 3rts, fashions, Oratio, kr.

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The flax crop in Ireland is looking very bad, in consequence of the great drought, and in many cases the farmers are ploughing it up and substituting turnips ; this, no doubt,...


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We have to remark that, in the imitation Valenciennes and Maltese laces, great improvement has been made in the purl, it having now the same twist as the real pillow lace, and...


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Ease and adaptability of wear continue the governing principles for the tailor. The summer fashions usually take the direction of comfort, and a looser form, but this year both...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNO ON. The market for English Securities continues dull and inactive ; business, bona fide or speculative, is almost suspended. The late brilliant...

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FRANCIS JOSEPH'S it URGENT PRIVATE AFFAIRS." THE position of Austria has fearfully altered, even within the week. We understand the nature of the change when we observe that...


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I. The following is an Abstract of the gross Produce of the Revenue of the United Kingdom, in the undermentioned periods, ended June 30, 1859, compared with the corresponding...

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SIR Frrznor ICE= and Sir Richard Bethell have fully answered to our expectations. On the first working night of the session this week, Sir Fitzroy again laid his views on...


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OUR readers will remember that there is a standing controversy between the English and. Irish Directors of Convict Prisons ; though the ground has somewhat changed since the...


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A 'VERY disagreeable feeling has been provoked amongst all classes of the public who are informed upon the subject, at the last judicial appointment by the Lord Chancellor. We...

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ENGLAND has never been considered very distinguished on the Continent for her taste or her appreciation of art. Our wealthy men buy, and negatively, we may say, abstain from...

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" BROMLEY on luxury" might be the title of the moral tale which has reached the public this week from Whitechapel through the publishing house of Worship Street. Everybody has...

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GEORGE CANNING. * Ma. STAPLETON'S recent work will be accepted thankfully for what it purports to be ; not a detailed biography of Mr. Canning but a volume " supplementary and...


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FEW travellers have returned home to receive so singular and so brilliant a welcome as Mr. Cobden. Going abroad to seek some relaxation from the ennui of repose after overwork,...

The following is said to be an abstract of the

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numercial strength of the Russian navy in the year 1858—The total of all rates amounts to 162 vessels, of which 71 steamers and 25 sailing vessels are stationed in the Baltic, 3...

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A MIST venture in literature is doubly hazardous for one who has already achieved a considerable reputation in another art. The new performance will be measured by the standard...

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Next to a new book by Mr. John Stuart Mill, the moat welcome thing he could give us is such a couple of volumes as he has this week sent forth under the title of DISSERTATIONS...

RELIGION IN CHINA. * Tim Sketches of the past and present

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state of religion in China which Mr. Edkins contributed, to the Beacon newspaper, have been republished by him in a small volume with many additions and alterations. They are...

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An Italian reply to M. About's famous work on the state of the Pon- tifical Government has just appeared at Paris. It is by Signor GiONILIZi Fabrizi, and is entitled " L'Italie...

142 (Orem.

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Among the satirical dramatists of the present day, Mr. Tom Taylor stands nearly alone in a qualification which might be supposed inherent in them all—namely, a knowledge of the...

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TEE HANDEL COMMEMORATION. The last day of the HANDEL FESTIVAL, yesterday week, was also the greatest. On Saturday June 18, the day of the general rehearsal, the visitors...

Two serial sets of Concerts have been brought to a

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close this week; the Monday Popular Concerts and those of the Vocal Association. Both have been conducted with spirit, success and advantage to the progress of music ; and the...


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M. Eugke Prevost, son of the celebrated actor, has made his debut at the Theatre Francais, and is going through a series of those parts that are supposed to constitute the...

The rehearsals of Meyerbeer's new opera, Il Pelerinagio (Le Pardon

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ifs Planned) are going on with great activity at Covent Garden, under the personal superintendence of the composer. Its production is ex- pected in eight or ten days....

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The Pyne and Harrison company are to open Covent Garden

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Theatre in November next, with a new opera, written for them by Vincent Wallace. The six and thirty representations of the Pardon de _Varna, which have already taken place at...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JITIVE 28. Bankruptcy Annulled.—MARMAInnIE FoSTER, Bradford, Yorkshire, bill-broker. Bankrupts.—BENJAIIIN ROBINSON MARTHA'S', Banbury, Oxfordshire,...


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BRIT I1311 FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) I per Cent Console Sagan!. Monday. Tnegday. Wane. Thur. Friday, shut Ditto for Account 921ex d. 929 921 921 93 03 & per Cents Reduced...


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On the 21st of June, at Bolton Street, the Lady Louisa Agnew, of a son. On the 23d, at 35, Harley Street, the Marchioness of Sligo, of a daughter. On the 25th, at Windleston...