2 OCTOBER 1847

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The honorary promotion of Marshal Soult to be " Marshal-

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General of France "—a revived title of the old Monarchy, long in abeyance—savours of that same retrogressive inclining to the ancient regime which has marked the years of King...

The French Ambassador at Athens has transmitted to Paris an

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account of Coletti's deathbed, so strange that the judgment ho- vers in suspense between the conclusions either that an Ambassa- dor has been guilty of direct fabrication, or...

The rumour of the day at Madrid is, that after

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all his ingenious meddling, Mr. Bulwer has been foiled, and that French influence is regaining its ascendancy : Serrano, it is said, has been bought over, and has established an...

The position of the United States army in Mexico is

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not to be accurately learned from the aCcounts received this week from America. Of course they put upon it the best colour they can ; but there must necessarily be much that is...

The agricultural societies which hold their annual meetings at this

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season do not command their former degree of attention. They are decaying bodies, and irreverent jesters make merry with the infirmities of their moribund condition. If they are...


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THE reports of Italy now incline more to peace ; and the known facts being put together, they tend to corroborate that happier appearance. Th Austrian Government is so...

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SIR court.

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THE Queen held a Privy Council, at Osborne House, on Tuesday. A form of thanksgiving for the abundant harvest was ordered; and it was directed that Parliament be further...

gibe jfEletropolfs.

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The election of Lord Mayor for the ensuing year took place on Wednes- day, Michaelmas-day, with the usual formalities. The Common Sergeant, having proposed the names of the...

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ght Vrobintes.

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A great number of the agricultural societies have held their annual meetings within the last fortnight; but generally under circumstances which indicate decay. At few of the...

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Iortign anb The Spectator

September, the Mar- shal Duke of Dalmatia is appointed Marshal-General of France; a dignity, says the Moniteur, which has been granted twice before—once in 1660 when Marshal...


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The Countess of Clarendon was safely delivered of a son on Wednesday evening; and the bulletin issued next morning gave an exceedingly favour- able account of both mother and...

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The recent production of Macbeth at Sadler's Wells is a striking instance of the new feeling for dramatic performances which is engendered at the young " legitimate"...


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Several fresh stoppages in the commercial world have been announced this week. The most important is that to which we alluded in our second edition last week —of the...

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There are no direct accounts either from Calabria or Sicily;

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every means being adopted by the Neapolitan Government to prevent the spread of in- telligence. Indirectly, however, there is evidence that the insurrection grows. The Pallade...

Mr. Bann has opened his operatic season at the Surrey

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with the Bohe- mian Girl; the only essential difference from the Drury Lane cast being that Miss Romer takes Miss Rainforth's character. As, no doubt, every one of our playgoing...

General Espartero was to have left London this week; but

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the actual state of Spain has placed his movement in suspense. Letters from Athens, of the 20th September, announce that General Kits° Tzavellos, Minister of War, had been...


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Hampstead 2d October 1847. Sin—Observing, on my return to town, an article upon the Govbrnment School of Design, in your paper of the 18th ultimo, impugning the conduct of the...

Letters from Madrid to the 25th September report that, on

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the demand of Mr. Bnlwer, acting in the interest of British creditors, Sector Salamanca contemplated a measure for suspending the payment of interest on the Three per Cents...

Last night's Gazette announces the following appointments—

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Commander Charles Fitzgerald, R.N., to be Governor and Commander-in-chief of Western Australia. Richard Graves M`Donnell, Esq., to be Governor and Commander-in-chief at the...

The camp at Compiegne has been broken up, with an

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excellent addrela to the Army by the Duke de Nemours. The camp at Compiegne has been broken up, with an excellent addrela to the Army by the Duke de Nemours. Prince Jerome...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Our morning contemporaries do not report any striking addition to the list of actual failures in the commercial world. The City writer in the Times says—" The...

Thursday's accounts from Dublin give very bad reports as to

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the pro- gress of distress and crime throughout the country. The Enniscorthy Board of Guardians, having disregarded the instruc- tions of the Poor-law Commissioners, is to be...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON, The pressure has increased severely during the last week, and appears still to go on augmenting. The numerous and important commercial...

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[ We complete the series of extracts, begun last week, on the sub j ect of public works in New Brunswick as a preliminary to colonization. The following passages amplify and...

EAST INDIA SHIPPING. The Felix, Vienna, from Batavia to China,

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was wrecked on one of the Thousand Is- lands, 19th July ; part of cargo saved. The Medusa, Benson, of and from London to China, which put into Manila dismasted, has been...

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THE BANK ACT OF 1844 AND THE QUESTION OF PRIVATE BANKING. THE remarks of the Spectator last week on the government of the Bank of England have been the subject of a...


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IT would be very indiscreet to place implicit reliance in the Min- isterial press of any country as representing the opinions of the Government ; newspaper articles are so easy...

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IT would be difficult to perform a domestic tragedy on the arena of a coachman's wig ; but what is farce to the bystanders may be tragedy to the performers. Underneath the...


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Tun population of Ireland is not really redundant—there is land enough for all, if it were properly cultivated ; and whether you employ the Irishman in the transmarine colonies...

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LETTER V. RECOUNTED in my last letter how the Anti-Jesuit feeling in Switzer- land first arose, as a direct consequence of the catastrophe in the Valais ; how it rapidly got...

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HISTORY, Memoirs of the Administrations of Washington and John Adams, edited from the Papers of Oliver Wolcott, Secretary of the Treasury. By George Gibbs: In two volumes Wiley...

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THE middle-aged, graphic, but rather broad raconteur and describer, who writes under the title of Sylvanus, found himself in May 1846 on the quay at Havre in a state of doubt....

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DECORATIVE MANUFACTURES. IF the School of Design has failed in its proper purpose of bringing art and handicraft together, a beginning has been made in that direction by the...


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BOOKS. Rare and Remarkable Animals of Scotland, represented from Living Sub- jects; with Practical Observations on their Nature. By Sir John Gra- ham Dalyell, Baronet. Volume...

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WAR-OFFICE, Sept. 28.—Royal Regt. of Horse Guards—Cornet D. J. Baillie to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Sir C. Slingsby, Bart. who retires ; the Hon. P. Sidney to be Cornet, by...


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On the 14th July, at Aflegghur, N. W. Provinces, the Lady of William Rivett Carnac, Eeq., Bengal Civil Service, of a son. On the 16th September, at Florence, the Lady of George...

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE. Tuesday, Sept. 28.

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. W. and W. Coker, Narrow Street, Rateliff, riggers—Newstead and Richardson, Selby, attornies—Parkfleld Company, Wolverhampton, iron-masters ; as far as...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Sauna. Monday. Tuesday. Woken a per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3_per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 9 per Cent ....

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LONDON, MIDDLESEX, AND WESTMINSTER. List of Persons who have taken oat 41. Os. 10d. each, including the Additional Act of 3 Vic. cap. 17. (FIRST PUBLICATION.) GENERAL GAME...