30 AUGUST 1845

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While Queen Isabella is travelling about Spain, feasting the eyes

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of her subjects with her pale face and her own eyes with seeing horses disembowelled and men gored at bull-fights, her capital is in a state of insurrection. Senor Mon, the...


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THE Queen of England has reached her husband's native place ; and, for all the congregation of crowned heads, and the unex- pected discovery that Coburg is a domain worth...

In fighting for power, the Greeks are pulling their new

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con- stitution to pieces. Coletti has swamped the Senate by the exer- cise of the Royal prerogative, in creating sixteen Senators. In doing so, he has shocked the political...

There is something ver)r.a musing in the way in.which the dis-

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ruption and crossing of parties are illustrated by the Southwark election and its preliminary squabbling. The Whig Globe, anti- cipating a possible defeat for both the Liberal...

The English provinces, may be said, after the exhaustion of

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the London season, to be in a stagnant condition : there have not even been more than half-a-dozen railway accidents to enliven the dulness ; and one must look for the food of...

Scotland steals from England for the nonce some sparks of

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vitality,—to wit, those lively sparks who go a-shooting in the moors. The electors of Linlithgow elect Mr. Millie, of Polkem- met,—a very amiable young gentleman ; who duly...

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CbC (quern's: tawit to ISettnanV.

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Wu left the Queen and Prince Albert at Frankfort-on-the-Maine, travel- ling towards Coburg. The postillions made better speed on their way than was expected; and they reached...

Turkey shows signs of a little advance in political intelligence.

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Riza Pacha, the Seraskier, has been superseded by the appoint- ment of Suleiman Pacha ; Riza being a representative of Turkish Conservatism, Suleiman of Progress : the caftan...

The fine weather of the week has made a manifest

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and unmis- takeable change in the prospects of the harvest ; and every day of drier, sunnier weather, is maturing the healthful food of the nation. It is difficult, indeed, to...

There is a new report that Mexico has declared war

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against the United States, backed by new " documents" purporting to be official : but, as in the case of the previous apocryphal report, a comparison of dates throws some doubt...

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'be ifletropolis.

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The Liberal but rival candidates for Southwark have continued to attend meetings of the electors every evening, at different parts of the borough; the proceedings being very...

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Zbe 113robinces.

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Mr. George Darby's appointment as one of the two Enclosure Commis- sioners for England and Wales vacates a seat for East Sussex. The only candidate yet announced is Mr. John...

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The Dublin correspondent of the Morning Chronicle thus announces the settled establishment of the first of the new Provincial Colleges- " The Government, I understand, have...

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_foreign anb

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Srerx.—There have been serious disturbances at Madrid. The Finance Minister's new plan of distributing the taxes over the several towns and provinces had caused the utmost...


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At the Town-hall of Linlithgow, on Friday, Mr. Balllie, of Polkemmet, a Conservative, was elected Member for that burgh, in the room of Mr. Charles Hope, appointed to the...

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Tuesday was Prince Albert's birthday, which was observed with the. usual demonstrations of respect: the guns of the principal fortresses fired and the church-bells rang...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. The latest date of the news from Coburg is Monday, the 25th; when the Queen and Prince Albert were continuing - the quiet enjoyment of the family visit. This...

The provincial papers received in town today speak in much

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more fa- vourable terms of the harvest. There was a considerable fall in the price of wheat at the great Wakefield market, yesterday.

At a meeting of the Directors and Guardians of the

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Poor for Marylebone parish, yesterday, was read an order from the Poor-law Commissioners, of which this is the pith- " That the following parishes, that is to say, the parish...

Tuesday's Gazette announces the appointment of Dr. James Cowles Prichard,

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of Bristol, physician, to be one of the Medical Commissioners ill Lunacy, in the room of Dr. Henry Herbert Southey, resigned; of the Ho nourable Charles Skeffington Clements, to...

The weeding of the Irish Magistracy proceeds. The Dublin Evening

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Post announces that supersedeases have been issued for the following Magic trates—Mr. Valentine O'Connor Blake, for the county of Galway; Mr. James D. Rose Cleland, (at his own...

In a very useful paper, this morning, the Times raises

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a note of warning against the dangerous excess of the speculation in railway affairs; supplying some striking facts, which show that the real excess is even greater than it...


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A1RIVED. — At Gravesend, 24th Aug. Coromandel, Fraser, from Calcutta ; 25th, Men, Waddell, from Hobart Town ; General Hewitt, Hart, from Sydney; Persian, Edington, from Madras;...

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Letters from Cork, of Thursday, mention the arrival of the

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experimental squa- dron of line-of-battle ships outside the harbour: it was expected to gain the an- chorage-ground by daybreak that morning.

On Monday night, a serious accident happened to the mail-train

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which leaves Scarborough for York and joins the North Midland. A train which went before it had been overturned, and the engine and tender lay across the line. No signal was...

over to the tribunals for having closed their shutters, many

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of the shops continued to be only half-opened. The Ileraldo states, that in the recent disturbances only five officers, one non-commissioned officer, and some soldiers, had been...

The over-land mail, received this afternoon, brings intelligence from Bombay

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to the 19th July. There had been some skirmishing in Scinde. "It will be remembered," says the Bombay Times, " that a short time since a tract of country on the Western bank of...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The business of the English Funds has been unimportant. The character of the intelligence from America threw rather a gloom over the market...

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THE CROTCHET OF A CONSTITUENCY. SOUTHWARK just BOW exhibits to other constituencies an ex- ample ad evitanclutn. Whatever the result, indeed, it has dis- played no small...


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THE English theatres have a hard battle to fight for public favour. No sooner have their foreign rivals left the field than the sun comes out in full splendour; its blaze...

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THE past session of Parliament was characterized by the unpre- cedented and undue preponderance of private business. Lord Brougham is almost the only non-official Member who...


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LET it be granted, for argument's sake, that the landlord has a right to dictate how his tenants are to vote at elections ; that the landlords of England are to be represented...

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THE practical changes which have lately been made in the con- stitution of the United States are regarded in that country as neces. sary offerings to Democratic principles; and...


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RECKLESS speculators, when their bills were about to fall due, have been known to draw other bills for larger sums, discount them at a loss and meet the present liability by...

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THE German postillion is a man not to be "put out." In his own time and in his own way he does what he has to do—pack- ing, strapping, harnessing, and driving; and no earthly...


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GEOGRAPHY, The World Surveyed in the Nineteenth Century; or recent Narratives of Scienthle and Exploratory Expeditions. (Undertaken chiefly by command of Foreign Governments.)...

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THE newest and most important subject of Captain Neil's Recollections is the winter sojurn at Candahar ' with the fights and forays against the Afghans, after the army under...

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Is the narrative of an autumn residence at Kilkee, a small but growing bathing-p'ace in County Clare, at the mouth of the Shannon, remarkable for the wildness and variety of its...

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A WORK on the plan indicated on the titlepage of this book is a desi- deratum in English literature. The Russian, French, and other Govern- ments, have been as busy of late...

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KING ERNE, Count of Provence, well known for his literary and philoso- phical studies and a taste for simple pleasures, had a daughter named 'Menthe, who was married to a son of...


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From August 22C to August MS. BOOKS. Scenes on the Shores of the Atlantic. By the Author of " Souvenirs of a Summer in Germany," &c. In two volumes. Journals of Expeditions...

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TSB ROYAL COMMISSION AND THE ARTISTS : THE COMPETITION SYSTEM. Sows of the unsuccessful competitors for the premiums offered by the Royal Commission have addressed a memorial...


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On the 28th June, at Madras, the Lady of Captain Frederick C. Vardon, of the Artil- lery, of a son. On the 10th August, at Smedssatten, near Stockholm, the wife of George J. R....

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Tuesday, Aug. 26. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. W. and H. Butler, Newark-upon-Trent, mercers—Tooth and Taylor, Gateshead, glass-manufacturers—Reeve and Cracknell, Halesworth,...


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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Alabama (13Mrling) 5 p. Ct. Austrian 5 Belgian Ditto 4 4 — — Brazilian . ........ .. 6 -...