30 AUGUST 1851

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THE Queen, having left Linden two hours after noon on Wednes- day, is now enjoying the entire seclusion of Balmoral. The " pro- gress" was as uneventful as the most loyal could...

In the present feverish and unsettled state of Continental Eu-

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rope, the prospects of the harvest are canvassed with even more anxiety than here in Great Britain. Hunger often creates and always aggravates tumults. In France, all the...

The close of the half-yearly railway meetings has, not inappro-

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priately, been celebrated by a railway festivity at Bangor. The gentlemen of the Principality took occasion, on the day fixed for the striking of the last rivet of the Menai...

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Twa Queen held a Privy Council at Osborne on Monday afternoon. The formal prorogation of Parliament to November was ordered ; and audiences were granted to the Earl of...

According to the latest news from India, the Nizam has

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obtained a reprieve. A further day of grace has beemeonceded to him far the payment of his debt4ohOhe Anglo-Indiaiteavernment,.tand'ike territory of Berar is not toebe...


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The number of visitors to the Great Exhibition is now evidently on the wane. It has only once this week exceeded fifty thousand. The number was 14,908 last Saturday, and the sum...

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Mr. Robert- Stephenson, M.P., was entertained at' Bangor on Wednes- day, in commemoration of- his suctessful engineering feats at the Menai and Conway Straits. Colonel Douglas...

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The Town-Council of Glasgow have adopted a report recommending one uniform rate of assessment for the relief of the poor throughout Scot- land, or, in other words, to make the...

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FRANCE.—The chief incident of the week in the French news is one of a character not in the first instance political, but judicial. Late tele- graphic information from Lyons...


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The Earl of Shrewsbury has given his adhesion to the Catholic Defence Association. In a letter dated Palermo, August 10, he "hastens to com- ply" with the invitation of Mr....

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The Lord Chamberlain has given notice in the Gazette, that "in con- sequence of the resumption of the works at the House of Lords, the issue of tickets for viewing the House...


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The result of the grand contest at Cowes Regatta for the prize of All Nations was not the only feature of considerable interest in the day's proceedings. As we stated in our...

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The ascent of Mont Blano by Mr. Albert Smith and- three other Eng- lish gentlemen was described last week, in a short letter from-the charge- teristically rapid pen of Mr....

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BIRTH& On the 12th April, at Red.River; Rupert Land, Hudson's

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Bay, the Lady of Major Caldwell, of a son. On the 5th August, at Gibraltar, the Wife of Captain Lynedoch Gardiner, Military Secretary, of a son, who survived his birth only a...

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• A new Roman Catholic church was opened at Hartlepool

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on Thursday, with much pomp and circumstance of local celebration. The new church is named " The Church of the Immaculate Conception." Four Bishops took the principal part in...

A "highly influential company," as the .Daily News acknowledges, about

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five hundred in number, assembled in the Manchester Town-hall on Thursday evening, to hear a paper on the proposed educational scheme for Manchester and Salford, (in opposition...

The Queen of Holland gave birth to a son at

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four o'clock on the morn- ing of the 24th, at the Hague. The Bishop of Bath and Wells has been obliged to have three of his fingers amputated ; mortification ensuing in these...

The Emperor of Austria has formally released his Cabinet from

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all po- litical responsibility, and has determined henceforth to exercise all rule and authority as absolute monarch of that empire.—Vienna Correspondence, August 26.


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"Edinburgh, Friday Night. "The Queen left Holyrood at eight o'clock this morning, and proceeded by the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway to Tarbet; thence by the Scottish Cen- tral...

The National of Paris copies from the Tribune Suisse some

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particulars of a horrible event, related by a person worthy of credit coming from Carlsruhe. " At the last inundation, 320 political detenus, who were in the easemates of the...

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The harvest accounts from all parts of the kingdom continuo of the same generally favourable character with those received last week. The wheat crop is generally above the...

An attempt has been made by Mr. Robert Stephenson, M.P.,

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to reco- ver for his country the naval honours yielded to the United States at the Cowes Regatta. He backed his iron yacht, the Titania, 100 tons, built by Messrs. Robinson and...

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The Opera season is over. Tuesday was the last subscription-night at Her Majesty's Theatre ; and, after filling up the week with extra per- formances at playhouse prices, Mr....

Mr. Vansittart has now, in the Daily News, described his

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" ascension" of Mont Blanc. . " In your paper you speak of the great caravan, which amounted to up- wards of thirty persons, and of the sum of 1501. which it cost them. I have...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Arrmuroox. The English Stock Market has been in a declining state during the whole week, but particularly so since yesterday morning, when the Bank Broker...

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The ever-lengthening list of dramatic insignificance has been increased by

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the production at the Olympic of a meagre melodrama, founded on an adventure in the life of the highwayman Claude DuvaL However, all the theatres are still thronged by the...

Of all theatrical entertainments, there are none so thoroughly illegiti-

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mate as those that are based on the performance by young children of parts far beyond the degree of their mental and bodily development. In other artistical exhibitions there is...

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THE ST. DAVID'S DIOCESE CORRESPONDENCE. Abergwili, Carmarthen, 27th August 1851. Sm—I must request you to correct an oversight into which you have fallen in your remarks on...


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SIR — With your permission, I resume the subject of Father Newman's bold claim to certain great names of the past, as more favourable to Rornanism than "the imperious force of...

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PROGRESSES, ROYAL AND PRACTIUL. PROGRESS has become a cant word, meaning many things • but tbe week illustrates something of them all. Upon the whole , dull as tiniest-worn we...

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SAYS "A Country Groom," setting forth his difficulties in the 7Vmes- " Very few servants cant come up to the Exhibition, for the trains dont help us a bit. One excursion-train...


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Ix entering upon a sectarian contest with the Roman Catholics, Ministers mistook both the ground and the spirit in which the Government of England must act. Mr. Richard Burgess,...


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BETWEEN two and three hundred millions sterling. has been ex- pended on the construction of railways in this country ; the total extent of lines is 6464 miles; the average...

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TH.E evidence before the Select Committee on the Income-tax shows that the returns made by the higher merchant class are honourable and trustworthy ; but the same evidence shows...


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No reader of the newspapers can have failed to observe a lament- able increase of crime of a particular order—violences or dishonesty, of the basest and most revolting kinds,...


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&mime men," Says a contemporary, " are of opinion that the lightening of Blackfriars Bridge, and the removal of the por- tion of the side-walls over the defective piers, will...

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USES OF THE CAFFRE THOSE things which appear to he

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misfortunes or drawbacks are often among the most fortunate and useful incidents of any under- taking. In war, it is necessary to have supplies of food ; and of course in a...


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OFF one of our great naval ports, the shipbuilding of England has been challenged by an alien vessel, and defeated totally. It is a remarkable incident, and not satisfactory to...

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FOSS'S JUDGES OF ENGLAND. * THE late Mr. D'Israeli made It lucky hit when he conceived the " Curiosities, of Literature." The work of Mr. Foss will turn out to be the "...

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PITON'S GOTH AND HUN. * THE early part of Mr. Paton's

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travels originated in the inspiration of " our own correspondent ". its substance having appeared in the form of a series of letters to the Times. This portion of the book...

MISS JEWSWURY'S MARIAN WITHERS. * LIFE, for purposes of the novelist's

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art, Miss Jewsbury appears to re- gard as stereotyped in two leading forms. There is a woman of ill-re- elated passions, and deficient principles or no principle, the victim of...

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Books. Memoirs orthe 'Life and Writings of Thomas Chalmers, D.D., LL.D. By his Son-in-law, the Reverend William Hanna, LL.D. Volume HI. Ilistory of the Conspiracy of Pontiac,...

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TILE MODERN PICTURES OR ALL COVNTHIPS, AT LLOTEPIELD HOUSE. Perhaps the best•servicewre can render the directors cif this . exhibition is to record, at the outset of...

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[From the Official Return.] Zymotie Diseases Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat Tubercular Diseases Diseases of the Brain, Spinal Marrow, Nerves,...


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Tuesday, August 26. PARTNERSHIPS RISSOLVED. — G. and J. Honour jun. Tring, builders—Brawn and Oerton, Bushell, Staffordshire, lime-masters—Brown and Co. Liverpool; as far as...


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BRITISH FUND S. (Closing Prices.) Soaked. Monday. Tuesday. Wednee Vows. Friday, 3 per Cent Consols 96 961 961 961 96 Ditto for Account 981 961 961 96 3 per Cents...