30 JANUARY 1858

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Tire Princess Royal of England has become the Princess Frede- rick William of Prussia ; the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria is only a guest in her mother's mansion, on the eve...

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THE national event of the week has been the marriage of the Princess Royal. The bridegroom did not arrive at Buckingham Palace until Saturday afternoon. He landed at Dover early...

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THEIR ORIGIN, INTERMARRIAGES, AND CONNEXIONS. [The Marriage of this week forms a new link between our own Royal Family and a powerful reigning family of the Continent. The real...

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London took a kind of half-holiday on Monday ; for blueness lan- guished, and amusement was the order of the day. The Banks and the Customhouse were open ; but the Stock...

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The wedding-day of the Princess Royal was kept in the chief pro. vincial towns with much the same observances as in London. There was a general disposition to relax the hurry of...

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The capital of Scotland shared in the general spirit of festivity abroad on Monday. The ancient Parliament House was made the scene of a banquet, and under its old roof were...

The foreign guests at the British Court left Buckingham Palace

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on Tuesday. The King of the Belgians and his sons were the first to de- part. They were followed by the Prussian Princes; who do not yet quit England, but are paying flying...

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c f num—Addresses of congratulation from all parts of Europe have pouted in upon the Emperor of the French ; even the King of Naples did not forget to express his sympathies,...

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On the 25th September, at the relief of Lucknow, Captain Robert Maxwell Pakeu- ham, fourth son of the late Lieutenant-General the Hon. Sir Hercules Pakentmm ; in his 225 year....


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On the 2d December, at Belgaum, the Wife of W. H. Havelock, Esq., B.C.S., of a daughter. On the 30th, at Government House, Fredericton New Brunswick, the Lady of his Excellency...


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On the 17th October, at St. Paul's Church, Landour, India, Captain Pinckney, H.11.'s Carabincers, to Emma, eldest daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Reilly, Engineers. On...

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SATIIRDA Y. A few mere public demonstrations illustrate the dangerous experiment in which Louis Napoleon appears to have embarked. Further specimens of the Pnetorian outburst...


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We cannot makenverrifor any Letters this week. By the aid ef our Monthly Sup- plement next Saturday, and notwithstanding the meeting of Parliament on Thursday, we hope to be...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FELO tY The Consol Market opened on Monday with a heavy aspect, at a decline of 6 upon Saturday's latest quotations, and under the influence of - several...

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THE ROYAL CLASS. A raw link has been formed, we are told, between England and Prussia, cementing an alliance which is calculated to increase the influence of this country on...

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Two things gave a special and intrinsic interest to the performance at Her Majesty's Theatre last Saturday, independently of the pomp and circumstance attending it as one of the...

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IF it is safe to venture any calculation as to the future policy of Louis Napoleon, we may suppose that we have some of the prin- cipal elements of his course before us. In his...


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MONDAY last was characterized by a dawn of pleased expectation and good feeling, by an evening of universal disappointment, with something worse than disappointment in countless...

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to the Chairman of his Committee at Huddersfield is interesting as adding an important testimony to the growth and maturing of an influential public opinion *lathe subject of...


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A cmuzons point of Ecclesiastical law has been raised in the Exeter diocese. An English clergyman, at the instigation of his curate and by the order of his bishop, is to be...


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WHILE our Indian empire is in the throes of civil war, our Colo- nies are undergoing gentler agitations. British North America is burnine with impatience for a grand act of...

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BROWNE'S LIVES OF PRIME MINISTERS. * THE idea of "Lives of the Prime Ministers of England, from the Restoration," seems obviously suggested by Lord Campbell's " Lives of the...

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Tam avowed object of Omphalos is to reconcile Genesis and Geology by anew line of argument, or rather a new mode - of illustrating an argument already, it would seem hinted at...

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NEW NOVELS. * How much interest and merit would attach to

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man books if many other books had not been written before them ! 2 he Morals of - Vag Fair is a very capital novel in all that regards technicals. There is a thorough knowledge...

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Booxs. William Paterson, the Merchant &demon, and Founder of the Dank of .England: bis Life and Trials. By S. Bannister, M.A., formerly Attorney- of New South Wales. The...

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Yito/if -TEE LONDON GAZETTE, JANUARY 26. Wait Orriog, Jan. 66..-Ittjhntty-36 ile g t. of Foot-Major-Gen. B. Drummond to be Col. 37th Foot-Major-Gen. J. Fraser to be Col. ee...


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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JANUARY 29. ADMIRALTY', Jan. Vie-Admire/ of the Blue Sir E. Maker ' U.C.B. has been ap- pointed to receive a pension of 1301. a year, as provided by her...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JANDABT 26. Partnerships Dissolood.-Millgate and James, Gresham Stre o t-Lone said Rigby, Liverpool, corn-brokers-Grellier and Co. New Broad Street,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Long Annuities Annuities 1885 Bank Stock, 11 per Cent India Stock,...