30 MAY 1835

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The Spectator

We heartily approve of the resolution of Ministers to concen- trate their efforts upon the two great measures proposed. It does not appear that the Dissenters would be satisfied...

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nrhated an prince:infra in Park:molt.

The Spectator

1. CLAIMS OF THE DISSENTERS: CASE OF MR. CHILDS. Several petitions were presented to the House of Commons, on Monday, by Sir WILLIAM FOLKES and Mr. HUME, on behalf of Mr....

The Spanish Government has applied to England and France for

The Spectator

active cooperation in carrying into effect the Quadruple Treaty. Despatches of this purport were received yesterday at the Foreign Office, from our Ambassador at Madrid. In what...

The Grand Duke of BADEN has joined the Prussian commer-

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cial league; and it is expected that Nassau and Frankfort will soon follow.

The proceedings of the French Legislature are such almost as

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would have disgraced our Star Chamber tribunal in the days of the STUARTS. Their principal occupation seems to be the trial of men for offences unknown to the law of the land,...

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Elie Court.

The Spectator

THE King and Queen arrived at St. James's Palace, from Windsor, about noon on Tuesday. Soon after his arrival, the King gave audi- ences to Marquis Wellesley and Sir Hussey...

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be ilittrapeig.

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The Court of Common Council assembled on Saturday, and agreed to postpone the question of the Lord Mayor's breach of privilege, "without prejudice," in order that a petition to...

Mr. James Kennedy has accepted the Chiltern Hundreds, and thus

The Spectator

created a vacancy in the representation of Tiverton ; which, it is ex- pected that Lord Palmerston will supply; a deputation having called on his Lordship to come forward, and...

In the Court of King's Bench, on Wednesday, Sir W.

The Spectator

Follett obtained a rule to show cause why a criminal information should not be filed against the printer, publisher, and proprietor of the Falmouth Packet, for an alleged libel...

trbe Countrv.

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The candidates for South Staffordshire were nominated on Satur- day; when the show of hands was in favour of Colonel Anson. The polling commenced on Tuesday ; and at the close...

The Pitt Club had their annual dinner yesterday, at Merchant

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Tailors' Hall ; Lord Mahon in the chair. There was nothing remark- able in their proceedings, and nothing worth quoting in the speeches. The annual dinner of noblemen and...

A bull, which had been over-driven from Smithfield en Monday,

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entered the shop of a linendraper on Ludgate Hill. The bull walked about the shop for some time, and seemed especially struck with the re- flection of his own portly form in a...

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dfl &fella lira ul.

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The Earl of Gosford will, it is said, be sent to Canada as Chief Commissioner, instead of Lord Amherst. Colonel Fox has been appointed Secretary to the Master- General of the...

The Northampton Dissenters, assisted by some Liberal Church- men, have

The Spectator

rejected a proposed Church-rate for the parish of All Saints in that town, by a majority of 291 to 27S. A new Catholic church has been erected at Stoneyhorst, capable, it is...

We can state, upon authority, that the Bishop of London

The Spectator

has made a regulation refusing ordination to any person, bon ever excellent his qualifications and testimonials, who has exceeded the age of' thirty! It is full time that the...

Lord Bandon is a candidate to succeed the late Earl

The Spectator

of Longford is the Representative Peerage of Ireland. The Tories have failed in their attempt to unseat Mr. Hurst-for Horsham. The Committee decided in his favour yesterday. A...

It seems that the Tories of Gloucester have far exceeded

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the sums subscribed for the support of their Conservative candidate. The Bath Guardian says that they are indebted in no less a sum than ;13251. for their exertions during the...


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The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland met on Thursday week. Dr. W. Thomson, of Perth, was chosen Moderator; and his first act was to express to the King's Commissioner...

It is announced by a Paris paper of the 26th,

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that a treaty of mar- riage has been conclued between the Princess Clementine, the third daughter of the Citizen King, and the Prince of Syracuse. It may be remembered that the...


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Mr. More O'Ferrall was reelected for Kildare on Tuesday, without opposition. Sergeant Woulfe and Mr. Vigors are the Liberal candidates for Carlow County, in the room of Messrs....

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The anniversary dinner of the noblemen and gentlemen educated at

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Barrow School is to be held this day week ; and the Tories, in defiance of precedent and good taste, are making it a party affitir. This is evi- dent from the fact, that not...


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IT has been rumoured, on the authority probably of some partisans of -- M Oriesley the Inspired," that Mr. 0. J. VERNON has no iutention of again offering himself as a...


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SATURDAY. The Spanish Government has applied to France as well as to Eng- land for aid in suppressing the Carlist rebellion, according to the terms of the Quadruple Treaty. It...

Patin. " Death to the Press" is not inserted. Room

The Spectator

was scarce ; and we think the hacknied style of Scriptural imitation ineffective, and unsuited to the subject. The whole mystery and interest of the fiction cease almost before...


The Spectator

NOT " Animal Magnetism," gentle reader, but mineral or telluric magnetism—that principle in nature by means of which the sailor steers his course—is supposed to possess a...


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The subjoined letter and statements are published by the authority of the parties. LETTER FROM SIR C. GRANT TO LORD SEYMOUR " My I ord—Such has liven the stupor and subsequent...

The Reformers of Fife are much offended by the interference

The Spectator

of Lord Joust RUSSELL, Mr. SPRING RICE, and Dr. LUSHINGTON, in their die. pute with Mr. JOHNSTON. Several letters from the St. Andrew's District are before us. One of them says,...

There is nothing further from Wolverhampton in the Morning Pa-

The Spectator

pers; but we have seen a letter of yesterday's date, from a gentleman of unimpeachable veracity, who was an eye witness of the—massacre shall it be called ?—on Wednesday...

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THE CENTRAL ASSOCIATION. OUR advertising columns announce that the Reform Associatica is fully organized, and prepared for action. We recommend a perusal of the" Addreis to the...


The Spectator

THE result of the contest in Staffordshire should be taken by the Reformers as a warning of the necessity of timely preparation for the next election. There was no good reason...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIOAT AFTERNOON. Our report this week must be extremely barren. The panic has continued since our last publication, with very slight appearances of amendment ;...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, May 26t11, James Pattison, Middleton, from Bengal; and Protector. Bragg. from V ail Di e me n ' s Land; 27th, Coromandel, Reyes. from Iteagal ; and Thomas...

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THE "Farmers' Friends" in the House of Commons have made a puny effort to justify their assumption of that title. The farmers now know the utmost that their patrons would strive...

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THE misrepresented and betrayed constituents of Mr. ANDREW JOHNSTON have fully exposed his tergiversation, though they have not been able to shame him into the performance of...

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CHARLES KEMBLE is engaged at the Haymarket, which opens on Monday; but only for the first six nights, the bills say. He is an- nounced to perform successively, Benedick, Young...


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IN the course of the week, a case of considerable importance to the commercial world was decided in this Court; or rather, to speak more precisely, an opinion, the soundness and...

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THE attraction of the concluding concerts of the season usually binges on the individual performance of some celebrated player or singer. Such engagements are at variance with...


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WE thought that the art of pictorial illusion had been carried to its ut- most height in the wonderfully real Interior Views of this unique exhibition : but the representation...

It was hoped some time ago, that the complaint in

The Spectator

the eyes of the Duke of Sussex would be sufficiently advanced to enable his Royal Highness to undergo the operation of extracting the cataracts in the course of the present...

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The Spectator

POLTTICAT. ECONS , MY, Plglanthropic Economy or the Philosophy of Happines!. t unclically applied to the Social. Political, and Commercht Relations of Great &Maim By Mn, Loudon....


The Spectator

Is a clever, smart, and characteristic book. It has the appear- ance, moreover, of being what it professes to be—a faithful tran- script of daily thoughts, feelings, and...


The Spectator

MRS. LOUDON is an elegant novelist, who has, somewhat 'slyly, en- deavoured to impress her views of political economy on the stu- dents of the circulating library. We can fancy...

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THE " pressure from without" continues; and nearly forty vo- lumes are before us, demanding judgment,—though some of them are rather tardy suitors, and may come to us as to a...

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WORKS OF THE OLD MASTERS. THE annual Exhibition of Pictures by the Old Masters at the British Institution, succeeding to that of our living painters at Somerset House, used to...

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THE family of DAVID, the famous French painter in the reign of NA- PoLtoN, have brought over to this country four of his principal pic- tures, which, with other drawings and...