30 OCTOBER 1852

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AGAIN an Eastern question is thrown open by France, and in a manner far more formidable than the aspect of affairs presented in 1840. Although the money-market dispute...

Another elucidation of the combinations now forming is furnished by

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Belgium. It is announced, as if on authority, that the Allied Powers, including.England, have called upon King Leopold to im- pose on his next Ministry; as a condition to its...

- Under an elasperation, perhaps not unnatural, Spain is braving her

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great adversary the United States in Cuba. The local Govern- ment has resorted to measures which amount to noninterpourse with the United States ; not only private ships being...

In Paris, Louis -Napoleon sits at the receipt of theatrical

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repre- sentations, which reduce studied adulation to 'a tableau Vivant; and odes are flung at him from the stage, impudently echoing as .eternal truths.his Bordeaux professions...

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ht aittruintio,

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A special Court of East India Proprietors, on Wednesday, passed the following resolution- " That, as a testimonial of the gratitude with which the East India Com- pany must ever...

At last our military proceedings against Ave move with more

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activity. General Godwin is carried up the river, that he may dignify with his presence those energetic measures which, it seems, Captain Tarleton would have effected before if...

In England, there is to be nothing worth thinking about

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politi- cally before the meeting of Parliament. Ministers are preparing for it in congenial modes. We have seen how they have been claimed by rumour as the antagonists of a free...

Cbt Court

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Tau Queen remains at Windsor Castle. Her Majesty has been visited by the Duke of Terceira and Count Lavradio, the Earl of Malmesbury, and Viscount Hardinge. The Queen has been...

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43t Vniniurro.

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Protection has found a sturdy advocate in Mr. Packe M.P. ; who, as President of the Loughborough Agricultural Association, was the chairman at the annual dinner given on Friday...

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fortigu nub CnInuial.

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FRANCE. —Louie Napoleon made a " state " visit to the Theatre Francais on Saturday. The outside of the theatre was bedizened with eagles in gas and the initials " L. N.," and...


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As Mr. John Bright was unable to attend the Religions Equality Con- ference in Dublin on Thursday, he sent a letter to Dr. Gray, giving his plan for the "adjustment " of Irish...


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Apparently goaded by the insinuations of which we gave a specimen in our last paper, Mr. Macaulay has resolved to visit Edinburgh immedi- ately. In a letter to his friends...

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Accounts of the preparations in St. Paul's Cathedral for the burial of the Great Duke continue to flood the journals. Between three and four hun- dred workmen have been engaged...

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The Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland left Dublin yesterday, for London.

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Some sixteen Members of Parliament and a pretty sprinkling of Ro- man Catholic clergymen attended the "Religious Equality" Conference in the Dublin Rotunda on Thursday. The...


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SATURDAY. According to a submarine telegraphic message from Paris, dated yesterday evening, a change of Ministry has taken place at Turin ; and if so, it furnishes a clue to...

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An Oxford communication in the Morning Chronicle mentions that a

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letter from the late Duke of Wellington was read at a recent meeting of the Hebdomadal Board, requesting the University authorities to take into consideration the...

The proposition of the Directors of the South-western Railway to

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make a line from Salisbury to Exeter has been rejected by a majority of 12,610 to 12,389 votes.

Jacob Castleberg, who keeps a watchmaker's shop at Whitechapel, and

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Reuben Hart, described as a tailor, have been apprehended on a charge of being implicated in the robbery of Mr. Jones's shop in the Strand. Mr. Jar- dine heard evidence...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market has been in an exceedingly quiescent state throughout the week ; and the only variation which Consols have...


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If our memory has not become treacherous, Mr. T. Carlyle, in illus- trating some notable case of bookmaking, once told a story of a craftsman. whose talent consisted in whipping...

The Poor-law Board has issued a reply, signed " Courtney,

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Secretary," to the objections taken by the Boards of Guardians to the late prohibitory order. Lord Courtney defends the details of the order. He intimates that objections,...

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The week brings us two more memorials of the Duke ; an equestrian statuette by Count d'Orsay, and a subject portrait by Mr. T. J. Barker. The former is advertised as " the...


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A man by action's logic taught to espy Art's dim conclusions with intuitive eye ; Who, while the thoughtful ponder'd, guess'd or knew What best beseem'd both him and them to do...


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Embalm the venerated clay ; Rear high the monumental stone ; The homage of a mourning land Let glorious obsequies enthrone. Give dust to dust with martial pomp Let conquer'd...


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Burton Crescent, 28th October 1852. SIR—Being an old subscriber to the Spectator, may I beg permission to point out to railway companies generally, one of the numerous causes...

Turning from a piece which has scarcely any incident at

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all, we come to another novelty of the week, Sarah Blangi, which is likewise in five acts, and which literally overflows with events. Sarah Blangi, whose place of action is the...

While all this activity has been going on in the

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West, Shakspere's Henry V has been brought out with great splendour at Sadler's Wells. It was Mr. Macready who, during his management of Covent Garden, set the example of...

Ulm to t1j dltiter.

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THE COLOGNE PRISONERS. London, 28th October 1852. Sin—The undersigned call your attention to the attitude of the Prussian press, including even the moat reactionary papers,...

The Marionette Theatre has been reopened for the performance of

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a gentleman named Woodin in the class of entertainment termed mono- logue, or monopolylogue, according to the fancy of the learned for com- pounding. Mr. Woodin has all that "...

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FRANCHISE - EXTENSION : SYMPTOMS OF ADVANCE. WHEN, at the beginning of last session of Parliament, Lord John Russell threw up the Government, he confessed in that act his in-...


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To be meddled with at all, is for Turkey almost the same with being overturned. She has no position capable of being main- tained except by sufferance. An exile from the heart...

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THE plan of improvement to the South of Hyde Park, sketched in the semi-official communication published last Saturday, offers more advantages than some contemporary critics...

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IT is with regret that we learn the probability of having from Mr. Macaulay little of that assistance in the debates of the en- suing session which would have lent them strength...


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ANOTHER. railway company must now be added to the number of those in which the directors stand openly at issue with the great body of the shareholders. As to the merits of the...

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BUNSEN'S IIIPPOLYTUS AND HIS AGE. * TILE four volumes which the Chevalier Bunsen has published under the general title of Hippolytus and Ms Age are a collection of treatises,...


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AMONG the prisoners who have just been put to death at Sinigaglia was Girolguno Simoncelli. He was about thirty years of age, of good connexions, although in business as a...

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REVELATIONS OF SIBERIA. * BEYOND the obvious disagreeables of a severe

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climate, a primitive state of society, and the separation from family and friendly ties, exile in Siberia, according to these revelations, by no means comes up to the received...

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IN the present novel Mrs. Trollope exhibits her wonted qualities more softened and matured. There is her keen perception of the weaknesses of individuals, with her clever manner...

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KENNEDY'S MODERN POETS AND POETRY OF SPAIN. * E epo is c t i l i ais i o u ble s e s tio it n storanmeslatioomneroifethe Augustan ,

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of,anory ti- cular tre a bethan age—that the period is too short to form a history of na- tional literature, and the productions are hardly of weight enough to inspire interest...


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BOOM The Natural History of Infidelity and Superstition in Contrast with Christian Faith. Eight Divinity Lecture Sermons, preached before the University of Oxford, in the year...

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MILITARY GAZETTE. WAR-OFFICE, Oct. 29.-12th Regt. of Light Drags.—Lieut. G.

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F. Whittingstall to be Capt. by purchase, vice Curtis, who retires. 1st Regt. of Foot—Capt. Sir R. L. Newman, Bart. from the 71st Foot, to be Lieut. and Capt. vice H. L. Wilson,...


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On the 22d October, at Chen House, Tunstall, Staffordshire, the Wife of Thoma Llewellyn, Esq,, of a son. On the 22d, in Chester Street, Belg,mve Square, the Hon. Mrs. Maude, of...

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Tuesday, October 26. PARTNKRSHIPS DISSOLVED. - Little and Co. Bradford, Yorkshire, iron-founders- Pliilpott and Co. Brighton, surgeons-Gaultier and Morris, Sydenbam, school-...


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BRITISH Friday. 100 loot 10o 90 901 1031 1031 224 273 64 276 2141 6 78 74 67 87 Proprietors' Capital £14,563,000 Best 3,098,897 Public Deposits* 4,446,316 Other Deposits...