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There is more outspeaking in Ireland—more in Wales; but the

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intent of the several complainers is in marked contrast. The objects of the Irish agitation have not changed since our last notice of them, nor the tactics of its leader,...


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" A PERIOD of prosperity is beginning "—such is the growing cry ; yet the agitation of the Anti-Corn-law League also begins to look more formidable than ever. An improvement in...

Greece has had, and completed, a revolution! The Parisian Three

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Days of July were not so brief nor so bloodless. The people and the soldiery of Athens went to the King in a body, and demanded a new Ministry, and the convocation of a National...

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Vibe eourt.

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THE Queen and Prince Albert remain in quiet at Windsor after their late active life ; having returned to the usual early morning walks and daily drives about the grounds, and...

Spain and Italy are in dismal contrast to Greece ;

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for the news they send us is of the usual kind. The Italian Governments still sift the correspondence by the post, lest a scrap of allusion to poli- tics should transpire ; and...

gbe ifletropolis.

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Several candidates for the vacant Alderman's gown have been men- tioned,—Mr. Dillon, Mr. Whitbread, Mr. Martineau, and Mr. Challis ; but Mr. Challis is said to remain alone in...

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Zbe Vrobintts.

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A public meeting of inhabitants of Lancashire was held on the Green Area at Lancaster, on Saturday, to receive Mr. Cobden and Mr. Bright, as a deputation from the Anti-Corn-law...

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Mr. O'Connell had a great Repeal demonstration at Lismore, its Waterford county, on Sunday. The meeting had two peculiar inci- dents: there was a greater display than usual of...

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gortign anb Zolortial.

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GREECE.—Within a very few hours after the arrival of the first intel- ligence that there had been a revolution in Greece, arrived fuller accounts of its completion, at last in...


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Lord Melville and the other members of the Poor-law Commission have arrived, and commenced their sittings on Thursday in the Aber- deen Hotel. A number of parties are summoned...

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The Morning Chronicle contradicts the story, which originated in Brussels, about Queen Victoria's visiting Waterloo incognita- " We have learned, from undoubted authority, that...

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Last night's Gazette announces that the Queen has appointed Major-

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General Sir Charles Felix Smith, and Colonel (in India Major-General) Richard England, Knights Commanders of the Bath; Colonels Gore Browne and Joseph Simmons, Majors Savage...

Intelligence from Athens, of the 17th instant, adds nothing of

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news to the account of the recent revolution, but gives some interesting traits of its most extraordinary moderation. Tzinos, a Minister, who had ordered the infliction of...

Mr. Ridgway has published a pamphlet by Lord Brougham, in

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the form of Letters to Sir James Graham, and containing a proposition for a digest of the Criminal Code, as well as a retrospect of recent Law Reforms ; but closing with what is...

The reports of Lord Grey's condition grow worse--

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" The noble sufferer, we understand," says the Northern Times, "does not labour under any active disease, but lingers in such a state of exhaustion and natural decay, that no...

Another meeting of Welsh farmers, much like those already re-

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ported, was held at Kidwell) , on Wednesday, to petition for redress of grievances and the summoning-of a new Parliament.

Telegraphic accounts from Saragossa, of the 25th instant, state that

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it was closely blockaded by the Government troops, and in want of pro- visions. Ametler had arrived at Gerona, asking for rations for his troops. Madrid letters of the 22d say...

Yesterday, being Michaelmas Day, a Common Hall was held in

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the Guildhall for the nomination of two Aldermen whence the Court of Aldermen should choose one to be Lord Mayor for the ensuing year. Three candidates were proposed—Alderman...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The City is put to the trouble of divers elections ; for besides choosing a chief Magistrate yesterday, it still has to fill the vacancies occasioned by the...


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The Christopher Rawson, Robson, from Macao to Singapore, struck on a reef near Palo Sapata (Chitta Seas) 2d Ain ii. and sunk ; crew saved. ARRIVED -At Gravesend, 26th Sept....

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A letter from Appenzell in Switzerland mentions a singular instance

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of religious zeal- " At the fête of the Nativity of the Virgin, the Cure Weishoupt, of Brullesau, declared that he would shoot any one who should attempt to get in his harvest...


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Tin theatrical world darts into life and activity as suddenly as though tImalmege from warm to cold weather had given the signal for the commencement of the Winter season. Drury...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFIRRNOON. The Money Market has not been so steady during the past week; and on one day a decline of it er cent in the price of Consols was produced by...

There is no news yet of the Britannia steam-ship, which

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was to leave Halifax on the 18th instant, and was considered due at Liverpool yesterday. The packet-ship Southerner has arrived, with New York papers to the 2d; but they possess...


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BIRTHS. • On the 11th September, the Lady of M. F. REAUMAN, Esq., of Ilyde Park, county of Wexford, of a daughter. Ou the 16th. at Geneva, the Lady of Sous &arts Norms, Esq.,...

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ALDERMAN WOOD AND HIS TIMES. TliE death of the late Alderman Woon awakens a host of recol- lections; in none of nhich, it is true, the worthy gentleman occu- pies a...


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REFERRING to our recent paper on the "Education Fallacy," a correspondent, " M," makes a suggestion, to which he himself scarcely does justice— "I have long had a notion in my...

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OCCASIONALLY, of late, we have seen paragraphs in the newspapers intimating the conversion of Anglican Churchmen to the Romish faith ; and paragraphs have also appeared...


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WHILE opinion gains ground that the " prosperity " on which "over-production" is contingent may be fallacious, and that the " industry " which produces it is not such unmixed...

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THERE is something very grand and imposing in the phmnomena of railway travelling. The power and speed with which you are projected on your path is made palpable to sense. The...


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ARCILEOLOGY, Extracts from the Presbytery Book of Strathbogie; A.D. 1631-1654. Pwrom. Aberdeen, Printed for the Spalding Club. The Wonderful History of Peter Schlem ihl. By...

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version of a book which deserved a very good one. The stiffness and inaccuracy of the translation give it the appearance of first exercises in learning the language. It is...

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Tan object of this volume, forming part of the Popular Cyclopmdia of Natural Science, is to furnish "an elementary treatise on animal physiology to those who desire to gain a...


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From September 15th to S lye em' er 28th. BOOKS. The Burgomaster of Berlin. Translated from the German of W. ALEXIS. In three volumes. The Hope that is in us ; a Poem....

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THE FESTIVAL SEASON OF 1843. ONE of the writers in AnrilsoN's Spectator calls silence the finest part of music. It is an amusing paradox, with a truthful as well as a face-...

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Yorkshire, 26th September 1843. SIR—From the slight reference in the last Spectator to the Birmingham Festival, it appears that you had no representative there.* This is to be...

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THE preparations for completing the new British Museum have aroused public curiosity to inquiie what is the character of the intended façade, and whether its design is worthy of...

MILITARY GAZETTE. WAR•01110E Sept. 29.— 1.1 Drags.—Lieut. L. L. E.

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White, from 84th Foot. to be:Pay- muter, vice W. T. WI:alehouse. who reverts to half-pay. 10th Light Drags. - Capt. F. 0. H. Bridgeman, from 45ilt Foot. to be Capt. vice...


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WESTMINSTER BRIDGE. Tax removal of the balustrading and alcoves from the centre of West- minster Bridge has attracted public notice, and given rise to reports of the insecurity...

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BRITISH 3 per Cent. Consols ........ Ditto for Account 3 per Cents. Reduced ... 3/ per Cents Reduced New 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per cent. India Stock, 101...

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE. Tuesday, September 26.

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Husband and Stott. York, surgeons-Burrows and Theobald, Gloster Place, Chelsea, anctioneers -Hammersley and Co. Manchester. drs salters - Slower and...